PocketStation PS Vita app now free for all in Japan

Tuesday, 3rd December 2013 09:33 GMT By Dave Cook

Sony’s PSone companion device, the PocketStation lives on in a free PS Vita app. It’s now free for all in Japan as of today.

It follows our report on the PocketStation app’s features and initial supported titles. See the list through the link.

Siliconera reports that he app was only free to PS Plus users in Japan, but has now gone gratis for everyone.

The site adds that while the app is free, you’ll need the accompanying PSone titles to use its features. For example, if you have Final Fantasy 7 on your Vita, you can play the PocketStation RPG Chocobo World and level up feathered pal Boku.

Hot Shots Golf 2, Legend of Dragoon and all of the Mega Man ports also use the device at present, with more likely to follow.

Would you like to see the PocketStation app come west? Let us know below.



  1. CycloneFox

    What you need:
    -Japanese SEN account (just google how to make one)
    -Memory Card you are willing to format (for me, it was the small first one, I bought on launch before upgrading to a larger one)
    -(optional) WLAN internet would be good

    How to:
    (If you already followed these instructions once, it’ll cost about a minute including restart on new account and introduction video)
    -Save your trophys by synchronizing using the Vitas trophys-app
    -Go to Settings -> Format -> Restore the PS Vita System (If your firmware is not upgraded, you are asked to do that now)
    -The system will ask you to close all other apps, and if you want to deactivate all games and content on this device(the Vita system). You may want to do that, as there is a limit of how much devices may activate a game licence, but you can also deactivate devices on a computer by logging into your SEN-account, later.
    -After continuing to click on restore on the lower right corner of the screen, a little loading time will be shown (about two seconds)
    -The Vita is now restored and asks you if you want to format your memory card. Hit ‘no’! (If you followed my instruction, the old memory card is still in the Vita. This is important for a following step)
    -The Vita reboots
    -After the logo you are asked to enter date/time, WIFI-connection settings and SEN-ID. Enter your Japanese SEN account
    -If you already know this process, everything until now should have taken about a minute, now comes an unskippable annoying introduction video
    -shortly after it started, take out the memory card (check if the light is blinking before taking it out, of course, but it shouldn’t, as the video does not come from the memory card). This cancels the annoying video and the Vita askes you to restart
    -Put in the other memory card. The Vita will prompt you to format it if it isn’t already set to the current SEN ID. If you already changed before, this step will also be faster.
    -Finished. Have fun with two accounts on one Vita.

    If you do this vise versa, your old saves, games and content will be back. However, personal settings, bookmarks in the Vitas browser(the most annoying thing about this), local emails/messages, trohpys will be gone and need to be synchronised.
    I don’t have any solutions for the bookmarks yet, as the Vita has no function to export/import them.

    #1 12 months ago

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