Ignite Engine lets EA Sports ‘invest and innovate’ on a single code base

Monday, 26th August 2013 02:57 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The real value of Ignite Engine isn’t its next-gen grunt but the fact that all of EA Sports’ development teams are working on it together.

“We actually shared a fair bit of technology overall across our sports portfolio. However, the versions of each technology and the investment that was being made for that technology was somewhat disparate across the various franchises.

EA Sports executive vice-president Andrew Wilson told IGN that development staff had always shared technology between projects, but that not everything was brought across.

“So FIFA could build something into physics, but Madden would never get it – because they were on a different branch of that particular code base,” he said.

“What we did this time [with Ignite] wasn’t so much about getting a single engine – although that is what has facilitated the fundamental shift we’re about to embark on – it’s we’re all investing in a single code base. So when you think about the multiplier effect you’re going to get in year two or three of five or six or seven different game teams, all investing and innovating on a single code base, and all that innovation rolling back into a single branch which they all start from the following cycle – that’s the real value of Ignite.”

Wilson compared Ignite to Frostbite, which uses the same model.

“Now if FIFA builds something awesome it rolls back into the mainline, and Madden gets it the very next year. If Madden does something awesome it rolls back into the mainline, and NBA Live gets it the very next year. It’s not just about the shared technology; it’s about aggregate investment in innovation now across every team that feeds back in, and that is going to be accelerated for us in year two, year three, and year four.

“I believe we’re going to see some amazing things, as a result of that. I will pit my sports teams up against any other game team in the world. I think they’re unbelievably smart and bright, and deliver great innovation. And I believe Ignite is going to harness that at a greater level than we ever have before,” Wilson concluded.

Ignite is being used in FIFA 14, EA Sports UFC, Madden NFL 25 and NBA Live.



  1. Templar_Dante

    Ignite, though, is based of Frostbite source code. For the sake of a gimmicky name, they rebranded it.
    Fundementally, it means less innovation in Fifa. Last gen Fifa led the way with innovation in EA sports label (Impact Engine 1.0, 2.0 etc). Now, these types of advancements wont even be implemented until it can be applied to other brands also. I find this silly as different sports have different areas of focus. Whats worse, even when the basic paremeters are a constant (Sideline happening in Madden and Fifa), there are still unfortunate disparities.
    Fifas sideline happening still suck.(next gen) Ball boy animations, substitute warm ups are all PS3/360 port animations. The ball still vanishes after a certain point. While in Madden, they have the whole thing nailed down, even cheerleaders dancing on the sidelines.
    So why a disparity? Not to mention Ignite still looks like a DX9 engine to me. I see zero post processing effects. Thought I’d see global illumination, real time weather. Proper sweat (rather than it painted on people), muscle flex (Madden looks like a bunch of rag dolls falling around, clumsy looking). Yet EA says “next gen”. For crying out loud, I bet in Fifa, if a player breaks a leg, instead of medics taking him out on a stretcher, I bet they will still use the PS3/360 animation with him limping off the field. Once again, EA doesnt have their priorities sorted out. What needed fixing wasnt the game engine, but their commitment to what was broken in the game.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. hyperjoystick

    @1 Nice breakdown.

    After seeing some nextgen gameplay from Gamescom I was kinda disappointed. I wanted to be impressed but I couldn’t find anything to be impressed about. PES on current gen is impressive, so FIFA on nextgen should be at least twice as impressive, right?
    I don’t want to start a “Why FIFA is better than PES” debate. I just wanna know what you guys find impressive in the new FIFA?


    #2 1 year ago
  3. gomersoul

    I agree FIFA has recieved virtually no impressive improvement on next gen. I hope they sort out the god awful menu systems at least, so clunky on current gen. the graphics could be a hundred times better, I bet there are still mechanical issues in gameplay too. they seem very lazy with FIFA and nhl. but I think we can blame lack of competition here, look how much battlefield 4 has impressed because it is trying to rival cod. pes is no match at the moment and since the FIFA organisation keep taking the payout for exclusive licence then ea will not improve much for years. its the gamers that suffer with this one. until pes can challenge FIFA properly on next gen we’ll be stuck with the same old shit year after year.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. hyperjoystick

    It’s way too early, but my guess is that PES 2015 is going to be more visually stunning than FIFA 15, just because of the FOX engine.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. Kabby

    This is a shareholder buzzword announcement to try and assure them that EA is ‘a solid investment going forward’.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Templar_Dante

    @HYPERJOYSTICK Agreed on all points. Its EA deliberately limiting this years game, so next year we find out how “shit” Fifa 14 was and how we cant live without Fifa 15. Rinse, repeat.
    Im hoping PES 15 looks so great, it scares EA. They need competition.

    #6 1 year ago

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