Elite: Dangerous developer diary discusses December’s Alpha test

Friday, 18th October 2013 17:05 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Elite: Dangerous has a new developer diary available in which David Braben discusses the space sim’s alpha launch, which will launch in December. The full game won’t be avaiable, obviously, instead the tester will contain to be revealed segments along with the combat, before moving on to other parts. News on the beta will be revealed at a later date and will then be followed by a “gamma” testing phase the game is released. Watch below. Thanks, PC Gamer.



  1. mark_t50

    December can’t come quickly enough and I can’t wait to begin testing this. My most anticipated title of the last decade, one that for years I thought would never see the light of day, and I’m mere weeks away from testing it, I almost can’t believe it.

    It seems to be such as great time for us long suffering space sim/game fans, between Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and X Rebirth, I don’t think fans of the genre have had it so good. I guess it would be greedy to secretly still wish for a new X-Wing game as well.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. sebastien rivas

    Wowww, it is already coming in Alpha?

    The demo a couple of weeks ago was barely passing concepts.

    Nice job guys, keep it hard, keep it flow :)

    #2 1 year ago
  3. TheWulf

    After seeing the footage, this became my Star Citizen. That is to say, I always loved space games but I loathe fighter planes in space because it feels archaic and it’s pandering to a very unimaginative audience who’re stuck in the Star Wars era of sci-fi. (Which has gotten so stale by this point that it’s impossible to save, as both the prequels and The Old Republic did their best to prove.)

    I prefer my sci-fi to actually look at the world around us and then engage the old imagination and sense of wonder to see where we might go in the distant future, and what we might become. And to do this whilst clinging to familiarity the least amount possible.

    Some of my favourite authors do this — from Iain M. Banks to Cory Doctorow, they have that creative spark that makes me love sci-fi, even hard sci-fi. They see that there’s more to it than just Ye Olde Troped Fighter Planes in Space. There’s so, so much more that you can do with it as a setting.

    To just imitate the same thing over and over again is no different than fantasy settings doing the same medieval Europe thing with only mild, mild variations on that over and over again, because they’re too scared to try anything more interesting than that.

    I don’t want my games to be developed by cowards that hide in intellectual holes. I want them to be developed by passionate people who care about creating something more interesting than that. So Star Citizen didn’t work for me, because it’s cloyingly familiar, it’s fighter planes in space, it’s…. nothing special.

    It doesn’t do anything fun with this crazy notion of future maybe-science.

    In fact, it even goes backwards. It’s weird to see that the interiors of some modern fighter jets look more advanced than the insides of the Star Citizen ships — especially the joysticks and flight assistance. I’m not sure how to feel about that, really. It’s like they tried to be as boring and ’70s as possible.

    Yet Elite? Elite has really fascinating ship designs, that was the first thing to sell me on it. It’s not just fighter planes in space. I loved the description of how that one luxurious cruiser maintains gravity through a centrifugal ring. That is pretty rad.

    And then there were holographic displays, too, rather than displaying everything on clunky CRT screens.

    I don’t know, it’s weird, I guess.

    I suppose Star Citizen and Elite are the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek. Star Trek continues to reinvent itself and be fresh, whereas Star Wars nailed its own coffin shut by never changing. And sure, some people want that ancient coffin — but I’m not one of them.

    So… bring on Elite?

    #3 1 year ago

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