Outlast DLC confirmed, stars new protagonist

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 08:38 GMT By Dave Cook

Outlast developer Red Barrels has been in touch to say it’s now working on DLC for its chilling horror romp. The game’s also discounted on Steam.

In a press release send over by the dev, Red Barrels wrote that the team, “has started work on DLC for Outlast, where players will fill the shoes of a new protagonist and storyline, further exploring the secrets of Mount Massive. More details to come when ready on Halloween.”

To celebrate this spookiest of holidays, Red Barrels has knocked 33% off Outlast on Steam, and if you buy it direct from their site, you also get the game, a Steam key and the official soundtrack.

Have you tried Outlast yet? I’m loving it personally. It’s certainly a decent survival horror game.

What do you think?