Xbox One DVR capture is “big, big win” for indie visibility on Live, says Harrison

Tuesday, 24th September 2013 10:45 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One’s video capture feature will help gamers discover indie titles on Xbox Live due to the viral nature of gameplay clips, according to Microsoft’s Phil Harrison.

Speaking with, Harrison said of the new Xbox Live store, “Ten years of Xbox Live has given us a pretty good understanding of what consumers like, what is important to them and where we can continue to innovate. Look at some of the things we’re doing on Xbox One with the marketplace re-imagined, and with trending and recommendations built into the store. We’re really pushing hard on this, we’re not standing still by any means. Also the virality we’re building into the platform that you won’t see on competing stores.”

He added of the Xbox One’s DVR functions, “This is strongly related to the ID@Xbox programme too, where these viral tools will help independent developers connected with their audiences. Upload is a feature that accrues benefits to any developer or publisher, irrespective of type or size. It’s going to be a big, big win for games discoverability.

“One of the number one questions that any independent developer has to ask themselves, irrespective of platform, is what is our acquisition strategy? How do we connect our smart game idea with the audience? It’s no longer about buying a couple of double page ads in the specialist press and getting a preview, review and tips over three months. It’s a bit more sophisticated than that.”

Do you think Microsoft will succeed in making its ID@Xbox idnie games visible on the new Xbox Live store, or will they be damned to obscurity behind layers of menus?

Let us know what you think below.

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  1. Xbone

    Here we go again…
    They should just shut their mouth… they making it worse.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. redwood

    am afraid it’s not.. that … much.. of a big win Mr. harrison.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. _LarZen_

    “Do you think Microsoft will succeed in making its ID@Xbox idnie games visible on the new Xbox Live store, or will they be damned to obscurity behind layers of menus?”

    I think MS will with all the negative focus so many gamers have against them will do everything in their power to please everyone. So yeah I think they will have big focus on making Indie games visible.

    But I think the biggest thing is going to be user videos, if there is one thing most of us know it is that lets play and video streaming of games are super popular on PC.

    And I think that is just going to explode on XBO and PS4. And that is in a big way going to get focus on more Indie games and generate more sales.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. Fin

    Small print:
    *Videos can only be viewed if the user has an Xbox One with an Xbox Live Gold account
    *ID@Xbox coming 2014

    [actually, I know DVR is limited to Gold members, what about DVR viewing?]

    #4 1 year ago
  5. Lv01

    so user videos will assist discoverability?
    do you mean ‘assist’, or do you mean ‘control’?
    are you just trying to get out of having to manage the discoverability of all these indie titles with your AAA titles, and just let the users do all the work for you?
    so… how discoverable will the videos be?

    #5 1 year ago
  6. mightyhokie

    Microsoft could give everyone in the world an Xbox One and some of you twats would find something bad to say. If you are a Sony fanboy to the point that you don’t want an Xbox no matter what, why comment on it in the first place? Don’t answer that. I don’t care.

    This site has gotten predictable and old.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Lv01

    im not anti-microsoft at all.
    i am a little anti-harrison, though…
    my point was that if the videos arent easily discoverable, then neither will the games be. and as there would be no way to logically sort videos (seeing as its user uploaded content) it would be easier to sort the games itself. meaning DVR isnt good for indie discoverability, the indies will need to be discoverable in other ways. ways only they themselves can provide.

    and that is exactly the same boat that sony are in with the PSN. it just happens that nobody at sony is saying this. harrison is.

    #7 1 year ago
  8. Major Mayhem 70

    Don’t take it personally. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I’ve owned PS1,2 and 3. Like wise, I’ve owned Xbox and Xbox 360. My opinion is that Sony makes the best exclusives hands down. When it comes to online gaming, Xbox has lead the way from the word “go”. I believe Microsoft feels confident in it’s online community which is why they make statements like the ones in this article and many other statements concerning it’s online capabilities, whether it is for the benefit of the gamer or game maker. Many may not see it this way, but I have an opinion as well. The difference in my opinion compared to that of “fanboys” is that I have plenty of experience with “both consoles” so I’m able to call it the way I see it and not the way I want it.

    #8 1 year ago
  9. Riseer

    Sony has this feature that runs 10 minutes longer…yet they don’t spout shit like this.Phil is a bit of a moron when it comes to hyping stuff up.

    #9 1 year ago
  10. Major Mayhem 70

    The way I took this article was that if I played an Indie game and liked the way it played, I could use the DVR function and upload my gaming. Those that watch my experience with the game may like what they have seen and the indie game starts to pick up more momentum eventually going viral. That indie developer sees an increase of sales due to the game going viral. Many people upload videos to YouTube but only the great videos go viral. Why wouldn’t the same hold true to indie games? A great indie will be known cause it’s “great to play”. I can see why this plan will work.

    #10 1 year ago
  11. Lv01

    @12 that would be very true… but my worry is that great indie games will be marketed anyway, be reviewed, get good review scores, etc.
    what for those that are good, and still worth playing, but not necessarily great…
    those videos, which you may still post, would be buried under other all other videos…

    but im still predicting the vast majority of videos will be of knife kills in CoD… therefore burying videos of even the greatest indies!!!

    but i see your point.
    i hope that is the way of it.
    i still believe that microsoft and sony still have work to do to make sure that indies can be discovered in their store fronts tho.
    especially sony, with their well documented courting of the indie industry… that will be a very hard job!

    #11 1 year ago
  12. SplatteredHouse

    There’s little about this interview’s portent that is not completely insidious:

    We may get poor critical feedback sometimes > We’ll weaken the press.
    We get criticized as an industry (closed platforms) for offering comparitively poor value, against retail > We should remove the object of comparison!

    THE MORE choice there is, the more on their toes publishers and strategy makers have to stay.

    “The data points aren’t so clear but what is interesting to me is what we call Gen 8 – Xbox One – is not ten times the price of Gen 7. Even though the format is about ten times more powerful, that doesn’t accrue to ten times the development costs.”

    Must have forgotten the other ‘ten’, years. The Xbox is one and a half years from that. They HAVE to send the Xbox One competitively priced in today’s market, otherwise it would be marginalised. What point is Harrison trying to make, there.

    “Xbox One and Xbox 360 are high performance examples of our Azure business but Office 365 and other parts of the business have multiple billions of investment entrusted to our cloud. Microsoft is just going through a reorganisation to align these investments more tightly. “

    translation: Subscribe, you will.
    The behaviour this gen ought to inform of their intent for the next, and they haven’t changed, and they are not changing: “Our long term vision hasn’t changed at all.”
    Xbox One ever looms as a storm cloud on the gaming landscape.

    #12 1 year ago

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