Total War: Rome 2 pre-sales six times that of Total War: Shogun 2

Wednesday, 21st August 2013 15:53 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Total War: Rome 2 is has broken records by being the most pre-ordered title in the series’ history, SEGA has announced. There’s also an unboxing video – of sorts – for the Collector’s Edition below as well.

According to the publisher, pre-sales are six times that of Total War: Shogun 2 in 2011.

“Our expectations for Total War: Rome 2 are extremely high,” said SEGA product manager Sam Sadeghi. “It is already our fastest pre-ordered Total War game of all time.”

To support the game’s launch, SEGA will be rolling out a large marketing campaign which will see the strategy title from The Creative Assembly featured in ads on Discover History and Quest.

Total War: Rome 2 hits PC on September 3.

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  1. GrimRita

    Not really a shock. Rome was probably(almost) every ones favourite title and it certainly was a game changer when it was originally released.

    Shogun 2 was just a shallow waste of development time and money.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Sylrissa

    I actually liked Shogun, was my favorite, though Rome was good as well.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. archaven

    Console master race always says PC gamers are pirate? Damn shame the pre-orders are 6 times higher.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. mehdidante

    sam sadeghi ? by his name i guess he is iranian :D . and about the game : i have a good computer , i can play batman on highest graphic but i cant play total war games because they are so heavy . i dont like the starting tutorials as well.not doing a good job teachig things to newbies. stronghold 1 is still my all time favorite strategy game .

    #4 1 year ago
  5. DSB

    What GrimRita said.

    I know it wasn’t perfect, but the original Rome is one of the best strategy games ever.

    Kinda makes me worry for this one, but I’ll be there :P

    #5 1 year ago
  6. budoshi

    shotgun 2 wasnt so bad. just not great either. the game was kinda souless , rome 2 now that s a game i cannot wait to get my hands on .

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Uncontested

    What happened to this site? Half the comments are awful trolls like Archaven. Anyways, I agree with the others here.. Shogun 2 was just ‘meh’ at best. Not to mention the fact that everyone had identical units.. No difference between factions aside from like 1 special unit each, lol.

    With that said.. I cannot wait for Rome 2. It shall be epic conquering carthage, greece, germany, egypt and etc as Rome :D

    #7 1 year ago

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