Saints Row 4 first dev diary – A Love Song

Friday, 2nd August 2013 15:29 GMT By Dave Owen

Saints Row 4 has kicked off a series of forthcoming dev diaries with ‘A Love Song.’ It doesn’t tell you much about the game’s development, but contains plenty of fresh craziness.

Check out ‘A Love Song’ below.

It gives us a very small glimpse into Volition HQ, and some of the… logic?… which goes into the creation of the dildo bat. As the team puts it, “it takes a lot of work to make something this beautifully stupid.”

Saints Row 4 releases August 23rd. More dev diaries will be coming soon.



  1. karma

    All I ever wanted from a SR game is one that was a cross between the gang warfare gameplay of All Points Bulletin and a single player crime simulator like GTA, with a dash of silliness thrown in to break things up a bit. And that is why I enjoyed SR3 so much, because it was pretty close to that formula.

    But after watching a live stream of SR4 last night, they really seem to have taken the random silliness to the extreme, which has put me off quite a bit.

    I may pick up a cheap copy later on down the line, but this is no longer a first day buy for me.

    #1 1 year ago

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