The Secret World Membership deals can be yours from now until December 16

Tuesday, 3rd December 2013 21:02 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Funcom has announced new Membership offers for The Secret World which will be available for two weeks from today until December 16.

Those who purchase three months of Membership will receive an extra month for free plus a Timed AP Boost.

Buy six months of Membership and receive two extra months for free plus two Timed AP Boosts, five XP potions which give 100% extra XP for killing monsters for eight hours and five Venetian Exemptions which remove the cooldown on all Scenarios when used.

Buy twelve months of Membership and receive four extra months for free plus three Timed AP Boosts, fifteen XP potions, and fifteen Venetian Exemptions.

Buying a Membership in The Secret World gives players all sorts of bonuses each month, something you can find out more about through the official website.



  1. TheWulf

    This is one of the few MMOs I’d actually pay a subscription for, because it doesn’t feel like a horrible, soul-sucking grind. Not even remotely. I suppose not having levels and classes will do that.

    I still don’t like it’s combat, though. If it were all exploration (and jumping to find places), detective work, puzzle solving, research, and so on then the Templar side of this (the good writing side) would be the MMO I would defend with fervour. As it is, the combat is awful, so it’s a good thing you don’t spend all of your time doing it.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. YoungZer0

    I bought the game over the steam sales. One of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. Never been much into MMO’s, but I’ve heard so many positive things about it and how it’s unlike any other MMO on the market. How it’s all about the narrative and all that. How the combat and it’s objective are totally different from anything you’ve ever seen in a MMO.

    How it might even be possible to play it as a singleplayer. So I bought the massive edition. Downloaded the 40 GB of awful graphics, subpar sound and mediocre voiceacting.

    Started the game. Took a look at the awful player models and the limited customization options. Did the best I could. My character stands around mouthbreathing his way through every conversation. The game runs poorly, even on the lowest setting.

    Controls and combat are exactly like in any other MMO. Push that button, wait for the other skill to reload, push that other button.

    It feels like the worst kind of grinding because it takes so long to kill even the most basic enemies. Interface is a clusterfuck. Can’t figure out what most icons are supposed to be. No proper introduction into the gameplay. Cutscenes look terrible.

    First mission:

    Kill 5 zombies. Okay. Did that, finished some of the other few missions. Went into the church. Got the mission to activate 4 signs. Okay did that. Activate another few signs, which results in combat. Okay, did that and killed the enemies.

    New mission from the church.

    Check out the mass graves. Okay. Kill 5 enemies at Mass Grave. Okay. Check out mass grave #2. Okay. Kill 5 enemies at mass grave #2. Okay. Check out mass grave #3. Okay. Kill 5 enemies at mass grave #3. Okay. Check out mass grave #4. Okay. Kill 5 enemies at mass grave #4. Okay. Check out mass grav-

    Fuck this game. Don’t care that I had to deinstall a bunch of games just to install this huge pile of shit. Deinstalled it right away and gave The Old Republic a chance.

    Exactly what I wanted from this game. While it’s still huge, you can actually see the quality. The voiceacting and writing is superb. The stories interesting and the character models, while cartoony at least use a proper shader. The combat is quick and fun and doesn’t even feel like I’m grinding even when I do. I have choices and my character has a voice.

    And yes, I can play it alone.

    It’s a pity really. Breaks my heart.

    If there’s one thing I love it’s Urban Fantasy, but Secret World ruined it all by going MMO. The entire atmosphere of the game is ruined by that. Combat, gameplay, depth of story and interaction with character. A complete and utter joke. Everything feels meaningless.

    This town is haunted and deserted. Oh yeah, really? Who the fuck is that guy in the background jumping about like a fucking frog?

    Just look at this:

    This is the coolest things since the word cool even exists and compare it to the actual game. It’s a fucking trainwreck.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. fearmonkey

    I loved the concept of the game, but once I tried it, I wasnt that into it.

    The Intro to the game was confusing and not at all good at really getting me pumped for the game. The gameplay was very much mmo gameplay but in a zombie monster world. It wasnt bad but it wasnt great, and I never played again after that free weekend. if IT went ftp I might give it a try, but im not paying for the pleasure of it, the game just didnt wow me.

    Elder scrolls online had me hooked within 1 hour (though the first part of the game, the intro and tutorial sucks)

    #3 1 year ago
  4. Darkfield

    My time with the game was a bit disappointing though. I really liked it but I couldn’t find a decent social guild to play with others. I had to spend time on the forums, asking around and people were saying we’d invite you when we catch you online but nothing ever happened. So, I just got bored an left. I relly wanna play a MMORPG with PEOPLE. And the game sucks in the department of social features. I couldn’t even get into a Smeggin’ dungeon. That never happened to me in any MMO.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. viralshag

    I’m with YZ. In less words, I too think it’s a pile of wank.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Darkfield

    Well certainly it isn’t a perfect game but I had fun with it. There are moments that gets you freaked out as well, like the House in the Woods mission. I was standing in front of it seriously considering not to go in there, it was a terrifying thing.

    The story is mediocre, especially since I play an Illuminati, some parts was great some of it very poor, specially your superior. She’s just awful.

    #6 1 year ago

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