Driveclub dev clarifies some free edition contents, no split-screen for either version

Monday, 2nd September 2013 15:10 GMT By Dave Cook

Driveclub developer Evolution Studions has posted some new details on the free edition of its racer on NeoGAF, confirming that it’s “the full game minus a few cars/tracks.”

Posting in this NeoGAF thread, Driveclub’s design director Paul Rustchynsky spooled off the following answers to user questions:

  • There will be a discount to upgrade to the full digital edition from the PS+ edition, but prices won’t be announced for a few more weeks yet.
  • When you upgrade from the PS+ Edition you get the full digital edition which doesn’t require a PS+ subscription.
  • You can earn the platinum trophy in the PS+ Edition, remember its the full game minus a few cars/tracks.
  • Rear-view mirrors as you’ve seen in the latest direct feed footage just show the environment – you’d be surprised how limited the visibility in the mirrors are for a lot of these cars and for gameplay purposes we want to give the best visibility.
  • We are working on a photo mode, but that’s all I can say about it right now.
  • You guys wanted uncompressed footage and obviously the PS4 capture utilises some form of video compression to ensure the videos aren’t ridiculously large (the raw direct feed videos we captured are 6GB for 2 minutes of footage).
  • We’re working on alternative solutions for trying to get the highest quality vids up online quickly by ourselves.
  • No Split-Screen I’m afraid

I saw Driveclub at gamescom a few weeks ago. Here’s what I thought.

Driveclub is a PS4 launch tite dropping November 15 in North America and November 29 across Europe.

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  1. MFBB

    Here in Germany they gave away the Driveclub upgrade to the full edition for 20€ (to all Amazon pre-orders of a PS4), so that might also be the price for other countries.

    You also get 3 months PS+ for free if you pre-order it.

    Thats a good deal, full game + 3 months PS+ for 20€.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. mark_t50

    I’ve got this pre-ordered along with my PS4, but at this stage I’m wondering if there is any point picking it up. If they are basically giving the full game away (minus a few cars and tracks) then it seems like a lot of money to spend if the full game just gives you a very small number of cars and tracks.

    I feel like they need to start selling me on the value of doing anything other than playing the free version. I want to get the game, but I also want them to tell me why I should pay them £45 for the full version, or at the very least tell me why I should get the upgrade.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. Johnnymaxx

    In my oppinion, you should cancel your pre order for the full game and just get PS Plus to try the free version. If after you try the free version you still feel like you need the extra experience (cars and tracks), you can upgrade to the full version.

    This is what I’m doing, specially because I’m thining that The Crew will be a better game.

    And I must be honest: If I understood this correctly, the guy is saying that the rear view mirrors won’t show any cars, only the environment. This will be pretty sucky if true. Come on, we are talking about PS4 here, we expect to see more and more elements on screen.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. DrDamn

    What would be the point in a rear view mirror which doesn’t show the other cars? The question was about the rear view mirror displaying your own car’s interior (click on the link).

    If you are happy with the whole PS+ thing then just get the game you get with that and upgrade if you like it and feel it’s worth the extra content.

    #4 1 year ago

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