Godus rollback issued, new server error fix released

Wednesday, 18th September 2013 00:03 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Peter Molyneux’s latest god sim has run into trouble today, with 22 Cans staff burning the midnight oil to correct ongoing problems.

At about 1:00AM BST, 22 Cans announced it had released an update which it expects to correct the server connection issues.

Original story:
Godus users began receiving an “error connecting to server” message after an update today. 22 Cans was rapidly made aware of the issue, and according to the latest tweets from its official account, staff are working on the problem now, even though gone midnight in the UK at time of writing.

The developer attempted a hotfix, but couldn’t resolve the problem; it has now issued a rollback, which will protect save files.

Before you thow a jeb, remember that Godus is in beta on Steam Early Access, so problems of this sort are to be expected.



  1. Tikigod

    Just to clarify as the article leaves some uncertainty about the rollback.

    They originally rolled back to the previous build 1.2 when the problems occurred in order to allow people to continue to play. Shortly after they announced they had re-rolled back to the newer 1.2.1 in order to retain save game integrity.

    So when you fire up Godus you will see 1.2.1, which is latest build and is the intended version that should be launched.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. TheWulf

    Getting a bit iffy on this one. It started out okay, but it’s feeling a bit cynical and cow clicker-y now.

    A lot of the problem is that you can only have a limited amount of settlements (to stop you having to click on each house), and even some of those you have to buy with gems in a supposedly non-cash shop game. I’m stunned they hadn’t switched that over to simply a larger amount of belief.

    Even with settlements, though, you’re still getting RSI clicking on hundreds of little houses to be able to get even the smallest of things done, since the land becomes tumultuously random with its ups and its downs, and without the ability to flatten and raise land in the same way that you can in Populous, it’s a chore. You get the double left and right clicking, sure, but even that’s just click-click-click for hours on end.

    I’m having reservations and taking back my original recommendation. I’ve been cooling off with a little Black & White, which is still a very good game, and if I’m honest, a better game than Godus. Considering that the full iOS/Android releases are around the corner, one can only wonder how badly they’re going to rush out the rest of the content.

    I don’t know. I seem to be click-click-clicking but not actually having much fun. It’s not a satisfying experience, since you can spend ten minutes clicking, move a small cliff, and then suddenly you’re useless until your belief has regenerated. So the amount of time you can realistically play is just a minute or two.

    With a god game, I’d like to be able to get half hour out of it before I have to put it aside, rather than a minute. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. I’m not asking for hours and hours of use, that would be silly, but something I can just fill up 30 minutes with. As it is now it fills up 1-3 minutes before I can do nothing more.

    For those looking for a Populous experience, I’d recommend maybe Reprisal or the original two Populous games on, maybe even Populous: The Beginning as I wouldn’t lie if I said that it played and looked better than Godus. Though the fun for me is in Lionhead’s Black & White. I like being able to actually do something, for my actions to count. In Black & White, my actions do count.

    In Godus, they make it incredibly easy to accidentally knock over houses, and there’s no negative side effect to that. That’s just a contrast to how Black & White would have handled things. You wouldn’t be accidentally knocking down houses in B&W because it’s better made.

    So my early hours with Godus were good, but the more I get into it, the more it feels like… well, Godville. It’s fine for a Facebook audience, but little else.

    #2 1 year ago

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