Real-name user ID option to be available through PSN at launch on PlayStation 4

Wednesday, 23rd October 2013 19:19 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Sony has confirmed that the option to use your your real-name through PSN will be made available at launch for PlayStation 4. Sony announced the ability to use a real-name ID would be available on the console, but until today it was unknown whether it would be made available at launch. Xbox One will allow users to do the same thing, but the option will not be made available at launch. Via Kotaku.



  1. Fethennour

    Glad it is only an option. I’m not sure many people will use it.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Arcnail

    Ya.. seems a waste of time to me.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. _LarZen_

    I think I am going to use this. I would rather play with people with their real names then AssPounder43 or L2PBiTcheZ.

    It will make me recognize friends online better as I have no idea who is who with all these silly names.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. Hcw87

    Only dumbasses will use their real name online.

    One day the guy you buttraped while playing CoD will show up at your door. Nothing good will come out of this.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. Erthazus

    “One day the guy you buttraped while playing CoD will show up at your door”

    Now that would be cool. I will rape him myself then. But hey, most of them are 12 year olds in CoD so nothing to worry about.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Os Money

    yeah i dont expect this to catch on.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Javinator

    Of course Sony is pushing this. They to this day (even in the New Age of “Next Generation” ) do NOT, and will NOT, let u change your PSN Username. Sheesh! Talk about an archaic OS…

    #7 1 year ago
  8. Juice_Man101

    @4 You can’t be serious.

    #8 1 year ago
  9. Hcw87

    My first paragraph i’m 100% serious.

    Ofcourse i’m being sarcasting in the second paragraph, but these days you’ll never know. People have been killed/maimed for less. It’s a sick world we live in.

    #9 1 year ago
  10. AmiralPatate

    @4 “Nothing good will come out of this”
    How do you know? Maybe the guy is just at your door to bring whiskey and crackers and you’ll have a nice aperitif.

    #10 1 year ago
  11. Hcw87

    I don’t see why you’d want total strangers on the internet know your real name. You’re probably using facebook aswell, so it doesn’t take much at all to find out where you live, who your family is and what you’re doing with your friends at any given time.

    #11 1 year ago
  12. Ireland Michael

    “Only dumbasses will use their real name online.”

    Only an idiot adds people that they don’t know in some capacity.

    I like this feature, and it’s pretty much a given that it will be set (at least by default) so that only your mutual friends can see it. You are not going to be appearing in CoD15 as “David Bartholemew McCleod” or whatever the heck your name might be.

    The fact that it’s completely optional makes any of tinfoil paranoia redundant anyway. If you’re that bothered by it, you don’t have to use it.

    #12 1 year ago
  13. ddtd

    Real names will be okay if there are deeper privacy options; I.e. You can set it so only friends can see your real name, or something even deeper than that where you can tag certain people as being able to see the name (either on a person to person basis, or buy creating sub-groups within your friends).

    Has there been any word, from either Sony or MS, if there will be those options available?

    #13 1 year ago
  14. Hcw87

    Well that’s good atleast. If it’s ONLY your friends then i don’t really see that much of a problem with it.

    If it’s fully public though, good lord.

    #14 1 year ago
  15. ddtd

    By, not buy. :p

    #15 1 year ago
  16. Ireland Michael

    @13, 14 I thought it was a given that it was only going to be people on your friends list.

    The PS4 dashboard displays an activity field of what people on your friends list are doing. Instead of saying “KillerSniperBiatch345 earned the “Bad Ass Mutha’” Achievement in Black Ops 4″ it will simply say “Eugene Jarvis Smith earned…” And stuff like that. And it will only display it if they’ve set it up as well.

    There *might* be an option to display it publicly, but this seems like the most obvious approach. I’d like to think Sony has some modicum of common sense regarding these sort of things.

    If people would be capable of tracking you down using nothing but your name anyway, you should probably do a better job keeping your information private online.

    #16 1 year ago
  17. AmiralPatate

    I’m pretty sure if 4chan kids can find you with one photo, they can do it with one gamertag. Information is out there and you can’t control it all. If nobody came to bash your head in because of a comment on Facebook, odds are you’ll be alright, even if XxD4RK_SN1P3RZ_69xX sent you a witty message over PSN about how fat yo mama is.

    #17 1 year ago
  18. Hcw87

    Well the more information you leave out there publically, the easier it is.

    #18 1 year ago
  19. AmiralPatate

    It certainly does not make it easier to physically come to you, physically assault you, and physically get away with it. And if someone’s willing to go that far, boy, no gamertag will ever stop him.

    #19 1 year ago
  20. pcbros

    In all honesty, what is the point of having real names? If you only allow friends, then they will know your gametag and have no need to identify you buy your full name.

    This isn’t a bash against Sony seeing how Microsoft will be doing the same thing soon.

    #20 1 year ago
  21. Ireland Michael

    @17 The vast majority of those “4chan kids” scenarios are 1) isolated incidences, 2) done by finding out information from tint people, 3) well known people whose information is easily found, and / or 4) people not being responsible with their information.

    It’s very easy not to have your sensitive information online. People are just lazy.

    If you wanted to, you could pretty much find the live in address of pretty much every celebrity in the world, but celebrities aren’t turning up dead or raped every day despite crazy fans / haters swarming the Internet.

    @20 Its just a nice bit of personal customisation. “Michael is online” instead of “WordsofIvory is online”. Simple things like that.

    #21 1 year ago
  22. Dragon

    Couldn’t you possibly use this to hide your username aka change it?

    #22 1 year ago
  23. Panthro

    ‘Only dumbasses will use there own name’ …?


    Sorry, but I have nothing to hide, I wont be acting like a dick online, being racist or screaming immature things down the mic.

    #23 1 year ago
  24. Ireland Michael

    @22 Username are probably still going to be visible in some context (and used for stuff like recipient boxes), I’d imagine. Your username is obviously going to be visible in multiplayer games as well.

    #24 1 year ago
  25. polygem

    can i finally change my psn id?
    it would be totally next gen if i could…

    #25 1 year ago
  26. Hcw87

    Not the point at all. Everyone should value their privacy properly.

    #26 1 year ago
  27. AmiralPatate

    Privacy may be an overrated concept. As long as I can scratch my nose in the comfort of my room, I have all the privacy I need. If Johnny McJohnson from Buttfucknowhere knows where I live, good for him. I’ll buy him a beer if he ever shows up.

    #27 1 year ago
  28. xxJPRACERxx

    Some people are really willing to go there:

    #28 1 year ago
  29. Panthro

    @26 you made an assumption that only a dumbass would use there real name…

    That has nothing to do with someone valueing there privacy, I do value my privacy but I also like the idea of using my full name, it looks cleaner on a profile and is easier for people who know me to work out who I am rather than being called ‘panthro’…

    Its an option, Sony arent forcing anyone so its entirely up to the individual if they want to use there name, I just dont see why its so bad, everyones so caught up with the whole internet anonymous thing… I think the net would be a better place if it wasnt so anonymous, there would be less little kids thinking they can get away saying disgusting things to people.

    Ofcourse there are alot of advantages and a lot of disadvantages to having a less anonymous internet and Im fully aware of both… In before someone ‘tries’ to set me straight on my opinion.

    + its a very rare case if someone tries to ‘look me up’ from an online game and if it does ever happen I wish them the best of luck with there said lives.

    #29 1 year ago
  30. GwynbleiddiuM

    @Hcw87 It’s like Real ID, only your friends see that and I have absolutely no issues there, I do like to know my real id friends and knowing their names helps and builds up trust. That is why even though a lot of my real id wow friends aren’t playing anymore we’re still in touch through email and facebook. So, it’s not a waste of time and it’s not a feature for dumbasses, it’s a feature for people that understand the concept of friendship inside and outside of the real world.

    #30 1 year ago
  31. TD_Monstrous69

    Have been wanting to ditch my PSN id for years, so this is good news to me.

    #31 1 year ago
  32. TrickyAudio

    I rarely play PSN without my friends (pretty much real life ones)though. I think this will be fine for me, but glad its optional.

    #32 1 year ago
  33. ManuOtaku

    I think having multiple options is the best for the consumers, myself i will not use it iam very fond of my internet name, which is manuotaku, and i will not stop using it because it has my name on it, manu short of manuel and iam an otaku, liking videogames, anime and hevy metal, but i grant that for people that like the option it will be great.

    Now i thinl it has is negatives like the before mentioned things, like real persecution from other gamers, and a big possitive maybe people will stop being so douche over the internet due not showing real names, but perhaps that the people that will use this, i mean real names it is because in real life they are not douches over the internet, so who knows i hope for the best.

    #33 1 year ago
  34. loveaya

    It’s meaningless. I don’t know what a idiot would use their real names on Internet, even if i really know some guys like this…

    #34 1 year ago
  35. edragon

    I still don’t get it. WHY someone wants to use REAL NAMES in PSN or Xbox Live, when they play with strangers??

    Security hints and tips: DO NOT USE ONLINE your real names and real addresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #35 1 year ago
  36. Solnem

    If you can make this “real name” show in every aspect of PSN, it would be awesome. The PSN ID could stay accessible through profil access or something like that. If there is no verification process for the “real names”, why not just use it for a nickname.

    At least for me that’s how user databases should be handled. Username or e-mail for login purpose and an extra column for a nickname. I can’t imagine what’s speaking against that. But maybe now it’s somewhat possible with the “real name” being shown. Oh well, let’s just check on that in a few days.

    #36 1 year ago
  37. polygem

    i am ok with my current psn name OhMikeOdd but i would change it if i could. i think sony must come up with an option to change your psn id. i mean some people have been kids when they created a “cool” screenname for their playstations…being headshotkillerdude187 might not sound so great anymore 8 years later =)
    but then, that´s actuually an instant classic name, you could probably sell that account on ebay for some serious cash.

    #37 1 year ago

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