Fez 2 has been cancelled, according to Phil Fish

Saturday, 27th July 2013 20:00 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Fez 2 has been cancelled, according to a statement from Phil Fish and a tweet posted on Polytron’s Twitter account.

The news was originally posted via Twitter with the statement: “It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that FEZ 2 has been cancelled and is no longer in development. We apologize for the disappointment.”

A statement handed to Joystiq by Phil Fish confirmed it was, indeed, cancelled.

Fez 2 was announced during the Horizon Indie Game Conference at E3.

While Phil Fish wasn’t there to make the announcement, the logo for the in-development title was shown, and no other details were provided at the time.

After E3, Fish said the reason Polytron chose to make sequel as opposed to something new entirely, was because he wanted to go back to that world.

“It is an entirely new game. FEZ 2 is to FEZ 1 what Zelda 2 was to Zelda 1, but more different,” he said. “The biggest reason is that I just wanted to go back to that world. I want to expand on my little world and its mythology. It’s not a case of wanting to recycle ideas we didn’t get to put in FEZ 1.

“Since the games are going to be so different, there’s not a whole lot that could just carry over.”

Fish’s Twitter account doesn’t state any reason for the cancellation as far as I can tell, as his tweets are now protected after a Twitter dust-up earlier – which we will not be posting unless Fish confirms this was the reason Fez 2 was cancelled. If you want to see the drama that unfolded for yourself, you can find it easily enough.

But according to a statement posted on Polytron, the cancellation wasn’t the result of any “one thing.”

“Fez 2 is cancelled. I am done. I take the money and I run. This is as much as I can stomach. This isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign. You win.”



  1. AHA-Lambda

    Fish had a massive twitter breakdown and acted like a little prissy bitch, and decided to leave the games industry.

    He’s a complete wank.

    His tweets can be found on the neogaf thread.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Stephany Nunneley

    I sometimes think people enjoy poking him for the fun of it. Not that I am condoning anything on either side, it just seems that way.

    I will never understand Twitter arguments between people in the games/media/jorno industry. It’s like High School, and unprofessional.

    Better to say whatever negative thing you have to say in private instead of getting everyone around you involved.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. SlayerGT

    @2 If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Wisdom from my mother.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. The_Red

    WTF Happened? Did people seriously annoy / disturb him so much on Twitter that he left the industry!? Seriously? I don’t care how much people may hate his personality, Fish is a true artist.

    This just fucking disgusting. Really hope he changes his mind soon. Fez is a true masterpiece.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. AHA-Lambda

    Fish told someone to go kill themselves before proclaiming the gaming industry “needed” him. He’s always been a prima donna but somehow this broke the camel’s back.

    No, he can fuck off and stay out.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Stephany Nunneley

    I saw some screencaps of the argument he had earlier somewhere online, but I am not going to post them. It’s not conducive to the story nor do I consider twitter rants/arguments/pillow fights news.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Froseidon

    I can see Fez is a good game, that said, I never bought it on the account that I had a huge dislike for Phil Fish. To me, he just seems to be one of the most egotistic pricks in the gaming industry.

    I have no idea what went on on his twitter (as I don’t have it) but I guess its a shame that Fez 2 was cancelled. I know quite a few people bought it and it was profitable, something the gaming industry surely needs. Too bad its creator wasn’t exactly humble. Although egotism doesn’t deserve being pushed out of the industry.

    #7 1 year ago
  8. dizzygear

    I didn’t bought Fez 1 during the Steam sale because i dont want a single penny of mine to end up in this douchebags pocket so i could not care less about a Fez 2.

    #8 1 year ago
  9. zme-ul

    “canceled” the game because he had a disagreement with someone on twitter ??!?!?!?
    he should join hands with Cliffy B and go fuck themselves on the moon

    #9 1 year ago
  10. MCTJim

    And the world didn’t come to an

    #10 1 year ago
  11. YoungZer0

    I saw him once in that Indy documentary (Indy Game: The Movie) and kind of thought he came off as an arrogant prick. Guess I wasn’t too far off the mark.

    Never bothered with FEZ too. Not a fan of platformers.

    Still bought Super Meat Boy during the steam sales because I kind of liked the main artist of the game. He too was featured in the Indy documentary. Such a lovable bastard.

    #11 1 year ago
  12. Kabby

    Screenies of the drama.

    Summary: Journo fishes for cheap quotes. Guy gets fed up and blows up on twitter. More people chip in. Everyone involved looks like a twelve year old child.

    #12 1 year ago
  13. Aullah

    @12 Marcus… :D

    #13 1 year ago
  14. Ristas

    It is very easy to hate on someone who is emotionally unstable and doesn’t know how to deal with shit like that. Those are the easiest victims, because they themselves seem like assholes.

    #14 1 year ago
  15. Froseidon

    @12 – I just read them elsewhere. Its all fucked. That Beer twat didn’t have to say anything in the first place, and even when he did, Fish didn’t have to respond in such a manner. Internet is damn near terrible at times. People, for some ungodly reason, lack respect for one another.

    #15 1 year ago
  16. Stephany Nunneley

    Post updated with a statement posted on Polytron.

    #16 1 year ago
  17. Clupula

    Whoa. Reading those tweets, it sounds like he’s having a nervous breakdown. He goes from telling the guy off to trying to begging for empathy. He seems really unstable.

    #17 1 year ago
  18. The_Red

    This whole thing is just wrong. I know Fish is overreacting and may even be acting like a child but it’s the games that matter, not personalities.

    Right now, an internet personality (Marcus Beer) has ruing a game (Fez 2). Well done, you ruined a great game but annoying a dev about not giving QUOTES!

    #18 1 year ago
  19. MrWaffles

    He’ll be back with a new IP (and the same mechanics of whatever he’s working atm).

    Devs can make a fuss too, and if he’s got money to not work for a while, then I’m glad for him.

    #19 1 year ago
  20. Blackened Halo

    I think the Maya peoples have predicted this …

    #20 1 year ago
  21. absolutezero

    Marcus Beer is a huge fucking tit. Then again so is Phil Fish. At meeting of minds happened on Twitter and dummies were spat.

    Vidya Garmes Jurnolizm.

    #21 1 year ago
  22. TheWulf

    Eh. I’m not sure what to think about this.

    Though, to be honest, this is exactly what I hate about celebrities and cults of personality. And, frankly, why I’d never take up my own blog. If you do that, you’re just making yourself a target, and the more eccentric and charismatic you are, the more people will crowd around you without even thinking about it.

    This leads to cultlike followings of different people, and you have groups of humans acting as hives, where the leader of such a cult can mark a target and then you’ll have a nontrivial number of people going after that mark. It’s a sad state of affairs, but this is the way we’re going, because people aren’t thinking enough, and it’s easier for them to let a celebrity do their thinking for them.

    What’s popular? Look to celebrities. What’s right or wrong? Look to celebrities. Politics? Look to celebrities. And celebrities aren’t just those of film and TV, who’ve had all of the plastic surgery, but even just journalists on the Internet who possess enough eccentricity and charisma to be seen as a font of knowledge. Ultimately, humans are lazy creatures.

    Of course, Phil Fish is an easy mark, but that’s exactly why it irritates me to a degree to see him picked on. I don’t agree with him, often, I don’t even like the guy (at all) but… I don’t know. I don’t like seeing someone who’s obviously so easy to be picked on getting picked on. it just strikes me as amateurish. You know, shooting Fish in a barrel.

    If you’re going to make fun of something, make fun of something big or organised, or someone who’s stable enough to actually take it. And be creative for fuck’s sake. Going after people who have self-esteem issues with base insults? Why would anyone do that? I can understand having a laugh, but when you’re causing someone genuine emotional distress, then that’s going too far.

    I don’t know.

    The whole thing is a mess.

    I don’t know what to think.

    I hate personality cults.

    #22 1 year ago
  23. TheWulf


    Pretty much. Except it seemed like one had large numbers of fans to back him up, which always bothers me. And to be honest, I don’t disagree what Fish was saying, either. I just don’t like HOW he was saying it.

    Is it wrong to whore yourself out to developers and to beg for quotes via continual pestering? Fuck yes. That’s very wrong. But then we see a lot of this idiocy in the press, like hanging outside of the house of someone who’s recently experienced trauma, taking footage of their house whilst they hide inside.

    I remember a recent example of this with that lady whom Gordon Brown insulted, and I remember how the BBC had footage of her window. And at the time I remember thinking “What the ever-loving fuck? They’re stalking her?” and being stunned that this never actually occurs to anyone, that it doesn’t bother people how unethical that is.

    SOME journalists are like that, it’s because they’re not self-aware enough, they don’t stop to ask themselves whether what they’re doing is ethical or not. If someone says no to your request, you should have the decency to stop there, rather than making their life hell through continued requests, or having your fans pester them. Jonathan Blow is an okay guy (yes, yes he is), and even he was fed up with this blowhard who kept poking him.

    This is annoying for me because I don’t like Phil Fish, and I don’t want to be in a position where I have to defend him, but I have a very clear sense of ethics, and what was done to Phil was horribly unethical. Phil reacted in a way that was uncouth and nasty, too, but if he didn’t have someone jumping up and down next to him screaming “GIMME A QUOTE!” constantly, then maybe he wouldn’t have snapped. Who knows?

    Like I said, it’s a big, big mess.

    I don’t want to feel sorry for Phil Fish because there are times when he’s come over as a right sociopath, honestly. But right now, I… kind of feel sorry for him. I don’t want to. So damn that journalist for making me feel bad for Phil Fish, of all people.

    All said journalist has done is made Phil Fish look like a victim, and that’s something that Fish is likely going to take for all its worth, to gain further attention for his project’s rebirth. And if he does, then I’ll be just as angry at him for having no pride and no sense of self worth. And honestly that’s something he’d do.


    There are days when I hate the Internet, this is one of them.

    So I’ll conclude with, I guess… even if someone is a sociopath, unless they’ve committed some crime, you shouldn’t be stalking them like some sort of creepy vulture. That’s just no. Games journalists can be BETTER than that. Stop making me feel bad for Phil Fish! >:I

    #23 1 year ago
  24. Armitage Shanks

    Oh christ here we go…

    #24 1 year ago
  25. AHA-Lambda

    @24 – that’s a great username XD

    #25 1 year ago
  26. dizzygear

    @23 Yeah it is annoying when some idiot keeps pushing you for quotes but he could have just responded with “no comment” and be done with it instead of trowing yet another tantrum on twitter.

    #26 1 year ago
  27. DSB

    Wow, that’s pretty damn unprofessional.

    I don’t like Blow or Fish, but if I was doing games writing I’d at least extend them the professional courtesy of telling them to go fuck themselves in private, and just ignoring them the next time they need their games covered.

    #27 1 year ago
  28. noamlol2

    well that was odd

    so similar game with a different name, nothin wrong with that

    #28 1 year ago
  29. Zohar

    This is why game developers have PR firms. If you’re a person who is emotionally sensitive or doesn’t know how to deal with assholes and criticism on the internet or from the press (of which there is an overwhelming quantity) get off twitter and adopt the “no comment” routine.

    I know on our end, fans and enthusiasts, we get frustrated with heavily filtered PR press releases and having to deal with carefully constructed publicity events for the games we want to know more about, but these things seriously have their value and today’s events definitely prove that.

    If individual game devs had to deal directly with the non-stop flow of vitriol, complaints, idiots, entitled faux-journalist twerps looking for sensationalist headlines, ignorant children, arm-chair developers, and all matter of intolerable miscreants all day, every day they would ALL lose their shit.

    To me it seems literally impossible to get any work done if you are allowing that stuff to filter directly into your inbox and twitter feed.

    #29 1 year ago
  30. Oynox Slider

    Phil Fish leaves games industry:

    And Sony CEO Kaz Hirai makes fun of it:

    #30 1 year ago
  31. ChunkyLover112

    Fucking piece of shit. Thank god it died.

    #31 1 year ago
  32. YoungZer0

    @30: Lawl.

    #32 1 year ago
  33. Armitage Shanks

    @25 Thank you kind sir.

    #33 1 year ago
  34. Digital Bamboo

    Could he not have just, I don’t know, left twitter instead?

    Saying dumb shit and then leaving a twitter account wide open is kind of like pouring honey over yourself and then wondering why bees are swarming around you.

    All seems pretty melodramatic & largely self-inflicted. I hope he either has enough money to retire, or he manages to find work in some magical field where you don’t have to deal with people &/or criticism.

    #34 1 year ago
  35. Sini

    game journalists need to learn to STFU, I don’t care if the other guy is right or wrong, he made a neat game. The other camp ain’t worth a fuck.

    #35 1 year ago
  36. absolutezero

    The actual quality of the game in question should not even come into it. He made something and Marcus fucking Beer is an ex-PR, ex-Marketing cunt of the highest order.

    I fucking despise gametrailers.

    #36 1 year ago
  37. Ireland Michael

    I quite liked Fez, and thought it was a great, genuinely unique game.

    I mostly agreed with Phil’s assessment of Japanese development.

    I have a strong personal etiquette against verbal abuse and bullying.

    But in all honesty, he’s being a whiny, emo, self centred moron. The guy clearly has issues. His behaviour is the equivalent of standing in front of someone with a gun, asking them to pull the trigger… and then complaining when you get shot.

    #37 1 year ago
  38. Dragon246

    If you are a jackass, you are. Doesn’t matter if you are a talented jackass.
    Also, if you throw shit at the face of people , you should be able to take it too. The industry is probably better without such entitled devs.

    “A standing ovation for the movie itself set the tone for an open and positive discussion about indie games with the audience, yet when an unknown Japanese developer took to the mic to ask a question, the mood visibly turned.
    The Japanese developer praised the movie and said he was pleased to see how many independent developers had been inspired by games such as Super Mario Bros and Zelda since their childhood.

    But when he asked what the panel thought of modern Japanese video games, Phil Fish (pictured) immediately replied “your games just suck” – a comment that sparked an audible reaction from the crowd, though some were cheering.

    Others looked on awkwardly as the Japanese developer was then subjected to a string criticisms about game design flaws in his native country. The developer nevertheless thanked the panel for their response and returned to his seat.

    After the Q&A many attendees were heard to be privately criticising Fish’s comments, though some went public with their complaints.

    Developer and filmmaker Zack Guido tweeted Fish the message: “It’s shameful to sit on a panel discussing an inspiring heart-felt film and then arrogantly disrespect someone’s culture”.”

    He probably should learn a thing or two from the guy he humiliated.
    The guy sucks, end of story. He can go sleep with his fishes.

    #38 1 year ago
  39. backup

    PC pirates kill him by pirating FEZ to death

    #39 1 year ago
  40. SplatteredHouse

    I’m not going to attack Marcus here, because I think he is simply “guilty” of calling a spade a spade. Guess what? That’s what he DOES now. He offers opinion, calls people out on their bullshit – which applies to the gamers/viewers just as readily as developers and publishers – and, that’s great, and more people should do that.
    Fish’s status on the other hand, is “One who gets pointed out, covered (yes, by the press) and celebrated as a verbal emitter of stupid things

    At one stage, Beer states his view that “there’s nothing wrong with being an asshole” after the host of this Invisible Walls basically equates Fish to an affable form of that. Okay. But, that’s the way in which Fish behaves, the impression that he leaves when he’s quoted. He profits from that impression, arguably. But, according to some of you, that’s not a view that can be expressed.

    Going WAY back, and this is a point Marcus alludes to, there has existed a level of understanding when it comes to dealing with the media. If/Once you use the press to push whatever it may be, then they get to take an interest in you – because you are saying “look at me. LOOK at how interesting I am, this interesting thing that I did, that you should cover, instead of whatever else”. You’re asking then, to be seen as “of interest” – MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN’S A-SHININ’, because, if you then do something of interest to THEM, they can, and will cover it.

    He gave out, lashed out over twitter, but he couldn’t take it back. Fish made a bunch of choices, which he didn’t have to. He could have…(I can run a list, but you get the point, hopefully)

    #40 1 year ago
  41. loci

    Never heard of that Marcus guy before but after watching the video…what a mouthy wanker.
    He thinks a game developer should be at his beck and call because they gave him press before. F*ck off you prick.

    #41 1 year ago
  42. SplatteredHouse

    @41 Fish originally went off on one at Game Informer.

    #42 1 year ago
  43. YoungZer0

    @38: I don’t really disagree with him as I think a lot of japanese games just plain suck balls, but if someone were to ask me that question in publish I would’ve tried to add a little bit of constructive criticism instead of just downright insult them.

    #43 1 year ago
  44. sg1974

    Too many tweets make a twat.

    Everyone involved in this spat is a childish prick. But I suppose there is something Darwinian about it. Without means to find that someone is a fucking moron, how would you know who to ignore or point to and laugh at?

    #44 1 year ago
  45. CPC_RedDawn

    Whilst I loved FEZ and thought it was an amazingly inventive, innovative little platform puzzler that had a lot of unique charm. I can’t help but side with Marcus on this one. Sure Marcus can be a bit of an arse hole sometimes. THAT IS HIS JOB, he’s an arse hole to the idiots in the gaming industry such as EA, and Activision. He calls them out on the bullshit that they do, and a lot of companies don’t like it because hes worked in high positions for companies like those and he knows how they work and how they think so he speaks the truth. You know what sometimes the truth hurts, I loved playing FEZ. I brought it in the steam summer sale and have enjoyed it. I am sure PHIL FISH has made a ton of money of this game enough to probably see him through comfortably til he dies of old age. Heck in the steam summer sale Torchlight 2 hit 2 million sales!! He can rest assured that FEZ at a mere £3.50 hit near or even blew that out the water. Even if a few thousand pirated the game he still made his money. If he can’t take a small bit of criticism towards his own game or the way he acts towards people in general then the industry is better off without him. A shame because you can tell he is an extremely intelligent person and has a very strong passion for game design and that is what the industry needs new fresh talent not someone who will lash out at people when a they speak the truth.

    To tell someone to “go kill themselves” is not a very nice thing to say even if it is quoting a piece of media, or as a joke. People have been brought to court and found guilty for saying things they technically shouldn’t on the internet. Also, Marcus him self had some problems years ago and he was facing some personal demons and if I remember correctly he was contemplating suicide. FISH needs to choose his words more carefully as hes come off from this like an arrogant, self centered, egotistical prick!

    #45 1 year ago
  46. Biscuitpants

    haha what a basic bitch, probs gets bullied for being that autistic

    #46 1 year ago
  47. monkeygourmet


    4chan detected…

    #47 1 year ago
  48. Ireland Michael

    @38 Wow, I didn’t know those were the circumstances under which that was said. Maddening.

    I do think Japanese game development has some serious issues right now, issues that strongly need to be looked at if that market wants to succeed again… but that was neither the time nor the place to do so.

    Marcus is just as guilty as Phil in all this, journalist or not. There’s a difference between telling the news and “making news”, and I don’t believe harassment and bullying are valid ways to treat people for the sake of “creating” news. I really don’t understand why the media is essentially allowed to stalk people, and nobody has an issue with it.

    It’s the whole reason I left the profession. I couldn’t justify treating people that way for the sake of news.

    #48 1 year ago
  49. Clupula

    Had no idea that Fish was such a dick. Did not know about the GDC thing.

    If you are willing to tell other people that their games suck, you shouldn’t expect other people to care about your feelings.

    #49 1 year ago
  50. Dragon246

    Thats the point. You are entitled to have an opinion, but doing it constructively is the sign of a great person, and what Fish did is called being a dick.

    Agreed. I dont like this Marcus guy too much. Babbles too much and has very little to add to any discussion.

    Yeah, rule of the land. The shit you throw comes back at ya.

    #50 1 year ago
  51. Cobra951

    I liked the unique and inventive Fez. But after this unbearably immature behavior, I hope I never hear another word from or about Phil Fish. Sadly, I suspect I won’t get my wish.

    #51 1 year ago
  52. FGH


    #52 1 year ago
  53. TheWulf


    That sums up how I feel, honestly. When you’ve hired someone who’s that much of an obvious sociopath that they make Phil Fish seem sympathetic by comparison, you have someone you need to fire before it’s too late. Beer is going to drop the ball at some point, and pull the rest of GameTrailers down with him.

    Personally though, I’ve always seen GameTrailers as a trashy version of GiantBomb. You have your good journalists, and you have your bad ones. The sites I tend to follow are comprised of the former. However much I don’t like Phil Fish, I don’t agree with constant harassment leading to emotional distress.

    If you’re upsetting someone, you stop. You. Just. Stop.

    You don’t continue to manipulate them to your own ends, you don’t continue to push your agenda, you don’t continue to inflate your ego at their expense. You stop.

    I don’t know whether people just lack guilt and empathy, but it does seem that way, very often. Whenever I’ve visibly upset people in the past, I shut up and I apologise. The nature of the Internet is pretty much everyone raging about their opinions (hence popularity cults), but the moment you emotionally hurt someone, you stop.

    If you don’t stop, you’re a giant douchebag at that point.

    Marcus Beer has gone past the point of tolerable humans, for me. He’s despicable. Like I said, when you have someone who makes Phil Fish look sympathetic, then there’s something very, very, very wrong.

    #53 1 year ago
  54. TheWulf

    This is one of the problems with our particular hobby and the industry as a whole, I guess. It’s so incredibly toxic that things like this happen, and happen often. It’s like how Team Meat had to retire from the Internet to continue making their games, because they were experiencing similar personal attacks. Some people can’t dislike a game, they have to go after the particular developers on social networks. That’s how toxic it can be.

    And then I get to wondering if there’s some truth that perhaps gaming does stunt people and add to their violent, aggressive side. If, just maybe, all of these games about slaughtering people is actually tearing away our humanity, piece by piece, and turning us into a culture of sociopaths. I don’t like to agree with some of the people who’ve said this, but the evidence is mounting.

    Look at how gamers treat other fandoms, too. Like the anime fandom, the MLP fandom, the furry fandom, or pretty much anything else that’s not solely dedicated to gaming. It’s acidic and mephitic, we’re all teaching each other to just be ever more and more pernicious at best, and outright venomous at worst.

    Interesting take on this? Mass Effect. BioWare presents us with one beautiful ending of hope, peace, and a better future for the children, and most of us pick the ending that slaughters innocent species for no good reason. Then most gamers hit BioWare with so many death threats that the founders feel it’s just time to leave, because they can’t take it any more.

    We are a pestilence on the Internet, to each other and other people.

    And, again, I say that I can’t help but wonder if all of these incredibly violent games are taking a shit on our humanity. If it’s just desensitising us to a point where we can’t behave humanely any more, where we’re not even sure what that means.

    When was the last time you attacked a developer, or an anime fan, or whomever else?

    It’s something to think on.

    Sometimes it’s really depressing. And like I said, I get this growing feeling that there’s some truth to how video games are negatively affecting all of us. And I do mean everyone in the industry, including many of the journalists, and the people who make games.

    Just look at how prone to witch hunts we are.

    Anyone ever stop and think about this?

    At all?

    Just me?

    #54 1 year ago
  55. Talkar

    Please, plenty of other industries have problems with attitude as well, it isn’t an industry problem specific to the games industry, it is a problem with how most humans are raised.

    The difference is just that the internet is a place where the rest of the world can potentially see what is being said to one another, but if you’ve ever worked retail or at a McDonald’s or something similar you should know that people are idiots that will yell at you for quite literally nothing.

    How many times doesn’t a customer service representative get all the hate because the company said person works for made a faulty product?

    #55 1 year ago
  56. TheWulf


    And yet when I see most people attacking someone, it’s a gamer. I don’t hear about film fans or TV fans sending death threats, it’s pretty much gamers. If you can give me examples contrary to this, then I’m interested to see them. But the fact of the matter is is that everything you’ve written sounds like nervous apologism. It’s not easy to admit you have a problem, and harder to admit that pretty much the entire group of people involved in your hobby also do.

    Also, maybe it’s a cultural difference, but I’ve never experienced that in Wales. Not once. Not ever. Maybe you just live in an area where that’s okay, but it doesn’t necessarily make it okay everywhere. There are more civilised, and there are less civilised areas of the world.

    It’s just sad that gamers seem to represent the less civilised.

    Also, from what I’ve seen, people are fairly understanding even of faulty products. It’s only when returns aren’t permitted and the store is obviously in the wrong that problems arise, but we have laws to protect against that. Here in Wales, I really don’t see a lot people stopping to yell angrily at each other.

    Like I said, that sociopathic tendencies are acceptable in some places doesn’t make it okay.

    And it doesn’t make the death threats sent to BioWare okay.

    and it doesn’t make the harassment of Phil Fish okay.

    Apologism is bad.

    Really, apologism just smacks of not being able to take responsibility for all of the bad shit that goes down in regards to our hobby. We’re not a very responsible lot. We’d rather stick our heads in the sand and make excuses than man up and be responsible, wouldn’t we?

    I remember back when BioWare was getting death threats that I was one of the few voices saying that that wasn’t okay. That it was a horrible thing to do. It’s always the same.

    And if I were wrong, we’d have more people standing up and actually proclaiming this to be a problem. To have death threats alongside attitudes like “Everything is fine! Death threats are everywhere!” proves my point rather than anything else. It just bolsters what I’m saying.

    #56 1 year ago
  57. Ireland Michael

    @54 People who are like that act that way because that’s what the kind of behaviour their personalities are inclined towards. Nothing more.

    You make games heavily focused on violence, competiveness and jock mentalities, you attract people predisposed to violence, competitiveness and jock mentalities. Gamers aren’t the result of the games… it’s the other way around.

    @56 “And yet when I see most people attacking someone, it’s a gamer. I don’t hear about film fans or TV fans sending death threats, it’s pretty much gamers.”

    Bullshit. Spend more time in those culture groups and you’ll stuff just as bad. Gene Roddenberry, just to give one example, used to receive death threats all the time.

    The only difference is they were handwritten and sent by mail.

    #57 1 year ago
  58. _LarZen_

    Phil Fish should just tell everyone that is giving him a hard time to go fuck emself and focus on his work.

    90% of what people write online is crap, people with shitty lives sitting home hiding behind a keyboard writing shit. We have all seen them online, and we recognize them out in the real world.

    The filthy stinking people with so many broken social antennas people rather go home then talk to them on the pub.

    So fuck em! Get back to work Phil Fish!

    #58 1 year ago
  59. Phoenixblight


    This is more than that though as the people that he works with are having issues with him which is really unsurprising. You can tell this guy is a drama queen if you watch indie game: The Movie. He is the type of person you wouldn’t want to work with either.

    #59 1 year ago
  60. _LarZen_


    Yeah I have watched it. And yes he has a personality that makes what happened not a big surprise…not for me anyways.

    A guy like that will easily be offended and is a easy pick for people wanting to bully or make him make a fool of himself.

    Marcus Beer from AnnoyedGamer knows this and have used it to his advantage. We all know Marcus Beer can be a big dick and most people would just tell him to fuck off and ignore him.

    This is something I think many people can guess Phil Fish will not do, I don’t think he is even capable of doing it. When a personality like Phil Fish puts his soul in to a game and people start picking on him he is likely to snap.

    I think Marcus Beer should apologize for picking on him and Phil Fish should stop communicating or reading what people are writing. Get back to work and most likely get someone to talk to, counseling or something…something everyone should do actually.

    Good to get some steam out and get other perspective on things.

    #60 1 year ago
  61. Phoenixblight


    Well he just needs to get some thick skin. This industry you can’t get too involved in what people on the net are saying. Before you know it you let them drive or ruin your creativity which is not good. He just needs to take a break re-evaluate his decisions and see if he can or wants to get back in.

    #61 1 year ago
  62. YoungZer0

    @61: It’s not just this industry though, he wouldn’t survive in any industry. He needs to grow up and live with the idea that people have different opinions.

    And if he dares to say that japanese videogames suck, he should be able to take a hit.

    #62 1 year ago
  63. Sylrissa

    This also isn’t some quiet little indie dev that never said anything being “picked on”.

    he has put shit on others on several occasions, and if you are going to put yourself in that position you should damn well be willing and able to deal with or ignore when you get some back in return.

    He needs to let it roll like water off a ducks back.

    #63 1 year ago
  64. Phoenixblight


    That is true but there are industries where you can easily avoid that criticism. Food and retail service come to mind :P

    #64 1 year ago
  65. Telepathic.Geometry

    @TheWulf: I often despair at the unnecessary toxicity and nasty attitudes that come out on the internets. Now with social media in the mix, it’s just getting worse. There have been many cases of kids committing suicide after being cyber bullied too, and I don’t think anyone takes it seriously any more.

    People are gradually losing their humanity on the Internet. Face to face, I think you see the results of your communication a bit more clearly, so there’s an element of awareness and accountability that the Internet lacks.

    On the Internet, I feel, you are given three choices:

    1. Remove all emotion and don’t invest in anything you say or is said about you. You treat the whole thing like a game.
    2. Stay under the radar.
    3. Disengage completely.

    When I first started on the internets, someone took an instant dislike to me and were joined by a half dozen other random forumites over on EG, and of course it brings the cunt out of you when you are randomly attacked like that. In those days I regarded Internet communication as virtually the same as verbal.

    Not the case. There are a lot of people on the net who simply enjoy winding people up, angering them, shaming them, insulting them… I’m glad to say it just isn’t in me, and now that I understand the passive Kung Fu of Internet posting, I get on just fine.

    But I wish that the intelligent, interesting and friendly debate I have with some of the posters on here were possible everywhere. It’s so tiring to have to measure your responses, and “ignore” personal attacks. It’s something I always pitied politicians for, but on the net it’s all of us…

    #65 1 year ago
  66. YoungZer0

    @56: “And yet when I see most people attacking someone, it’s a gamer. I don’t hear about film fans or TV fans sending death threats, it’s pretty much gamers.”

    I’d love to say do some research, but you seem to be completely biased here.

    Really you never heard of the kind of death threats George RR Martin and George Lucas have received? Can you even imagine the kind of death threats would come from someone who spends decades with the franchises those two have created?

    Or maybe we should ask music stars like Björk, who nearly got her face melted off by a very dedicated fan?

    It’s always gamers, right?

    Movies. TV. Sports. Music. Books. Where there are fans, there are death threats.

    #66 1 year ago
  67. SplatteredHouse

    @53: “Personally though, I’ve always seen GameTrailers as a trashy version of GiantBomb.” GT’s been running a lot longer than Giant Bomb. (2002/2008)

    If there are any similarities between the two, it has only been within the last year in which they’ve branched out a little beyond their traditional narrated video content that it may be seen. In fact, I don’t remember seeing as much written content on GB in the past, as there has begun to be, especially with the addition of Patrick Klepek on the staff list, and Alex Navarro’s features.

    Is it really as simple as: nasty media personality attacked the poor wittle indie developer? Not remotely. The sort of Twitter missiles Fish launched at Beer after was no good. All for the presenter simply saying that he didn’t want to see, nor did he consider it acceptable to react as part of the industry in the way that Phil and Jonathan did to a request for comment.
    I’m not sure that I want to see that kind of attitude, either. (devs feeling they can mistreat and attack the media, out of turn – ffs they’re nearly literally biting the hand, there! How then, should the outlet react.)

    Now we see the headline: FEZ 2 WAS CANCELLED! Okay, well, that’s not great. But why was it cancelled? What state was the game in at the point of this decision.

    #67 1 year ago
  68. NocturnalB

    I feel like I’ve always done my best to not be an internet bully, and I’ve semi-followed Phil Fish for a little bit and yes he’s constantly at the center of cyber-hate and/or controversy somewhere… but speaking honestly… Phil Fish brought it (not all of it by any means, but a lot of it) upon his self.

    For the time I’ve been paying attention to both him and Fez, I’ve rarely watched or read an interview (with the exception of Gametrailers, they should be ashamed) or general opinion from him where he could conduct himself like an adult. He has an EXTREMELY volatile temper, a short fuse, and frankly, he has the emotional maturity of a hormonally imbalanced teenager. But even with all that said I would never try to justify bullying of any kind nor any that he received. It’s wrong and it’s despicable.

    It’s for the best as I see it. Phil Fish can get the happier more peaceful life he supposedly wants, and the gaming industry and culture as a whole is better off without as opposed to with, him. The last straw for me was watching the indie press panel he and multiple other indie devs attended at which they proceeded to embarrass and humiliate an indie Japanese dev who had asked a simple question. They’ve obviously never heard the phrase “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

    It was shameful, every single one of them. I hope every single other person on that panel follows Phil right the hell out of the industry. They make me ashamed to say I’ve spent money on their product.

    I plan in the future to research indie devs much deeper when I’m considering buying their game. I don’t care if you’ve made an excellent game, I will not support people like that. And if i find more like that, I’ll go out of my way to make sure I don’t.

    P.S. Beers from Gametrailers has to be the most unprofessional games journalist I’ve ever known of. Journalists count in what I said just as much as developers. I will not support that.

    #68 1 year ago
  69. zersus

    @36 and I hate it if people throw something like this just in the Room without any explanation. It’s like running in a room full of people shouting some bullshit and running back out. You know what kind of impression this leaves back?

    To be honest: I am definitely on Marcus side on this one.

    Is this only me or do you never have the feeling that some people in this industry are sitting on way to high horses? Marcus could take some of them down for me as well please!
    Really, I like him, and I like that he is facing the camera and speaking out loud what a lot of other gamers think. “That a couple of people should just shut the fuck up”, “Leave this industry”, “stop treating gamers the way they do”, “stop selling us bullshit and tell us that we will like it”, “stop being assholes”, “stop destroying this industry”. People need to know that they are not untouchable like “I did a hit, now obey me and my opinion, and treat me like a diva, ‘cause I’m a star now”.

    #69 1 year ago
  70. broomburgo

    Phil Fish gets a regular load of internet hate because he is a massive jerk: you can’t be a childish troll 99,9% of the time and then expect some respect, seriously, you’d be banned from every forum and then complain on twitter, telling people to kill themselves.

    It’s not the game (I personally consider FEZ overrated, with plenty of cheap tricks disguised as smart, but I had fun times with it), it’s HIM, if the game was developed by, say, Klei, none of this would ever happen. But Fish is such a dick that he could ruin even the most beautiful thing.

    I really can’t consider him an artist without downgrading the very term “artist” to something more shallow and superficial: he designed a nice game, in an overcrowded industry in which is not difficult to emerge, he got PLENTY of attention, not exactly well deserved, he treated PC gamers like shit, then somehow decided to support the PC but not without making unfunny jokes on steam.

    The boycotting thing on steam really set me on fire: instead of apologizing for your lack of insight in considering the PC as a viable platform for FEZ (apologizing for your stupidity, a very good reason to apologize) you troll the boycotters? Basically, what he said was: “I made the greatest game of all times, so I’m entitled to say and do ANYTHING I want, and people will still throw money at me!”.

    To me, he doesn’t deserve any kind of attention anymore, until he shows he’s a decent human being.

    #70 1 year ago
  71. zersus

    @70 I like what you say… =)

    #71 1 year ago
  72. DSB

    I think there’s a definite tendency towards self-pity in this comment section.

    Everybody gets hit online, but how you choose to approach that is entirely on you.

    Personally I’ve published quite a few things over the years, and reviewed a metric fucktonne of music, and whether the reactions have been positive or negative, I’ve always considered it a privilege to have something published, and people responding to it is simply a part of the process.

    It’s amazing to know that you’re reaching people, and I think it’s empowering to have positive and negative feedback. It means that people care enough to read what you write, and subsequently relate to what you’re doing. Job well done.

    I think if you want to justify taking up space on the interwebs or in print, then the very least you have to do is trust in your own ability. If you don’t, then you’re done before you even start.

    #72 1 year ago
  73. Ireland Michael

    It’s very easy to click a block button.

    #73 1 year ago

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