EA’s Wilson on returning to Wii U: ‘we’d never count Nintendo out’

Tuesday, 2nd July 2013 09:48 GMT By Dave Cook

EA has stopped publishing games on Wii U for the time being, and in a new interview, EA Sports head Andrew Wilson has suggested that the company hasn’t turned its back on Nintendo’s console entirely.

Speaking with MCV, Wilson was asked what Nintendo needs to do before EA can star publishing on Wii U again. “I build for a userbase,” he replied. “I made games on Facebook because I thought people were there that wanted to play them. Then it became apparent to me that either I had the wrong game or they weren’t there.

“We had a strong offering on Wii U at launch. The platform hasn’t had the take-up. Our games hasn’t had the take-up we’d have liked. So at this moment we are not focused there. Now they could do a range of things that might change that situation, and we’d never count them out.

“And should there be a sizeable gamer base there in the future, we would build games for Wii U. But for us it’s less about building for a platform, and more about building for a group of gamers on a platform where they are. And sports gamers weren’t there.”

Wilson’s comment follow those of Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot, in which he said Nintendo needs to sell more Wii U consoles before it can commit to more exclusives on the format.

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  1. locknuts

    Is it my imagination, or has EA started making more sense lately? They’ve gone from having engineers publicly unload on the Wii U without apology or clarification from management, to a much more rational standpoint. I wonder what changed?

    #1 2 years ago
  2. SplatteredHouse

    Reading the full article, they mention reaction to last year’s Euro tournament DLC for FIFA (instead of the traditional standalone game), and there’s a question about whether the plan is to do something similar for the next World Cup…No plans yet.

    Wilson: “It was a little ahead of its time quite frankly. We didn’t get the take-up that we thought we would get. We may have got the value proposition a little off. But the feedback we got was: “Guys, great idea. We glad that you tried it. You didn’t get it perfect and here are some recommendations.” We have to learn from that and figure out when to do that again.”

    To me, that seems more useful to know than a company PR posturing and umming and ahing over a decision they made. Wii U is a choice they made. Maybe it is just because I don’t own one, but it’s my belief that this is a decision that much like with Euro tourney DLC, it’ll sink in, and they’ll take the temperature in future. For now: If you want to play an EA Sports title, Wii U is not the place to do that. Because the prevailing conditions aren’t there for it to make sense for them.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. OlderGamer

    Here is the thing, for me. I own the WiiU. And I like a lot of EA games. At launch I bought Madden on WiiU. What I found shocked me. The game, because of the Gamepad, was the best football experience I have ever played. To the point of now being rather pissed off that EA turned their backs on the system and more importantly the fans that did buy their products.

    A couple of days ago I sat down with EAs NCAA Football demo on xb360. What I found their again shocked me. I had gotten used to Madden on WiiU. Not only did NCAA feel incomplete due to the lack of on field control with the absence of the gamepad, but the games graphics were horrible. I put in NCAA13 just to see if the new demo was a fluke. It wasn’t. The xb360 is a real step down from WiiU in the football dept.

    The biggest problem for me was the jaggies present on the xb360. Something I had never noticed before. But after spending several seasons in game on WiiU, it became glaring and hard to over look.

    But the real killer for me is the complete lack of fine tuning.

    For those that don’t understand and haven’t used a WiiU, let me briefly explain. Football is broken up into plays. Each one has the offense and defense lining up against each other. On offense, the WideRecivers(wr) line up and then run routes(patterns up the field) in order to “get open” where the Quaterback would then throw him the ball. The defense ofc, is trying to cover those wrs and keep that from happening. In all of the football games ever made those wrs run premade routes. More modern games allow you to look at the defense and then switch the routes run from one preset one to another preset one.

    You had very little choice.

    However with the WiiU gamepad, when your players are lining up, you can scan the defense, and the draw brand new routes. Yourself, using your finger on the touch pad. No other game does that.

    The reason that is good is that it allows you to customize and change the strategy as needed. And it is ok, because instead of becoming lopsided to favor the offense, the defense can also adjust their coverage the same ways.

    It really makes you feel like a coach. Sorry for the long winded explaination. But it goes way beyond fanboy favourtisim. The way the game plays is far above and beyond anything I have ever experienced before and ruins the experience of playing other football games.

    I am done buying EA Football games, unless they come out on WiiU.

    People always want to know what killer apps new systems have. The WiiUs is use of that damn GamePad. Sure the graphics on WiiU are slighty better then PS360, but the Gamepad makes the system. Once you get used to having it, the games feel like they are missing something without it.

    #3 2 years ago

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