Sony relaxes Video Unlimited policies, free re-downloads & cross-buy now offered

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 10:26 GMT By Dave Cook

Sony’s Video Unlimited service has undergone a policy change, which means anyone buying a movie via the service can re-download it for free as many times as they like, and play it on any supported device.

Shacknews discovered the re-download policy change and asked a Sony rep for comment. They replied, “I can confirm that we did recently change the service to allow users to re-download video content.”

Previously, if you wanted to re-watch any video you had bought you would be forced to buy it again. The purchases were also locked to a single device but now, thanks to cloud libraries, any content you buy can also be played on PS3, PS Vita and Xperia devices.

Do you use Video Unlimited? Is this a positive step for Sony? Let us know below.

Thanks CVG.