AMD says Nvidia’s console gripes are “sour grapes.”

Monday, 19 August 2013 10:55 GMT By Dave Owen

AMD has quite a stake in the upcoming next-gen consoles. It’s manufacturing the CPU/GPU for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Their competitor Nvidia has been critical of consoles lately, stating that new mobile devices will out-perform current-gen consoles and that financially the new consoles weren’t worth their time. AMD disagrees.

Speaking with Gaming Bolt, AMD’s PR lead Robert Hallock said Nvidia’s comments “seem a bit like sour grapes to me. The reality, according to industry legends like John Carmack (citation), is that the standardization of console hardware will, in his words, ‘make it cheaper and easier to develop games for multiple platforms.’

“And, he continues, that will improve the quality of games as devs spend time polishing them, rather than juggling architectural particulars. We are very proud to help enable this sort of ecosystem for game developers, and excited that such an ecosystem runs almost unilaterally on our hardware. I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly cede such a favorable situation.”

These comments are similar to those made in VG247’s interview with PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny, who stated that, by offering hardware standardization, consoles are highly beneficial to developers.