Super Mario 3D World trailer heavy on cat costumes

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 06:01 GMT By Brenna Hillier

This new Japanese trailer for Super Mario 3D World shows off the four-player gameplay of the debut Wii U Mario title, showing off each character’s special moves as well as their cat costumes.

Mario’s special ability seems to be his famous bounce attack. Luigi can jump extra high, while Princess Peach can float. Finally, Toad can dash.

As a cat, the characters can perform claw and slide attacks and climb vertical surfaces.

Other transformations include Double Mario, Giant Mario, various boxes, and returning favourites Fire Mario and Tanooki Mario.

There’s also a wide variety of environments on offer, apparently. Anyway, it’s below in both Japanese and English.

Super Mario 3D World arrives in North America on November 22 in Europe on November 29.

Thanks, Gematsu.