Xbox One: Fable Legends announced

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 10:22 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One is getting Fable: Legends as an exclusive. It was announced at Microsoft’s gamescom presser.

Microsoft showed off a new trailer at its pre-gamescom presser, which showed off a variety of Albion’s heroes, from mages, warriors and archers, walking through a pop-up forest world. It was all very whimsical. The heroes peek through a castle door’s keyhole to see a giant ogre inside. Naturally it breaks free and starts fighting the group.

A persistent online title with four player co-op, Fable Legends is fully supported by Xbox Cloud services. During a match, one player controls a villain, and the other three challenge them. The villain veiws the game from a top-down perspective and can place traps and enemies.

Players can use various skills including archery, magic, melee weapons and brute strength.

Here’s the official Fable Legends trailer below. Screenshots follow.