Team Fortress 2 update to add two new maps, close exploits

Monday, 8 July 2013 01:39 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Valve has big plans for Team Fortress 2’s next update, starting with a couple of new maps and fixes to some of the more easily-exploited existing layouts.

Two new community-created maps by Ian Cuslidge will go official in the upcoming TF2 update. Both the new maps offer a bit of a twist on Capture Point gameplay: Process has five streamlined capture points and Standin has three points in a free-for-all scenario. Take a sneak peek in the screens below.

In addition to these new maps, Valve is updating existing maps in line with evolving player behaviour. As a single example, Valve highlighted Badwater; since this map was introduced, over 140 weapons have been added to the game enabling tactics like sentry jumping, damage-free rocket jumping, and building movement.

These new abilities make the game a little less fun for those on the receiving end, so Badwater and its ilk – the “majority” of TF2 maps – will be tweaked to counter them.

Discussing the update in a post on the TF2 blog, Valve said it’s going to be enormous, and as such, will be introduced slowly in a series of blog posts rather than just accompanied by an enormous patch note file.

Thanks, PCGamesN.