Dark Souls 2 screenshots highlight Covenants, online multiplayer

Thursday, 5th December 2013 15:25 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Dark Souls 2 has a new batch of screenshots available and you can gawp at the lot below. The shots highlight Covenants, which are a large part of the online multiplayer, and while exploring online, each player can choose to “help, rescue, invade, protect, and take on several positions within the world.” Dark Souls 2 has range of exclusive goodies available throughout selected UK and Ireland retailers with pre-orders of the standard and collector’s edition as well as the Black Armour edition. The game releases March 14 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.



  1. James_russell

    Dark souls 1 was ok, a bit too tryhard for my tastes, hopefully they make some changes to the sequel so people like me can enjoy it. I’d like to see some of the following features in dark souls 2:

    -New weapon types like murkrets or a medievil bazooka and you can take cover for things that are shoot back at you
    -Parts where you have to run away from a huge enemy and the huge boss chases you to a turrent and you use it to kill him
    -Other parts where you can use turrents on loads of people or even a catapult
    -You can see how many kills and deaths you have in pvp and the more kills you get unlock extra abilities for you and new skins for your weapons and armour
    -Free running and climbing up on sthings
    -You have an npc partner and he is an ethnic and he makes jokes and he gives you estius flasks and stuff when your in trouble
    -If you get backstabbed or parryed you can press a button at the right moment and you do a counter
    -Bosses arent just running around hitting them you have yo use the enviroment and you press buttons at the right time and it does damage
    -Vehicle sections like on a horse and cart or a boat or like a stone age motorbike and gliders
    -When someone invades it asks you if it’s ok and if you press no then they are sent away
    -You can go into peoples houses and talk to them
    -If you get hit then dont get hit for a while your health comes back
    -You can have a romance with someone and even it can be a man if you are a gay
    -Better support after release like a better arena and then they can release map packs for it and new weapons and amrour
    -Moderators chosen from popular members of the community, they will monitor for poor sportsmanship and ban those they feel are a negative influence on the metagame
    -Some people need you to get things so you can go get them and bring them back and they give you souls for it
    -You can get a pet and it follows you around and goes off and comes back with items

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Preppystyle

    I literally made an account just to reply to this James_russels preposterous suggestions. Almost every single point you have raised is literally what makes Dark Souls different to every other game out there. If you made these changes we would be playing call of duty.

    Before I embark on completely contradicting your entire opinion, I will say Dark Souls could of been a little harder. I found Demon souls much more difficult with its light and dark versions of the world.

    ANYWAY -

    1) Bazooka? REALLY? I can understand a musket perhaps but no lets go full on rocket launcher doom style. That would remove so much of the carefully crafted play style around ranged weapons. next thing it will be sniper rifles

    2) after deciphering this next comment I presume you mean, run to a turret like a machine gun and nail into a boss. This isn’t resident evil 5 and I will revert to point one on gun mechanics.

    3) counter parrying would take away the skill involved in getting the backstab originally. Leaving players a chance who got outplayed to easily escape.

    4) Free running and climbing on things? It is an open world you can free run wherever you want. The running is part of the playstyle of the game, you cannot change it. It makes jumping to secret areas all that much harder and much more difficult.

    5) Pressing buttons in boss encounters, I presume you mean like god of war or devil may cry to finish off a boss. This style of finishing or killing a boss takes away a lot of the control from the gamer, it restricts you to certain cinematics and takes away the ability to do more damage to certain parts of the boss, i.e. hit it in the eye with an arrow it does more damage.

    6) Multiplayer scoreboards, again this isn’t COD. you die you die simple, you cannot rack up kill counts unless someone keeps invading another world. too many ways for players to cheat, achieving upgrades to armour etc and little multiplayer gimmicks is reserved for games like Halo, you want to show off in Dark souls, stab them in the back or hide in a vase with magic. learn to manipulate the maps and build up your weapon arsenal. this game demands time invested.

    7) im going to cover 3 of your next points at once, vehicle sections on motorbikes, romance with someone if your gay, go into houses and talk to them……… ___________

    8 ) better support? The whole game throws you into this dark intense world where every mistake is at your own peril, you don’t like being invaded, don’t go online, you don’t like being killed the same time the same way by a backstab or, getting killed right before a boss, go offline. if you can’t handle it. Or you can spend some time getting good at pvp and learning how to counteract the opponent. Dark souls is the most balanced game I have ever played. every weapon and playstyle has its benefits. learn to use them.

    9) Map packs? Expansions perhaps, this game is centred on one world. Don’t ruin it with map packs.

    10) getting people to get stuff for you would mean massively improving communication between players in game. This would take away from the entire experience of never really knowing who is helping you, you spend short spurs of time with other players in Dark souls and that is what makes it so fascinating, you barely get a chance to say thank you before they are fading away with their newly acquired souls.

    11) Buy a dog in real life.

    Some interesting thoughts but I think you should just go and buy battlefield 4 and I seriously hope half of those points were a joke to stir up this none existant forum.

    See you in dark souls 2, I will be the one stabbing you in the back with a lightning dagger,



    #2 1 year ago
  3. NoJustNo

    Preppy. Seriously. He’s not serious.

    #3 1 year ago

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