People were “too quick” to compare Destiny’s enemies to Halo’s Covenant, says Bungie

Monday, 15th July 2013 11:46 GMT By Dave Cook

Destiny developer Bungie has assured fans that Destiny’s bad guys are more diverse than Halo’s Covenant, and that gamers were too quick to make comparisons between both games.

In a new Mail Sack blog, Bungie addressed several questions from fans, including one that asked the studio what the size of a player-controlled Guardian is when compared with a hulking Cabal enemy.

Here’s an image of Guardians fighting some Cabal if you aren’t sure what they’re talking about:

Bungie replied, “Depends on the Cabal. The Guardians won’t be the only fighting force in Destiny teeming with unique warriors. Take the Fallen, for example. When people saw them at E3, they were all too quick to compare them to the Elites you fought in Halo. In truth, the Fallen are as varied and diverse as the Covenant as a whole.

“Check out the demo again, and see how many varieties you can spot. Some of the smaller targets, like the Shanks and Dregs, will draw your fire. The larger crews, the ones that include Vandals or Captains, will have you wishing you brought that Fireteam. And let’s not forget about those moments when we’ll drop something as big as a Devil Walker in your path.

“The Cabal, along with the Vex and the Hive, are equally rich in their varieties. There are a lot of bad guys in Destiny. We need heroes to push them back whence they came. Apply within.”

What do you make of Destiny and Halo? Do they appear similar in any way to you or are they both quite different? Let us know what you think below.

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  1. MCTJim

    Of course people are going to compare the game to Halo. Bungie did a fantastic job with it. Its their engine and there are similarities to Halo, but with Destiny I feel that its a more open world with more diversity from the footage I saw. I feel its kinda like being stereotyped like a movie role and always being in that role..but this game should pull them out of that role and let them move on to bigger and better experiences.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Ireland Michael

    I’m “comparing them” because the game is essentially nothing more than Halo with a name change. It looks like Halo, the characters move like Halo, and its very probably going to play like Halo as well. That’s entirely on purpose. This is Activision after all.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. fearmonkey

    @2 – completely agree….

    #3 1 year ago
  4. therealjdj

    If they are comparable games, is that such a bad thing…?

    #4 1 year ago
  5. bradk825

    This is one of several titles that will cause me to go broke this year. My list is growing.

    Some years a max of 5 games come out that I end up wanting to play, and I end up buying fillers on the used rack. This year I have like 6 games I will need right away in November or I will die. That doesn’t include what I’ve already played this year and what will be coming in Q1 2014.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Ireland Michael

    @4 Why would I want to keep playing the same exact game with slight changes over and over again? Moreso, why would I want to play two of them?

    This is exactly why the industry is swamped with sequels and identikit shooters with space marines and modern warfare. If you want more original games… then top buying uninspired, unoriginal dross like this.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. DrDamn

    A more open world, an RPG levelling system, guns which you can loot, customise and adapt. Co-op multiplayer focused in an always online world with public events involving more players. Halo had all of those didn’t it? Oh wait no, no it didn’t.

    It has a similar look and likely similar controls. The way you actually play it out because of the other elements is very different though. Unless you want to go down the Francis route of all shooters suck because all you do is shoot things.

    #7 1 year ago
  8. GlicticK

    I honestly think that more halo reach and below fans are going to be playing this, I also think that that’s already a fact. The thing that will bother me most is that the radar is in the top left corner now like cod so now I’m rethinking about getting it.. I know I sound picky but I’m so used to the radar in the bottom left corner idk if I could stand it. The weapons are a bit cod-ish too. Whoooo Eeeee! Don’t get me started on the storyline.. Nothing even compares to the storyline of halo.. Until 343 industries f***ed it up.. I hope bungee does a good job. Even half of the Halos storyline would be passable. Halo 3 had the best campaign – my opinion. I hope bungie does a good job!

    #8 12 months ago

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