Xbox One at gamescom 2013: everything in one place – FIFA 14, launch line-up, more

Tuesday, 20th August 2013 12:17 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Xbox One’s launch line-up, exclusives, free FIFA, indie publishing and more – Microsoft had plenty to say at its gamescom 2013 press conference. Get caught up on all the news through the break.

  • Xbox One gamescom shots show off the console’s UI – old shots but still relative.
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    1. DrDamn

      I would say that was a strong set of announcements by MS. Strong on launch games (which a good mix and lots of exclusives) and strong on extra info. Things coming together for them a bit now? I’m still PS4 first but I want to pick up an X1 later on and strength from both sides is good for fans of either or both.

      #1 1 year ago
    2. Biscuitpants

      guessing im going to have to wait next year for the new xbox, there line up to me is poor and sonys is going to be the same but with different exclusive which non of them attract me more then KI and dead rising 3

      #2 1 year ago
    3. monkeygourmet

      Soooooo… No launch date yet?

      #3 1 year ago
    4. redwood

      how long till the sony conference?

      #4 1 year ago
    5. DrDamn

      Interesting … I reckon they could be slipping in to December. The trade-in deals they’ve got going with Amazon and Gamestop seem to suggest there will be a bigger gap than expected between the big game releases and the X1 release. I’m thinking mid to late December.

      #5 1 year ago
    6. DrDamn

      I think it’s about 6pm UK time.

      #6 1 year ago
    7. pcbros

      Microsoft came out swinging! Great job on Microsoft’s part. I’m sure there is still more to come.

      I hope Sony and Nintendo have some goodies in store.

      #7 1 year ago
    8. monkeygourmet

      Does Nintendo have a Nintendo Direct planned (or the ‘Apology Hour’ as I like to call it?)

      #8 1 year ago
    9. zoopdeloop

      where did you get that Microsoft’s press conference was at least good?It wasn’t!Same things over and over.A downloadable Fifa for those in EU pre-ordering*yawn*(ouch for those without internet access)and a new Fable (the previous were shit anyway except from the original)all in all a poor conference.Don’t expect anything different from Sony either

      #9 1 year ago
    10. Mike W


      They’re waiting for Sony to make that move first, so they probably can counter it.

      #10 1 year ago
    11. Professor Zoom

      Make 10 more exlusive deals, and they’ll kill the failstation and the U once and for all

      #11 1 year ago
    12. zoopdeloop

      @10 i thought of that too.Microsoft is always predictable

      #12 1 year ago
    13. monkeygourmet


      #13 1 year ago
    14. Mike W


      It was ok at best, the biggest annoucement was the exclusivity deal they got with FIFA. This is just my opinion, so please don’t take this heart. I’m not bashing the console in no shape or form.

      I was hoping to hear some new IPs and I got the Fighter Within. :(

      We need a solid release date but MS is still silent.

      #14 1 year ago
    15. KineticCalvaria

      @14, indeed it’s nothing exciting for me personally, pretty much confirming stuff we already knew. I’ve been thinking of cancelling my PS4 pre-order recently and pre-ordering X1. MS are winning me back over but I’m holding out after a quite bland MS conference, I’m now waiting for Sony to come out with a couple of exclusives (fingers crossed for ND exclusive) and that’s me sold!

      #15 1 year ago
    16. viralshag

      @15, Do it! I’m defo sticking with XB1. Sony exclusives have never really done anything for me. The only one I’m gutted about missing was TLoU.

      #16 1 year ago
    17. zoopdeloop

      @15 do it or @16 doesn’t get paid

      #17 1 year ago
    18. Djoenz

      So xbox exclusives on the other hand have done so?
      Halo was epic till the third game.
      Gears of War series is epic.
      Splinter Cell great exclusive till it went multi. Other than those games the rest didnt interest me at all.

      Im glad I bought PS3. Crazy exclusive library. Ni No Kuni almost done and cant wait for Last Guardian damnit. Need TLOU and cant wait for Beyond 2 Souls!

      #18 1 year ago
    19. viralshag

      Oh damn, you caught me! Well, the gig is up.

      @15, Obviously, as my ploy with MS is out in the open and ruined I can honestly say buy a PS4, MS exclusives never really did anything for me. Plus it’s cheaper. I mean, why would you buy a XB1?

      #19 1 year ago
    20. Tech-N9ne


      Why do you have to question someones preference?

      I like chubby women, its no-ones f**ing business.

      #20 1 year ago
    21. Djoenz

      @19& 20
      Well I am not afraid to admit Im quite the ps3 fanboy :p might have been obvious though.

      I used to play xbox at my friends house for hours but I never liked the idea of paying for basic feature online play hence I never bought one.

      #21 1 year ago
    22. viralshag

      @18, To be honest I don’t get a hard on for many exclusives. Although I have a fondness for Fable, even though over the years it went a bit downhill I still enjoyed the almost British-ness of the series.

      I thought Forza majorly over took GT this gen, I thought GT was awful after such a long wait while I was never really disappointed with a Forza game plus designing the cars was awesome.

      Gears was a great co-op game but I faded out after 3, I didn’t bother with the last one. Halo is the same really, I liked the last one but I wouldn’t say I put much into it yet.

      As for Sony, I really enjoyed Uncharted, I got a bit bored with 2 and I didn’t even start 3. Infamous was again excellent but I struggled to get through 2 and didn’t finish. Killzone, while pretty and a great universe was just generally meh to me. My PS3 became my FIFA 12 box (and bluray player!) as most of my mates in real life had a PS3 so having the game and the extra pads was good but I decided to sell after more online-360 mates started to play FIFA.

      I was always hesitant to get a PS3 as I switched over from the original Xbox and loved the consoles. I also hate the DS pads and love the XB pads. I use one for my PC gaming too so you might think I’m bias based on how much I used it but I have played well over a thousand games of FIFA using a DS pad, not to mention PS1 and 2 so I have enough experience to decide which I prefer.

      Well that was bit of an essay of my some of my gaming life! :D

      #22 1 year ago
    23. zoopdeloop

      @19 you could as well leave someone to make his/her own decisions.That kind of advice make someone look like that really sad salesman going from door to door… which Microsoft look like now,don’t get dragged along with them

      #23 1 year ago
    24. Djoenz

      + 1!

      #24 1 year ago
    25. viralshag

      @23, Is “Do it!” your idea of a sales pitch then?

      It’s pretty weak in my opinion. I think he might be able to withstand my attempt.

      #25 1 year ago
    26. naffgeek

      Personally I will be waiting.

      Launch stuff is always ropey. Hopefully the PC architecture will make the transition a lot easier this time.

      I will be going PS4 first as I like the fact Sony seem to take more risks and give developers more freedom (David Cage, Naughty Dog, the Journey Dev etc..) and has really courted the Indies.

      It’ll be about a year before I finish with GTA V so hopefully there is second gen stuff coming out by the time I buy one.

      #26 1 year ago

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