GTA Online: lost progress, character, money & car bugs being worked on now, says Rockstar

Monday, 7th October 2013 08:42 GMT By Dave Cook

Grand Theft Auto Online players were posting their frustration at losing their progress and possessions over the weekend. Rockstar has now spoken out about the issue and is now looking to remedy it with a new patch.

In an update on the Rockstar News Wire, the studio wrote, “We have received reports from some players who experienced losing characters, progress, items, and/or in-game cash during the first few days after release. We are working diligently to identify and correct the causes for these losses, as well as to establish how best to restore any lost progress and value.”

The post suggests that quitting out of GTA Online to the single-player component will save your progress once more and decreases the chance of lost data. It also advises players to refrain from hitting the ‘retry’ button whenever the service fails to connect.

Rockstar added, “We experienced some instability on PlayStation 3 around 11:00 AM ET and service was restored at 12:30 PM ET. Another issue was seen on both platforms just before 4:00 PM ET and was resolved shortly after. We have not forgotten about players who reported (and who continue to report) issues with lost characters, items, apartments, cars, or in-game money. If you have lost any progress, please subscribe here for automatic email updates whenever there is news.”

It follows the publishing of a title update on Xbox 360 on Saturday. Check out the details here.

Via Eurogamer.

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  1. KAP

    I’m the first guy to jump to Rockstar’s aid when ever needed. Even when everyone’s GTA Online progress was getting erased.

    Until yesterday It happened to me, a Lv 18 character that took me 20+hrs to get to with having just bought my first in-game apartment.

    Then people said don’t worry too much If your Online avatar is still showing up on Social Club but now its even been deleted on there.

    This is a terrible fuckin’ mess. If they can’t retrieve lost data for players the least they can do is a weekend where we can earn double, no, triple XP to compensate.

    I hate to say it but it’s kinda turned me off playing GTAV overall.

    The first 2 weeks was amazing though, I thank Rockstar for that atleast.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. dsr

    This is a fucking mess. No excuse. Period.
    Ok, I get it, they took half a month to “do stuff” before launching. But why it is STILL broken right now?
    I understand outages and servers being down for maintenance, but loss of progress is inexcusable, no matter how you try and twist that fact. They should plaster “BETA” or “ALPHA” all over GTA Online before its fixed. How they have the guts to try and push this sad pile of shit as a final product is beyond me…
    10/10 GOTY, my ass.
    News about this stuff must be all over the net. Let em swallow the tide of now brewing shitstream alongside with universal praises for god knows what.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. CyberMarco

    I don’t want to be that guy but, this was bound to happen from the beginning.

    One thing that I’ve learned from the PS360 era of console gaming is to wait, patience is a virtue.

    Companies are incompetent to deliver a complete product/experience these days and especially the video-games industry. Somehow they don’t suffer the consequences for selling an unfinished product, compared to let’s say a car manufacturer or whatever. And it’s easy-peasy to get away with it.

    Sucks to be you! (not refereed to KAP)

    #3 1 year ago
  4. KAP

    I get the logic to wait but then the question comes… but how long?

    Great example is Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, Bayonetta.

    All those titles even to this day, is still broken specially on PS3, all came out a few years ago.

    How long exactly is a gamer to wait to spend his or her hard earned money on a product. I mean as a gamer realistically you’d need to:

    >Visit a site such as this one.

    >Follow said game progress/development.

    >While getting more excited as the time goes on.

    >Wait for a release date.. which can be a few years wait.
    (GTA V almost 2 years wait)
    >When game comes out, wait for reviews.

    >Hold off buying said game because of bugs/glitches. (2-6 months)

    >Wait for word on several patch/patches. (6-12 months)

    >Then Hold off buying said game because of word of a GOTY edition.

    Its a sad state of affairs, but that’s generally the only way to cover ones self to issues like this, but who really has the time to wait for a title they’ve been looking forward to for that length of time?

    If we all did that, the games industry today would……… would probably treat us with more respect actually.

    I had a change of mind mid-sentence. I just wish I had that will power.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. CyberMarco

    @4 When I was teen gaming on my PS2 back in the days I recall buying a game every couple of months or so, for around 50€ regardless of day-1, when back then e-shops weren’t so popular and importing from the UK was useless thanks to region locks.

    Now that I’m a college student and have a bit more disposable money for gaming, I caught myself in a flood-zone of games. I have so many games to play, thanks to Steam sales, indie bundles, PS+ and the possibility to import games for the PS3 from the UK for 15-20€ (compared to 30-40€ here in Italy, even when there is a Goty/complete edition available, not to mention that new games cost 60-70€) that I gave up in buying day-1 anymore.

    By the time Bioshock Infinite, TLoU, GTA V etc. release Goty editions I’ll be still trying to clear my backlog. Note that I’m a late-gamer too, I got my gaming PC in late 2010 and my PS3 in Sept 2012, so that is to be considered too.

    But my point stand still, not only for gaming but for every purchasable good, wait no less than 3-6 months before buying something, let those who have an urge in consumerism phase-test the product for me and buy it when it has the best bang for your buck. You wont regret it. :)

    #5 1 year ago
  6. KAP


    You have a valid point.

    Batman Arkham Origins, to be deadly honest with you I’d have to get day one only because its so soon before the release of PS4, one month no less.

    But during the PS4 I will try and adopt your stance on games.
    Its just hard for me and many others when your following a game that your really looking forward to, such as a MEGATON like GTAV, with that said your very smart and have great self-controll to wait for all this mess to vanish though.

    I will try to do this in the future.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Diingo

    Rockstar was nowhere near ready to handle the biggest entertainment release in history. They simply do not have the infrastructure compared to Activision and other juggernauts. They were taking on more than they can chew, they lack any experience of a game of this size for online.

    #7 1 year ago
  8. deathm00n

    @7 Finally someone who understand what the real problem is. It’s not that Rockstar have a bad infrastructure, it’s that the game sold more than anyone could have foresee. I think even Activision would have troubles.

    #8 1 year ago
  9. TheKeyPit

    They could have hired some smart people for this Online-Apocalypse, but guess what…

    #9 1 year ago
  10. Solnem

    @6 With friends really wanting to play games online with you, it’s even harder to hold back buying day 1.

    I don’t even understand why Rockstar released it so “soon”. Sure, money, executives pushing, etc. But if it was me, they could have taken at least another month or two. It’s not like it hurts to wait “so much longer” for the online mode when you waited so long for the actual game. Just let the people take their time for the offline mode in which there is enough to do.

    It’s sad that nowadays, you buy alphas or betas. If it’s an indie game, I can understand the developer, but honestly… Developers like Rockstar releasing such an online mode. It’s just frustrating for everyone and makes people not want to play it anymore at all.

    @8 Even then it’s not like I can understand their way of handling the problem. Of course again, there are points like money and executives pushing, but it’s not like they make friends like that. There are many people, who invested over 40 hours playing the game already and at least half of all the players experienced data loss.

    When there is no way to determine the exact cause of the problem or when there is no way of fixing it right away, why do they still let people invest time and money to play just to lose it again. Let alone Rockstar making profit. I already know several players, who stopped playing online and most likely won’t play again. If it’s a traffic problem, deactivate online mode, stock up on servers and capabilities, then try again. But at least inform players, that data loss is most certain.

    #10 1 year ago

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