Xbox One will not support music playback via USB devices at launch

Tuesday, 19th November 2013 20:13 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Xbox One will not support music playback via USB devices at launch, according to Microsoft’s senior director of product management Albert Penello. A post-release update could become available for it in the future. The system will, however, allow players to play streaming music and tunes from CDs. Penello didn’t state when to expect the functionality to be added. Xbox One launches November 22. Via IGN



  1. Doppleganger

    Add DLNA support for crying out loud! I wanna run PLEXon my Xbone!

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Djoenz

    It will have DLNA opposed to PS4, but dude consoles wont have dedicated apps of PLEX anyway so its just a mediaserver in tht case still suffice though. . I guess.

    For now im using PLEX for desktop on my laptop hooked on my tv with hdmi and have no lag whatsoever. :)
    I was at my buddy’s house checking a movie and his plex was buffering and shit thts a no NO!

    #2 1 year ago
  3. bradk825

    @1 and 2 I have no idea what those things are. LOL. Am I really getting that old?

    #3 1 year ago
  4. Djoenz

    I havent been using it for long a buddy recommended it to me. Best app ever. You have to own the media ofcourse, it categorizes all your media in the best way. You can also add Video channels as Youtube etc. Perhaps Twitch too not sure. Its heavensent imo.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. Joe Musashi

    Yup, Plex is amazing. DLNA support as well as dedicated clients for things like PC, iOS, Android, Web and dedicated media boxes. My media is available everywhere.

    @2 Tinkering with the transcoding settings lets me watch anything I want in different parts of the world without stuttering. About 10 seconds of initial buffering and, after that I’m good.

    It’d be nice to see a console app for Plex as the client design is so great and filled with useful features, but I’d settle for DLNA as a starter.

    Perhaps the Plex web-client (which is not too shabby at all, really) will work in console’s browsers?


    #5 1 year ago
  6. Djoenz

    Yeah man tinkering takes ages though. It took me a while to pick the best settings that works best for me. Do you have a plex pass by any chance? I dont so remoteplay doesnt work for me lol Im quite cheap. I need to check if tht works for my ps3 (web client) so far since im not a plex premium guy I have to let my laptop on to connect to my media server. Also is it me or does the web client show a slighter lesser quality?

    I would like to recommend you this brand new tv show btw if you dont know it already. Its called Almost Human. Takes place in 2048 where crime rates have skyrocketed to 400% so every police officer is required to have an android as partner. Only 2 episodes and its already a great tv show.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. noamlol2

    well it’s up for steam to see what are they cooking with their steamOS and their steamboxes

    it’s either that or screw livingroom gaming and back to traditonal PC gaming

    these lack of features such as no backward compability in games or even your previous gen controllers doesn’t work on the newer platform (FFS i have 4 xbox controllers in fine condition, this is BS)

    makes those very same “advanced” system rather premitive

    and so the console peasents will endure, because they have no other choice of good gaming

    and PC gaming is rather expansive if you care about the quailty (yes, 1000 graphics card is indeed required to truely keep your gear on edge for the coming years)

    and it’s truely stupid of microsoft/sony to not inculde basic features, a shame really, for they stopped seeing consumers as people rather they see walking talking wallets with cash in em

    #7 1 year ago
  8. Ilovesony

    And now its time for another “Interview with Penello”

    Me: So Mr. Penello… The PS4 has launched and how do you feel about the Xbox One launch on friday?

    Penello: NOT NOW!! WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE WE ARE READY!! (Alarms Sounding)

    Me: I understand… but in our last interview you told me your system will be able to play CDs out of the box and now we are hearing that isnt so?

    Penello: Look! we are working on that… alot of the stuff we are doing will come in preliminary stages… we have worked hard on this system and we have all the elements in place. (Looking over at a door that is closed)

    Me: Is there something in that room?

    Penello: What?! No!! there is nothing in there that should concern you.. now if you dont mind..

    Me: Ok sir well just one more question…

    Penello: Wait… I will be right back… (Walks over to door) You guys gonna tell me when its my turn right?

    Me: Whats going on in there?

    Penello: What?!.. OH! yeah they are testing out a secret game we will unveil soon and I wanted to make sure they were giving feedback

    Me: Hmm… can I get a look at this game?

    Penello: NO!! IT’s top secret and we cannot disclose anything about it right now.

    Me: Wait a min.. Is that a Dual Shock 4?! You guys in here playing Killzone?!!!

    Penello: What?! Thats Absurd!! this is… this is Halo 6 we are working on!! SECURITY!!!!

    Me: Your working on Halo 6 with a dual shock 4 controller in your hands? Is that Bill Gates Your sharing your stream with?


    *at this point I was escorted out of the building

    #8 1 year ago

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