Xbox One: Microsoft looking into bundled headsets, third-party adapter confirmed

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 09:15 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One consoles may come bundled with a headset at some point down the line, following confirmation from a Microsoft exec that the possibility is being looked into.

UPDATE: I know Microsoft has pussyfooted around this one before, but here’s Penello solidly confirming that Xbox One users will be able to get their third-party head-sets working using an adapter:

ORIGINAL STORY: It follows a lot of illy buggers around whether or not the console would come with a packaged headset as standard. We now know that it won’t and the company’s rationale is that Kinect can be used as a microphone.

On Twitter, one gamer asked Microsoft’s product planning manager Albert Penello if the console would be offered with a headset, to which he replied:

So my question to you is, should headsets be bundled regardless or not? Tell us what you think below.

Thanks OXM.