Xbox One is “more than 10-year journey,” says Phil Harrison

Thursday, 26th September 2013 12:21 GMT By Dave Owen

During his Eurogamer Expo speech, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison said that Xbox One is “more than 10-year journey,” pledging that through a number of new features, including the cloud, Microsoft is aiming to support the console for longer than any console before it.

He believes that a focus on social aspects and building a community of gamers on the system, as well as the power of the cloud, will allow Xbox One to have a lifespan well beyond what is considered normal for a console.

He also pointed to how the games industry has grown over the last few decades, and how this will help Microsoft to support and advance Xbox One over the course of its lifespan. He mentioned GTAV, now the fastest selling game in any entertainment medium, and how the video game industry can only go from strength-to-strength as it continues to infiltrate the mainstream.



  1. mightyhokie

    What, no Sony fanboys to call him a loser PoS, or say MS is a terrible company and won’t sell a single ‘xbone’.? I’m stunned.

    Why can’t we all just get along? =p

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Game Hunter

    We’re already seeing your fucking 3 years support for 360 by delaying Fable:Anniversary and having no exclusive games for it this year.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. livewired500

    How is the cloud going to help when the hardware is out of date? Will it magically download a new APU? Everything that keeps coming out these guys mouth is a bunch of horse crap.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. fearmonkey

    IF they follow the plan in MS’s leaked next gen documentation, they want to release a cloud service like gaikai (not just distributed processing like they have now with Azure) sometime in the year 2015 or 2016.

    I’m not convinced that cloud gaming can ever take the place of a dedicated hardware box right in front of you, but we shall see.

    I like the idea of playing older games or games on a subscription, that would be a seller if the latency can be held back. Gaikai had great latency and playability and for older games, graphics wouldnt matter too much if they werent on the highest settings.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. DSB

    I sure as fuck hope not.

    Expanding cloud capacity is a lousy substitute for actually upgrading the hardware.

    Another good 5 years or so of knowing what games could be, but can’t be.

    I’m very much expecting them to call an audible at some point. At the very least they need to get an SSD in there, or those machines are gonna look like pocket calculators.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. digitalAngst

    …and five years from now the industry complains about ‘the overstretched console cycle’. AGAIN.

    #6 1 year ago

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