Dreamfall Chapters: Friar’s Keep gameplay footage emerges

Friday, 20th December 2013 14:30 GMT By Dave Cook

Dreamfall Chapters has received some new gameplay footage with commentary, showcasing an area called Friar’s Keep.

The 25-minute video is presented by developer Red Thread and shows off Friar’s Keep, an area from earlier in the game. The player is awaiting a death sentence and must escape his fate. It shows off the studio’s new dialogue system and a mechanic that lets you peer into the mind of your character before you answer NPCs.

GameSpot has the video here, and it’s watermarked like crazy so I won’t embed it on this page.

What do you think?

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  1. Natalie J. Yang

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  2. sh4dow

    Seems they took the fully 3D approach of the original even further. What a shame. Oh well, I can barely remember Dreamfall anyway, only The Longest Journey will probably forever be stuck in my head as a great experience. Moving on…

    #2 1 year ago
  3. TheWulf


    That sums up how I feel about it, honestly. All I remember about Dreamfall is that it was destruction of a once truly amazing setting, now rife with copious amounts of emo and ennui. I couldn’t connect with even one of the characters in Dreamfall — be it Zoe’s ennui, April’s goth-emo thing, or Kian’s overplayed racial angst.

    What a mess.

    They even made Crow ‘dark and edgy,’ just for the sake of it, by making him more nasty and sarcastic, and far less funny than he was in The Longest Journey. This had a lot to do with why I couldn’t help but feel that Ragnar Tørnquist was a one-trick pony, that he had one good story in him and that was it. Dreamfall did much to sour and defecate on the good memories I had of The Longest Journey.

    I had to actually to back and play TLJ after Dreamfall just to wash the bad taste of it out of my mouth. April (the real April) was a resourceful, independent, funny, clever, and believable character whom I could relate to. She had he negative moments, but they weren’t an anchor drowning her (as is the case in Dreamfall).

    Plus, Dreamfall in and of itself felt like a ripoff. One of the biggest things that could happen in the setting of TLJ was the wall between realities falling. There was much speculation between my friends and I at the time as to how they might approach that, and the reintegration, and what an incredible story that could be. It turned out to have nothing to do with that — it was a meandering storyline about nothing, without a beginning, and without an end. It ended with a cliffhanger that no one really cares about, because by the time you get to that point, the game has just taken your ability to care for it away from you.

    I’m not even really sure what the point of Dreamfall was. Thinking back to it, it was just some stuff a bunch of angsty people did because shut up. That’s all it was. I tried to like it, I really did, because I love things that meld fantasy and sci-fi (as I’ve mentioned before), especially when they do it well. But it was just… so bad.

    And compared to the legendary TLJ, it was even worse.

    It just felt like a phoned-in con, honestly. Something they were doing to make money off of the name. Grab the money and run, et cetera. I didn’t back this project because I have no reason to believe that this isn’t what they’re doing this time, either. They’ll probably do an episode, drop the project, and disappear for a bit — much like what happened with Dreamfall.

    I just don’t trust Ragnar, and seeing the similarity this had with Dreamfall, I trust him even less. The best thing he could have done was wiped his hands of it, and declared Dreamfall non-canon, and picked up from where TLJ left off again, trying to do things right this time.

    #3 1 year ago

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