Dota 2 invites artist submissions for Lunar New Year event

Thursday, 19 December 2013 23:31 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Dota 2’s next season event will be held sometime at the end of January, and Valve has opted to crowdsource some of the material.

In a post on the Dota 2 blog, Valve put out a call for “submissions that draw on visual themes from the Chinese New Year, Chinese history, and springtime”.

Works should be tagged with “Spring2014” and submitted to the Dota 2 Steam Workshop before January 15.

Non-artists can visit the Workshop to vote on which submissions they like best

No word on whether successful artists will receive any sort of prize or compensation for their work, although Valve is usually pretty good about crediting artists and rewarding contributors fairly.

Dota 2 is currently in the grips of Wraith-Night, and recently opened its doors to all comers.