Luxuria Superbia, a game of beauty, is out today

Tuesday, 5 November 2013 22:52 GMT By Mike Irving

Tale of Tales released a cheeky little game today called Luxuria Superbia, which asks players to give pleasure to the game.

Luxuria Superbia is available now on the iOS App Store, Google Play, Ouya, Mac, Windows and Linux.

Players will glide through a series of beautifully-presented tunnels, which respond visually and aurally to various touches and gestures.

“We feel beauty is the most important thing to experience in a human life,” say its designers, Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. “The joy that beauty brings makes us better and stronger people. And such joy can be found in both the sensual and the spiritual.”

For the first seven days, Luxuria Superbia will be available at a special launch price of $2.99 for Ouya, Android and iOS devices, and $4.99 for Mac, Windows and Linux.