Legends of Dawn arrives on PC

Wednesday, 3rd July 2013 01:02 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Steam Greenlight alumnus Legends of Dawn is now available on PC. The open-world fantasy RPG is 20% off on Steam through July 5, but can also be purchased directly from the developer. The crowd-funded title boasts “a comprehensive crafting system, spell generator, system of sacrifices, adaptable creature AI, compelling storyline, future modding capability, streaming technology, mini-games and endless slashing, blasting and looting”. Screens through the break.



  1. TheWulf

    Meh. Not for me. I took a look at the lore and the world, and there are a billion generic RPGs just like this one. That’s something I could never understand, really, and I tweaked out over the same problem with Amalur too. If you’re going to make a world of magic and wonder, why make a limited, stereotypical one that suffers with trope-cancer?

    I guess this just reaffirms my notion that some games are like burgers, and some prefer the same trans fat-laden artery cloggers day in, day out, day in, day out, never actually bothering to broaden up their diet. I can forgive people eating noodles if they’re on a strict budget, but if you can afford a burger, you can eat better. It’s just something that tweaks me, but my problem is is that I’m beginning to see this in regards to our hobby as well. This is brain rot, plain and simple.

    The way people don’t get bored of “A humble hero sets out on his way. His mission? To kill the evil overlord and his minions, and to slay any person or creature that just happens to get in his way. Hoping to attract some construct designed to look like a woman in a sternum-busting bikini, as that’s the only interaction this hero will ever have with women.

    I’d even welcome a deconstructive parody of it at this point! Where the hero is actually questing to build up the funds to have a wizard create a womanly construct for him, because all he’s good for is mindless violence, and none of the women he’s tried to hit on could tolerate that or his crass nature. So an entrepreneur of a wizard starts selling these incredibly expensive, well-articulated golems to solve his problems.

    You could probably make a simulation game out of handling the wizard’s company for him!

    Lonely virgin ‘heroes’ fret no more! ClayTits™ has just what YOU need!


    I can’t help venting at this point.

    Honestly people, if you’re going to make a fantasy game, stop making it look so fucking generic. Look at Dragon Commander to see how you can do a fantasy world properly, please.

    It’s getting to the point where video games are embarrassing. I’m not outgrowing them either as certain indies can develop things which are truly interesting. Honestly though… are there that many people out there who’re so lacking in imagination and so sexually frustrated that they actually need this? I … don’t understand. If someone wants to help me understand, I’ll listen.

    #1 1 year ago

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