Razer boss not keen on PS3, explains lack of accessories

Monday, 8 July 2013 00:05 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Razer founder Min-Liang Tan has never been moved to produce peripherals for the PlayStation 3 because he personally doesn’t get much use out of it.

In a series of Tweets, the executive discussed his personal relationship with the PS3, and said that he lets his own preferences guide his business decisions in this regard.

“One of the big reasons why we don’t make Playstation accessories is because I don’t really spend time with mine,” he said.

Challenged on this point, Tan argued that he uses his own judgment as a gamer.

“I design stuff I actually want as a gamer rather than sell stuff to gamers for money,” he said.

Elsewhere in the discussion, Tan said he really liked InFamous and had dug up his PS3 for The Last of Us, but noted that the console is literally gathering dust in his house.

Razer is best known for its keyboards and mouse devices, but it also produces headsets, mouse pads, game pads and various accessories, including for the Xbox 360. It also recently announced the world’s thinnest gaming laptop.

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