Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection dated for Europe

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 12:30 GMT By Dave Cook

Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection has been confirmed for a European release in September.

UPDATE: Konami has just tweeted that the game is due in the UK on September 13. We’ll keep an eye out for a proper Europe date as well

ORIGINAL STORY: Konami revealed the PS3-exclusive box for Europe on its blog, and confirmed the following titles:

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition (featuring the original MSX versions of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition
  • Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Trophy Edition.