Dead Rising 3′s zombies are procedurally generated, but it has a hand-crafted world

Monday, 30th September 2013 03:37 GMT By Brenna Hillier

In Dead Rising 3, you’ll never see the same zombie or building twice, thanks both to automation and patient manual creation.

In an interview with CVG, Capcom producer Mike Jones said that the game’s many, many zombies are procedurally generated.

“You’ll never see the same zombie twice. It’s all procedurally generated: hair styles, clothing, colours, textures. And the gore is too: missing jaws, missing eyes – it’s all totally dynamic. That’s a whole system that we built. We didn’t just model the zombies, we had to model the pieces and the system puts them together,” he said.

But automating the zombie production process, Capcom can ensure a great deal of variety – but when it comes to the game’s environments, it’s elected to avoid using repeat elements.

“You’re looking at more custom work and less reuse. We’re not using the same textures over and over again, nor are we using the same geometry over and again. Every building and every interior in Dead Rising 3 is hand made and hand crafted. You’ll never see the same building twice,” Jones said.

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive due on the console’s launch day in November.



  1. Crapgamer

    This game is sounding better and better! Can’t wait to get it with my Xbox One on November 22nd!

    #1 1 year ago
  2. mightyhokie

    Me either! Stoked!
    I wanted to preorder my One from Best Buy but they stopped taking preorders. Same with GameStop. Not happy about that but I should only have to wait for a week or so to get it. Anyway, Dead Rising 3 looks awesome. The first game was sort of flat for me but DR2 was amazingly fun.

    #2 1 year ago

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