Oculus wants $300 Rift VR headset to be free for all eventually

Tuesday, 16th July 2013 09:29 GMT By Dave Cook

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe has stated that while Rift dev kits cost $300 presently, the company would like to make its VR headset free to everyone over time.

Speaking with Edge Online, Iribe suggested that Oculus Rift is a platform in itself, rather than a device and that the company would like to broker deals with partners and sponsors to help drive its cost down, ultimately making it free.

Iribe explained, “We’d love it to be free one day, so how do we get it as close to free as possible? Obviously it won’t be that in the beginning. You can imagine if Microsoft and Sony can go out and subsidise consoles because there’s enough money to be made on software and other areas, then there’s the potential that this, in partnership, could get subsidised.

“Let’s say there was some game you played in VR that everybody loved and everybody played and we made $100 a month – or even $10 a month – at some point the hardware’s cheap enough and we’re making enough that we could be giving away the headset.”

Iribe recently stated that he’d love to see Rift compatibility on PS4 and Xbox One, or to see Sony and Microsoft enter the VR race themselves.

What is your impression of Oculus Rift so far? Is it a potential game-changer? Could it ever be given away free? Let us know below.




  1. Pytox

    gimme one free plz :p

    #1 1 year ago
  2. VibraniumSpork

    @1 Ditto.

    But otherwise, paying almost the same amount as a new (next-gen) console for what is, essentially, a peripheral? Hmmmmm. Before even considering it at that price I’d expect demo units in stores for a try-before-you-buy, and also for that demo to blow my l’il cotton Spider-Man-branded socks off.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. noamlol2

    sounds resonable

    but i’m still not sure what O R can do with the current tech it has

    also i wouldn’t want a simulation of shooters no thank you

    i’ll go for more adventure type of games, fantasy and such

    #3 1 year ago
  4. Christopher Jack

    @2, It’s a display, could replace your monitor or TV for everything single player.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. TheWulf

    I’m going to once again toot the horn of open systems, here. And I have good reason. Don’t want to buy an Oculus Rift? Then build your own! And it does exactly the same as the commercial efforts.

    I suspect that there will be many challengers to the Oculus Rift eventually too, and that’s going to be good for everyone. The Rift itself reminds me a lot of PCs in that you’ll soon probably be able to buy a prebuilt from a number of manufacturers, or you can build your own.

    So, how is this happening, you might ask? It’s because the Oculus Rift guys chose to use open source drivers. They could have cut-out the competition to a degree by using proprietary drivers, but they made a conscious choice not to. Their driver can be used by anyone who wants to create their own VR headset. That’s fantastic.

    And if they do find a way to start handing ready-built Oculus Rifts out at no cost, then that’s even better.

    This is why I love open systems, though, as it’s brilliant to watch. I’m very glad that the Oculus Rift guys didn’t pull a dick move with proprietary drivers, to be honest, as it changes what can be done, it literally changes what the future holds.

    With proprietary, you always have a jealous gatekeeper guarding the gates. With open stuff, it’s a party for everyone.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. TheWulf


    Look up some videos, it’s incredible. Some people hooked up multi-directional treadmills to the Rift. Then they hooked up a camera to the Rift and used software to track the position of their hands. What this means is that you could have a game where you’d be able to look around it in real time, and control it without any controllers. Even walking around in it.

    You could even have a peripheral shaped to be like whatever tool or peripheral you’re using. I mean, in a fantasy game? All you need is a stick that feels suitably like a staff or a bow-group. Then you have bows, axes, staves, swords, and so on covered. It would be like the Move and the Kinect linked together with VR, on steroids.

    This, again, is why I love open systems. We can do all sorts of crazy things.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. MrWaffles

    If you can watch 3d movies and play games on this then you can save yourself the cost of a nice TV.

    Plus, imaging having an occulus-compatible mobile game and playing for a bit at the office (on a break of course!)

    #7 1 year ago

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