Mars: War Logs update fixes English localization issue, is 33% off on Steam today

Tuesday, 18th June 2013 14:21 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Mars: War Logs was released in late April on PC and the console versions were to follow soon, however, developer Spider Studio held off onthe release in order to fix English localization issues which plagued the PC release.

According to Luc Heninger, director of production for the game’s publisher, Focus Home Interactive, the actual game was “thoroughly tested and released with very few bugs on PC,” but the procedures for the audio and text QA failed and allowed many English localization issues to slip through.

“The result was so far removed from what we usually produce that we took the decision to halt the submission process for the console version, which was due for release only weeks after the PC title,” he said.

“We have re-written the game text and dialog and, of course, recorded the actors again, replacing the sections that weren’t true to the characters in Mars. All these problems will therefore be fixed in the console version. ”

An update is now available for players with the PC game, which also incorporates the new audio in the version.

A video posted below featuring the new localization and the new English voices present in all versions of the game.

Mars: War Logs is currently available on PC and will be today’s Daily Deal on Steam, at 33% off.

The game is scheduled for release on Xbox Live and PSN in September 2013.



  1. YoungZer0

    He does sound much more fitting than the previous voiceactor.

    I might buy it today, been waiting for a little price drop. Played it on my brother PC for a few hours.

    Very competent game. Especially for that kind of money.

    The art-direction is very european sci-fi. Definitely a breath of fresh air, especially the main character. The combat is fun for the most part and the difficulty feels just right. Not too easy, not too hard.

    The leveling system also seems very good, giving you a nice variety of boosts and abilities.

    The game very much reminds me of Witcher 2.

    I don’t know where the story is going right now, but it was very much like Riddick in the first few hours, after that it felt very loose, no real focus or motivation for the protagonist. The quests are interesting though and worth checking out, as most of them can be completed through different approaches.

    Wish the game would’ve more exposition. I think you can read up most of the stuff, but I’d rather have it in a dialog. The world is genuinely very interesting.

    The game has a few bigger problems though.

    I have a major issue with the stealth gameplay. I usually play stealthy characters but the game neither encourages it, nor rewards it, nor does it even make it possible for most of the confrontations. I punched all my points into stealth and after the prison I had no chance to use it. The game places the enemies in a way that they always see you. I feel cheated and forced to fight.

    The technomancer abilities feel useless as they take way too much time to power up. By then the enemies would’ve attacked you twice, so I’m not putting any points into that.

    The camera is also WAY too close to your main character, which really is a big problem during fights.

    In conclusion I’d say it’s plays very much like Witcher 2, but with a cheaper price tag and on Mars.

    Definitely worth checking out, especially if you want something different and/or like RPG’s.

    #1 2 years ago

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