Rocksmith 2014 lets you rock out with electric ukeleles and violins

Friday, 23 August 2013 16:49 GMT By Dave Owen

Rocksmith 2014 is looking genuinely impressive, and chief amongst its new features is Session Mode. This essentially turns your console or PC into a virtual backing band that listens to how you play and adapt accordingly. And you won’t be restricted to playing with an electric guitar.

Joystiq has discovered that most electric stringed instruments will work with the game. The on-screen interface will still reflect the frets and strings of a guitar, but executive producer Nao Higo said that the virtual band would still take stock of the notes being played and join in accordingly. Apparently a member of the dev team had a successful test in Session Mode with an electric violin.

It won’t work in the main game with any other instrument but a guitar, but Session Mode’s flexibility is impressive nevertheless. If you’re the owner of an electric ukelele, mandolin, or sitar, but no one in real life will jam with you (and who could blame them?) Rocksmith 2014 might be the game for you.