Glitch art and source code released into public domain

Tuesday, 19th November 2013 06:05 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Glitch developer Tiny Speck has given away tens of thousands of beautiful assets from its shuttered, much-mourned free-to-play MMO.

You can grab the entire library of art assets from Glitch, as well as code from the game client, from this website.

“All of it can be downloaded and used by anyone, for any purpose. (But: use it for good,)” Tiny Speck wrote in an announcement post.

“Tiny Speck, Inc., the game’s developer, has relinquished its ownership of copyright over these 10,000+ assets in the hopes that they help others in their creative endeavours and build on Glitch’s legacy of simple fun, creativity and an appreciation for the preposterous. Go and make beautiful things.”

The full asset public domain launch follows a partial creative commons license release.

Glitch was amazing, beautiful, bold and unprofitable. Pat and I liked it because we could grow vegetables and be quietly happy in octopus hats. Although it failed and its team largely dispersed, some of the development technology was extremely interesting, and is being re-tooled by a skeleton crew as a productivity platform called Slack.

Thanks, Polygon.



  1. MrWaffles

    I admire them for releasing the game assets, a great thing to do.

    Sadly, I had no idea this game ever existed, and it seems game journalists had (and even the devs) weren’t sure how to sell the game.


    #1 1 year ago
  2. ctankep

    Maybe some “game journalists” can find out what happen _d
    to Kelle Santiago / Robin Hunicke / Keita Takahashi who were
    working on “Glitch” at Tiny Speck?


    Edit: Seems Kelle Santiago is now developer relations with
    Ouya. Still like to know what Takahasi is up to or if he’s ever
    intending to work on games again.

    #2 1 year ago

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