Infinite Crisis champion spotlight video focuses on Mecha Wonder Woman

Tuesday, 26th November 2013 14:19 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

The latest champion spotlight for Infinite Crisis focuses on Mecha Wonder Woman, who began life as D1A-NA: a diplomatic robot in service to Queen Hippolyta, ruler of the Amazon nation of Themyscira. Check her out below.



  1. SplatteredHouse

    Have they even announced what platform (PC, obv, but which service) this game is running on, yet? I hope they’re not trying to put all the weight to draw players, on the IP. I think that would be a catastrophic mistake!
    The marketplace for this genre is packed, but they may be able to make and retain a sturdy playerbase by:- Being on Steam. They’re not only tasked with drawing players, but even the prospect of pulling players from other games, to claim a foothold.
    Surely, it’s crucial then, that they eliminate as many barriers to entry as possible?

    By addressing their audience: Can they offer a “gateway” to this style of game (for those drawn in by the IP) and satisfy too, existing and dedicated players – I almost feel that this is the main thing this game needs to get right, for a positive, steady start. Can they communicate to everyone playing, well? Is the game initially exciting, with a good degree of replayability – and, are the “community” and the designers on the same page?

    I think that’s quite the needle to try and thread. A high risk/reward prospect. I really hope this works out, because there isn’t another game that sets well-known, beloved characters against one another, in the same way (atm…I’m not deliberately ignoring Blizzard’s HOTS) as we see in IC, and also, I’m just eager to see this concept established as it seems like with a fun/accepting community, it could be a blast and lead to great things!

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