Valkyria Chronicles 3 gets fan-made English translation

Thursday, 2nd January 2014 12:24 GMT By Dave Cook

Valkyria Chronicles 3 was never localised for English markets, but now a group of fans has taken it upon themselves to release a translation patch for the West. It’s out now.

DualShockers reports that the translation patch only works with the Extra Edition release on PSP. It’ll also work on PS Vita if you download the game to your handheld.

The patch will translate the whole game, save for some side content and can be downloaded here. There’s also a guide that explains how to get the patch running.

It’s nice to see the game translated at long last, but do you feel Sega should have released the game in the west? Let us know below.

Thanks Dragon.



  1. Lateralis_ip

    The patch is really good, I’ve been playing for like 15 hours now and it’s important to say that it’s not 100% finished, things like the Encyclopedia and papers, the dlc and extra mission, and some items names are not translated, but man… the game is fun and addictive but they used some maps from VC2.

    #1 12 months ago
  2. Dragon

    ^ Yup. Cant wait to get in myself. Loved VC1 and VC2 to bits!

    #2 12 months ago
  3. wicktus

    A great and original game, I hope we’ll see VC IV on Vita or ps4 (since there’s remote play)

    #3 12 months ago
  4. dizzygear

    Woohoo! Thanks fan translators for your awesome work.

    And thank you Sega for the knives in our back. Assholes.

    #4 12 months ago

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