Champions Online Lifetime Subscriber rewards now available

Thursday, 14th November 2013 19:56 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Champions Online players can now become a lifetime subscriber which nets the customer access to all Veteran Rewards. Recently, Cryptic Studios updated the Veteran Rewards system, and once a player goes lifetime, they too can instantly receive exclusive items like the Avian Warrior and Glowing Tights Costume sets, along with extra costume and character slots. Those who are already Lifetime Members will get all the rewards that you’ve yet to unlock. If you’re a current monthly subscriber, you can become a lifer for $299.99. More details through the link.



  1. TheWulf

    Huh, they brought the lifetime subscription back again? They keep doing that. Every now and then they’ll take it down, and when they feel like they want a boost in profits, it’ll reappear. I got one when the game was in beta — a choice I don’t regret.

    The game is dead, now, though. It was dying before, but lately they’ve put a new guy on balancing and he’s been doing ham-fisted nerfs just left and right that no one likes. So the last few stalwarts have just given up.

    It feels like the end of an era.

    Champions Online was the last of the truly great superhero games. DC Universe Online is okay, but extremely limited in power builds and visuals compared to both Champions Online and City of Heroes. Marvel Heroes is pretty neat, but it’s just a Diablo-style game and doesn’t always feel too superhero-y. (Though I do enjoy it.)

    At this point, I couldn’t recommend a lifetime subscription. I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought back the lifetime subscription to try and bring people in after they started bleeding their last few hundred dedicated players thanks to the ham-fisted nerfs. The guy who’s currently on balancing needs to be fired, and they need to do a rollback. That would breathe some life into the game.

    Otherwise? It’s dead, Jim.

    Edit: Oh wow. I didn’t see that not only that they brought them back, but it’s a sale now, too. They never do that.

    Wow, those ham-fisted nerfs hurt them player-wise more than I thought. Why is that guy even still working there? I feel kind of sorry for Cryptic at this point.

    #1 1 year ago

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