Second Life gets a graphics and features overhaul

Friday, 27th September 2013 16:01 GMT By Dave Owen

Hot on the heels of its tenth anniversary virtual life simulator Second Life has received a facelift in the form of new graphics and features. This includes streamlined chat tools, better lighting, and improved avatar loading speed. If only real life could be patched like that, eh? Check out the trailer after the break.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features is integration with Facebook. Users can now share in-game screenshots and accomplishments on the social network. On one hand that could be really annoying for everyone else on Facebook, but given the focus on Second Life being just that, an alternate life, it’s interesting to see how it might collide with the user’s ‘real life’ Facebook.

Thanks, Polygon.



  1. TheWulf

    Yep. But just to warn Second Life users, they also completely broke deformers in the latest viewer. So many avatars are going to be completely busted. Hopefully it’s something they’ll fix. But an older viewer can still be used in the interim, until they get that sorted out.

    Shame really, I’d love to have seen how my giant quadrupedal dragon avatar would have looked with the new lighting. (Yep. Those are broken too due to that issue. Damn shame.)

    #1 1 year ago

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