The Lords of Midnight: classic Spectrum remake hits PC today

Friday, 12th July 2013 11:05 GMT By Dave Cook

The Lords of Midnight creator Mike Singleton and Chilli Hugger Software have teamed up to remake the 1984 ZX Spectrum adventure for PC. It’s out today.

You can download the PC version directly from the game’s official site at £3.99 / $5.99 / €4.49. It’s also available from iTunes, Google Play, Blackberry Apps and Amazon.

The Lords of Midnight is an iconic adventure game that sees players embarking on a quest to destroy the evil witchking Doomdark, and to recruit fellow adventurers in the war against his forces. It was highly innovative for its day and should come as a treat to fans of the fantasy genre.

Let us know if you check it out.

Thanks Eurogamer.



  1. ps3fanboy

    i still got it on my commandore64 and it plays fine. so i have no need to go to that site and buy it. it properly will end up on gog for free sometime soon too.. anyway it’s an awesome game for it’s time, and still have quality game play intact. so if your into these types of game, go grab it noaw…

    #1 1 year ago
  2. TheWulf


    It’s actually nice to see you being magnanimous for a change, to be honest. It’s a change from the recent Superfrog HD thread where you insisted that if someone could emulate a game, they shouldn’t have to pay for it. I think you now understand that if a person likes something, they may actually want to put more money out on it.

    Emulators exist to play systems/games which are out of circulation. If you can’t buy a game, then it’s fine to emulate it. When it turns up to be bought, though, if it’s a game which you’ve ever played then you should want to give the creators of a much beloved game money. It’s only common decency.

    Plus it’s always great as well when older games get an updated look, like Superfrog HD, Duck Tales, and so on.

    I have to say, though… I kind of wish at this point that Epic would do a remake of the Jazz Jackrabbit games, all in one pack. I’d definitely snap that up!

    #2 1 year ago
  3. nitrus

    Shame Mike passed away last October and never saw this released. At least a younger generation can have the chance to try it out.

    #3 1 year ago

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