Dota 2 tutorials are now live, new practice map unveiled

Tuesday, 2 July 2013 11:08 GMT By Dave Cook

Dota 2 has received a string of tutorials to help players understand how the MOBA format works, and how to compete against others without feeling like a toddler going up against ten Mike Tysons after they’ve each downed a can of Red Bull – not the small cans mind you, but the big ones, the ones about the size of a pint glass but with added Taurine or whatever that stuff is they extract from bulls to give you wings.

Sorry about that.

But yes, Dota 2 has tutorials now. After learning about movement, combat and abilities in the Dragon Knight tutorial, players will be whisked away to a new tutorial map to undertake four missions that explain how towers, couriers and other map-based elements work in practical terms you can easily understand.

From there players can tackle some matches against bots from a stripped down roster of 20 characters, and will then move on to matches against other tutorial players to ease them into the fold.

Here’s the tutorial map in full:

What do you make of Dota 2’s tutorials? Is it a positive step? Will it make you less intimidated to try the game? Let us know below.

Thanks PCGamesN.