APB Reloaded updated to version 14, new Steam-exclusive DLC released

Monday, 25 November 2013 11:37 GMT By Dave Cook

APB Reloaded has received a game update, bringing the MMO sandbox up to version 14. The content drop is full of new features and Steam-exclusive DLC packs.

In a press release sent to VG247 today, Reloaded Productions confirmed that the update will add the following new content:

  • Two new contacts, Aletta & Gumball in the Financial District – they extend the game’s high level progression by 20 more levels
  • Radar tower car mod – Highlights enemies on your radar that pass near your vehicle
  • Blowtorch weapon – Heals damage done to your vehicle, burns enemies
  • Remote Detonator car mod – Just like it says. Push the button, car goes boom.
  • Muffler car mod – Keeps your vehicle off radar while you coast
  • High Burn Point Fuel car mod – Being near your car if and when it explodes causes it to hurt less
  • Flare gun weapon – Previously only available via Joker Distribution, now available via progression.
  • Additional slot unlocks – for clothing, themes, songs, and vehicles

There’s also a new Rocker Pack DLC bundle that adds a Rocker Outfit, TAS20 Shotgun, and a Vegas G20 ‘Rhino’ Muscle Car with Body Kit.

Over on Steam, players can now buy two exclusive bundles, starting with the New Blood Pack at £6.99 / $9. It’s essentially a starter kit for new players. it contains a 14 day Premium subscription, an ACT44 handgun, and the NFAS shotgun.

There’s also the slightly mad Key to the City Pack at a full £75.99 / $99. It includes all of the permanent cars, guns, clothing, decals and emotes.

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