Star Citizen crowdfunding total hits $35 million

Monday, 23rd December 2013 00:35 GMT By Brenna Hillier

In news likely to be obsolete by the end of next week, Star Citizen has passed yet another enormous crowdfunding milestone, announcing a further stretch goal.

The Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games effort has now attracted a whopping $35 million in pledges, up from $33 million towards the end of November.

That’s not quite as speedy a jump as last time, when it pooled a couple of million in a handful of days, but the monthly funding graph shows pledges tend to come in rushes.

Although $35 million is a very large number, what’s perhaps even more impressive is the number of backers involved; with over 330,000 pledges, the average donation – or pre-order – works out to about $100, well more than the asking price for a triple-A release in major territories.

“You’re not just re-writing the rules of how games are made and funded but you’re showing the power that a committed community has to achieve a vision that so many people said was no longer relevant,” Chris Roberts wrote in the latest chairman’s letter.

“You’ve broken every record there is in crowd funding – and not just for games – for any type of project.”

Roberts noted that “a large amount” of the latest batch of funding came from 6,617 new backers, as opposed to existing fans increasing their pledged.

By reaching $35 million, backers have unlocked the last of a series of fan-voted ship designs – the Drake Herald.

Roberts Space Industries has stretch goals in place for $36 million, $37 million and $38 million.

Star Citizen is expected on PC in 2015.



  1. sebastien rivas

    wowww impressive, yet, Star Citizen does not deserve any less if not more support.
    I will try to join the band wagon but I cannot until mid January. I hope fundings will not be closed by then.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. DarkElfa

    I’m just waiting for the part where they take all the cash and flee the country.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. The_Red

    Same here. Of course they can also decide to never finish the game and just get 1 million after 1 million. I think they could reach 100 million if they keep up these updates for 2 more years.

    Unless gaming sites are hiding all other news, it seems the only updates and news from this game is getting more money.

    (Yes, I’m aware of supporter / subscriber vids and updates but still…)

    #3 1 year ago
  4. KineticCalvaria

    I backed this the other day, really liking the look of SC, had some fantastic times with Freelancer back in the day.

    Can’t believe how much people are spending on an unreleased game though, quite a few spent over $1000+ which is just madness! It grieved me to spend $45!

    #4 1 year ago
  5. TheWulf


    Yup. No Man’s Sky and Elite: Dangerous have been very forthcoming. The amount we’ve seen of Star Citizen is scant. It’s a joke, honestly. I suppose it annoys me because a.) not many people seem to notice the snake-oil salesman aura surrounding Roberts, and b.) I understand what it is they’ve actually done.

    I’ve done development, and I know what they’re doing isn’t difficult. Loading some models into CryEngine, scripting a scene, and firing off some simple effects is something that mod authors and demo creators do for fun. The hangar “demo” was basically just that, too — loading some models models into CryEngine.

    I want to say “I don’t understand how this could be so successful!” but that’d be a lie. God damn it.

    I’m all too well aware of why it is.

    A lot of it has to do with people being impulsive and so easily behaviourally conditioned that it I’m just left feeling cold inside, it’s as though they have no dignity, little self-awareness, and would eagerly trade away their free will for a free snack. See, I’m the kind of person who asks questions, I never take anything for granted.

    This is why I’m such a good world-builder, honestly. Okay, that’s there. But WHY is it there? Okay, they’re doing that, but WHY are they doing that? That philosophy has extended into my day-to-day life.

    Why am I interested in this? Why am I still playing this? why don’t I stop if I’m not enjoying myself? What compels me to keep going? Are there any positives to continuing on with this action?

    This is why WoW didn’t get me. I saw what it was trying to do with its reward schedules, but I thought ahead. Okay, so I get this bit of armour and… then what? I fight some guys to grind for the next piece, not knowing when that will drop? No thanks! I believe Yahtzee said a similar kind of thing in one of his videos, in his own inimitable way.

    But many people don’t question the validity of their thoughts and actions on a regular basis.

    Holy shit that looks cool. You’re totally going to make exactly the fighter-plans-in-space game I’ve had wet fantasies about for the last decade! I’m going to give you a few hundred [monetary units] without even questioning the validity of this. Man! I’m so psyched! Those ships are so sexy. I want to be behind the joysticks of one of those, it’ll be EPIC!

    That might be jaded, but we live in a world of endless exploitation — and a fool and his money are soon parted. That’s what I see Star Citizen as. Until I’m shown otherwise, I’ll continue viewing Star Citizen as the most profoundly successful con of the century. That’s because I can look past the marketing, and I see… absolutely nothing beyond it.

    A lot of people are going to be disappointed, down the line.

    There’s going to be so much rage.

    I’ve been calling this for longer than most people, it seems that finally more and more people are catching on.

    So where’s the game, Roberts? Loading stuff into CryEngine is not a game.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Docs


    I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that CIG are so evil yet the people behind Elite: Dangerous and No Man’s Sky are angels? We’ve seen as little of both of them.

    Frontier have just given access to their version of the dogfighting module yes, but only to people who have paid over £200 for the privilege.

    SC is a little behind in getting that out, but we’ve already seen the dogfighting module and they’re obviously aiming for a broader set of features for its initial release such as multiplayer and a detailed damage modelling system as we’ve seen them demonstrate.

    No Man’s Sky is just a teaser trailer and very little else so far, so you can’t really compare that at all.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. The_Red

    Earlier I was seriously impressed with the project (During initial reveal) but almost everything they’ve shown lately has fallen into the “Loading models in CryEngine” scenario you described.

    Coincidentally, I’ve been watching a lot of Hustle lately (UK TV Series) and this whole thing is starting to feel more and more like something from that show. The team may eventually use SOME of the money on finishing the game but I’m worried that the spend amount will be less than 10 percent of this 35 (Or 60 by next year) million.

    Also, No Mans Sky could wipe the floor with this if what they’ve shown is true. Sadly I’ve come to suspect that game as well though not because of the money or something scam related. Rather, I believe their vision is so ambitious that it might end up like Spore (amazing yet crazy ideas resulting in a disappointing game).

    I don’t think he is just saying that. At least for me, it has more to do with they way they’ve released updates and shown the game over many many months. That said, I do agree that Elite D could pull the same shit. No Mans Sky though is at least Kickstarter-free (Even if it sounds too good to be true).

    #7 1 year ago
  8. KineticCalvaria

    @TheWulf, We’ve seen less of Elite Dangerous, all that’s out is a very basic/short combat module and that’s it. SC has this on the way, it also has the hangar module and we get frequent updates on development. So what are you smoking?

    #8 1 year ago
  9. OwnedWhenStoned

    I funded this regardless. I’ll happily gamble 50 bucks on this being great, and if they run off with the money, then I don’t really care.

    #9 1 year ago
  10. undermyrules

    funny thing is there cant be any begging for this its PC exlusive..

    #10 1 year ago
  11. windsigra

    LMAO, No Man Sky, take alook at detail of SC then No man sky block animation and cartoon look and planets. ARe you serious…Either you have not checked out all the rich information on Starcitizen website and comapred which i highly doubt you have’nt or you work for or have interest in no man sky and are a troll…guys that read me favor..go watch lame ass video for no man sky then go watch the dogfight video and watch youtube video plus the hangar and check it out for your self..

    also this guy and one above said there developers. watch the video on starcitizen website and tools and accually live dogfight game they do. These 2 guys are Trolls. also Elite dangerous is pretty good, I am involved with it also. But elite dangerous is at no where near detail level of ships and graphics as SC and as well if SC is fake and money grab..guess thats why the guy did HUD for a multimillion dallor movie IRON man is accually doing hud graphics for game..cause its a scam or money grab? damn all got to say is…WHO LET THE TROLLS OUT!! haha what a joke guys. please inform yourself on game and who is involved and never read and listen to utter stupid comments from threads like this….BTW good write up on SC.

    #11 1 year ago
  12. Uncontested

    @11 I’m with you man. These people keep saying “Wheres the news?” And point how to the only thing VG sites are covering is the funding totals. Well sorry to say but the money total *IS* the news, its headline catching.

    A story about how Star Citizen released 10 patches for Hangar Module or how the dog fighting module is being developed to be multiplayer from the get-go as opposed to some shoddy single player demo just isn’t a big headline. Talking about 35 million dollars that the game has raised with no interference from publishers or investors *IS* the headline.

    The fact of the matter is if you’re interested in Star Citizen you know where to find the information on it, and thats on their website, where you can see the Hangar Module, see the demo of dog fighting, see the dozens of devs hired and multiple offices opened up working on the game simultaneously.

    The idea that its a money grab if you even spend 5 minutes on the RSI website is laughable at best.

    #12 1 year ago
  13. BD

    Fake, money grab, lies, what the fuck are you conspiracy theorists smoking?

    The game is already in a playable state.

    You can actually download and install a part of it, then go in and check the work they’ve done yourselves (which is amazing for the amount of time they’ve had to work on it)

    I mean Jesus Harold Christ, are you not watching the extensive updates?

    Star Citizen will be unlike anything that’s been done before, unlike Elite, which will, and No Man’s Sky will be a low budget production of randomly generated instances which have no intrinsic meaning, but are randomly strung together via persistence with low level objectives.

    They all fill a purpose, but Star Citizen will be on a whole other level should the attempt succeed, and so far, it looks like it’s going quite well.

    #13 1 year ago
  14. DarkElfa

    @13, first, sarcasm, learn it, second, take that cock out of your mouth, geez.

    #14 1 year ago
  15. Seefer

    Star Citizen information seems to be narrowly focused at the moment. As far as I can tell, the only substantive details being discussed and shown seem to revolve around the results of the 3D modelling members of the team. Where are updates on other, more important, features such as depth and variety of missions, how the game world is structured, the details of the economy and other gameplay systems.

    The danger is that we might end up with an amazing-looking but shallow space game that’s nothing but boringly monotonous ‘pew-pew-pew’ ship combat missions in small environments littered with loading screens and very little else to do.

    Deep and complex game systems are what ultimately make a great game. Pretty 3D graphics are relatively easy to show off, especially with the CryEngine, you only have to see the work done by the CryEngine FreeSDK community to see that churning out amazing looking levels and 3D environment can be done by those working alone in their bedroom without a multi-million dollar budget.

    So given that all we have so far are a plethora of ships and a hangar in which to view them, I think progress so far is all just a little bit ‘meh’. Sure they look great but that’s the CryEngine doing a huge chuck of the real-time work there.

    So far I’m underwhelmed at the progress updates coming out of Cloud Imperium. Let’s start seeing more updates on other gameplay-related systems please.

    #15 12 months ago

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