Omnigon Games has put its sandbox creation game UemeU on Steam Greenlight

Wednesday, 20th November 2013 14:04 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Omnigon Games has put its sandbox creation game UemeU on Steam Greenlight. Pronounced You-Me-You, the PC and Mac title builds upon such titles as Minecraft, Gary’s Mod, Little Big Planet and The Sims where players can create easily manipulated game worlds using interactive environments and a library of tools so they can play, create, and share worlds with their friends and the UemeU community. UemeU is in public Alpha and as it approaches Beta, the team has put the game on Greenlight to help further the development process. Check out the video below which shows you an example of what can be created.



  1. TheWulf

    It looks like Second Life. Not a bad thing, I guess, but it’s going to be just a mish-mash of stuff with no overarching aesthetic. I think that’s what differentiates efforts like Patterns (and I had a surprising amount of appreciation for the cohesive aesthetic of that, considering its creator), Minecraft, and even LittleBigPlanet get right.

    Though I think LBP takes it a step too far and heavily limits creativity. So it’s a hard balance to strike. On one end, you have everyone doing anything, which is Second Life. The chaos can be beautiful, but often the art is lost in said chaos. On the other hand, you have an overly guarded approach which puts numerous very specific restrictions upon people so that they’re unable to exercise their creativity as they’d fully desire. That’d be LittleBigPlanet.

    I think the best examples of getting this sort of thing right so far have been Minecraft and Patterns. Everquest Landmark may also be a good example if SOE plays their cards right.

    But yeah, everything in moderation. If you take things too far in one direction, it can ruin it.

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