World of Tanks’ 8.9 update rolls out 7v7 battles, lets all-new panzers roll across US soil

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 23:09 GMT By Ewan Miller has released a trailer showing off the new German steel featured in World of Tanks’ 8.9 update. The update also features some new Chinese premium tanks, including another revision on the classic T-34 as well as a new 7 on 7 mode. There’s also a new map called Northwest, which is based on (you guessed it) the pacific northwest. After the break, a trailer with a lot of really fun German tank names.

I don’t know about you guys but I love pronouncing German words even though I have no idea at all what they mean. It’s just a fun language full of some hard consonants and long, compound words. From that trailer, my favourites are the Rheinmetall-Borsio and the Waffentrager IV. The latter is certainly more fun to say, but the former kind of hints at where it came from in a fun way.

World of Tanks’ 8.9 update is coming any day now in case you feel like driving any of these vulnerable looking tank destroyers.

Thanks, Shacknews.