Command & Conquer planning a free-to-play future

Thursday, 22nd August 2013 13:07 GMT By Dave Owen

It looks as though we might never again see a retail release for a Command & Conquer game. Instead, developers Victory are hedging their bets on a free-to-play model.

VideoGamer had a chat with Victory Games’ general manager Jon Van Caneghem about why they’ve elected a free-to-play model for the upcoming Command & Conquer.

“From both a features and an ongoing, adding-to-the-product point of view, it was more exciting to go the free-to-play route than it was the boxed route.

“We have fans in every country around the world: Eastern Europe, China, you name it… We want to be able to bring this game to everyone, and I think not going the retail route was the way that we could expand our audience to a bigger audience.”

The new Command & Conquer due this year will feature a ‘live service’ platform that Victory intends to support for the next decade. It’ll feature ongoing content drops such as new missions, factions, and additional C&C universes that will be introduced over the game’s lifespan.

So with the next 10 years being focused on a free-to-play Command & Conquer, it looks unlikely we’ll be getting a full retail entry in the series any time soon.

“Yeah, I think maybe the days of a boxed [Command & Conquer] release are probably over.”



  1. Hirmetrium

    This makes me very, very sad but also excited.

    If EA can pull this off, then they truly have made a difference. It will be good for both them and the franchise.

    But if they implement this wrong, it’s going to be really painful.

    I want to see a “complete” license for the cost of a retail copy for £25-30, depending on how much content there is, rather than a £100 “Lifetime!!!!” one that AOE:Online tried to sell. If they can pull it off, releasing the games and universes at similar prices to retail, they will have a successful business model.

    However, charging £5 or so per new commander/general will be a very quick way to piss people off.

    So much of this hinges on how carefully priced the stuff is, and how much stuff there is that is charged for. A unit camo or skin for £2.50 is a fine way to go, but if we start getting new units for money it’s going to turn nasty.

    And I really hope they don’t forget their roots. C&C IS an expansion franchise. I expect to see expansions and campaigns, with new units and army updates as they go.

    As was once said in the opening to Red Alert, “Time will tell….”

    #1 1 year ago

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