DayZ: only networking left before alpha, no release dates

Friday, 23 August 2013 02:49 GMT By Brenna Hillier

There’s just one more feature to implement before DayZ goes into alpha, creator Dean Hall has said.

Hall told Polygon only networking remains before the game hits alpha release.

Nevertheless, he won’t give a release date, and said the development team no longer even talks about them.

“I’ve made a heck of a lot of mistakes giving out release dates. We don’t have any release dates internally anymore,” he said.

Although Hall gave his original release dates in good faith, later assessment of the DayZ standalone release project revealed much more work to be done than he initially expected.

“We realised we needed to redo everything and that didn’t go over very well. In December we had nothing to show for it, nothing. It was very, very awful. Our worst fears were realised,” he said.

Want to see how DayZ’s getting along? Hall gave us a good look at it at gamescom.