Legacy of Kain: 10 cancelled titles exposed by NeoGAF investigation – report

Tuesday, 18th June 2013 12:39 GMT By Dave Cook

The Legacy of Kain series has fallen silent for some time. Earlier this month we broke news that Nosgoth is coming via Square-Enix, and it marks the return of the franchise after many years. However, one NeoGAF user has dug through the bowels of the internet and has unearthed evidence of ten failed attempts at new games in the series.

The investigation comes from NeoGAF user Mama Robotnik, the same person who exposed many cancelled Silicon Knights projects last year.

On the most recent rumoured project Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, Mama Robotnik claims that developer Climax was working on the game for over three years as a PS4 launch title and that the newly-announced game Nosgoth – formally referred to in rumours as ‘War for Nosgoth’ – was actually the game’s multiplayer component. Has the mode been turned into a full, standalone game?

Here’s what is said to be some early cut-scene footage from the game, courtesy of Mama Robotnik:

The report also claims that sales projections for Dead Sun did not meet Square-Enix targets and they quietly cancelled the project. It was said to be set many years after the Soul Reaver series, and starred a vampire called Gein who feeds on a human called Asher. The pair become linked through some strange soul symbiosis and embark on a quest across an open world depiction of Nosgoth. As a result of the anomaly, Gein/Asher can morph between spectral and material realms at will.

Here’s an image of Gein.

Mama Robotnik claims there have been ten cancelled Legacy of Kain projects so far, and that they were in development across a wide range of studios and publishers including, Crystal Dynamics, Silicon Knights, Climax, AndNow, Activision, Square-Enix, Eidos, Ritual Entertainment, Glyphx, Nixxes and Psyonix.

The cancelled games are believed to be:

  • Pillars of Nosgoth
  • Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Enhanced
  • Sirens
  • Kain 2 (Crystal Dynamics)
  • Kain 2 (Silicon Knights)
  • Shifter
  • Soul Reaver 2 (not the version that did get released, obviously)
  • Chakan 2: The Forever Man
  • Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy
  • Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun

You can see concept art and gameplay stills from many of the cancelled projects here.

The GAF report goes into great detail about the projects, and pieces together elements of their construction and cancellation from various sources throughout the years. It also touches on a lawsuit between Eidos and Silicon Knights that was unearthed last year.

Check out the fascinating thread above and let us know if any of the projects look appealing to you.



  1. YoungZer0

    Wow, Dead Sun looked really promising. And now we get some kind of multiplayer game with Nosgoth?

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Dave Cook

    @1 Seems that way bud. I’ll reserve judgement until I see it though, open mind / foolishly optimistic and all that.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. YoungZer0

    @2: I remain skeptical. I wonder, did the series sell so poorly that we have to wait so long for a proper sequel?

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Ali

    1) We need more gamers like Mama Robotnik
    2) the series was never a huge hitter in sales
    3) I kinda wish Eidos wasnt bought by SquareEunuchs !

    #4 2 years ago
  5. YoungZer0

    @4: 3) Yeah, me too.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. orakaa

    A multiplayer game on a successful and beloved single player game/franchise? Reminds me of Shadowrun and that horrible 360 FPS…

    #6 2 years ago
  7. DrDamn

    It may not have been the Shadowrun people were expecting but that 360 game was much underrated on it’s own merits. Fantastically well balanced. Should have had more maps/modes for a full priced release though.

    #7 2 years ago
  8. freedoms_stain

    Reading through that Neogaf thread, it’s no wonder the LoK storyline has made so many drastic twists and turns, they keep taking other concepts and slapping trying to fit them into LoK, and lets face it, with wildly varying degrees of success.

    #8 2 years ago
  9. SplatteredHouse

    As extraordinary, and certainly fascinating (thanks Dave for featuring it) as the thread and its contents are, I cannot avoid a sense of sorrow learning of the many attempts and inspirations that have ricocheted around in a push to bring us more of this stunning franchise.

    I LOVE seeing this style of art. It’s really pronounced, it’s bold and well defined. (as an aside, it reminds me of my fave memories of Acclaim’s Shadowman… How I’d delight in seeing more of that! A very evocative tone, rich in expression and featuring intriguing level designs) The amount of, just, strife that has followed the series that this thread covers, though!

    That said, I’m not sure I care all that much for a MOBA set in Nosgoth :( The core mechanics of the concept just don’t appeal to me as a fun way to play video games. Wait…

    “Nosgoth” – once known as “War for Nosgoth” – is the multiplayer component of Legacy of Kain : Dead Sun. It recycles the art assets from the cancelled single-player project, and has been compared strongly to “Monday Night Combat” with third-person battles using period-appropriate weapons such as crossbows.”

    “what Kain fans have missed out on: two direct sequels to Blood Omen, a direct sequel to Defiance and a big-budget next gen launch title single-player epic. We’ve been messed about enough, and I’m happy to relay the truth of what happened. Nosgoth/War for Nosgoth is the tiny surviving part of what should have been the series’ big return next-generation return. After a ten year wait, it’s a shame things didn’t work out better.” (quotes taken from MR’s Neogaf thread.)

    Amen. It is so sad that Dead Sun couldn’t survive, intact. :(
    Although dark prophecy looked as if it could have been promising. Looking at the in-engine images, it looks like a direct continuation, and the way they’ve presented the Pillars there, is very reminiscent of Blood Omen in theme, although seen nearer the chronological time of Soul Reaver.

    #9 2 years ago
  10. salarta

    This seems like a good thing to me. We’d probably end up with a video game industry version of Twilight, judging by recent projects.

    #10 2 years ago
  11. Ali

    I am not really a big fan of the series and I am not really into vampires an that, what bothers me is how everything Climax does, looks and sounds old school awesomeness yet manages to get cancelled. I remember being very interested in their Prince of Persia game and now this. Hopefully they manage to get into a triple A project to the end.

    #11 2 years ago
  12. SplatteredHouse

    More art assets have been added. Another half-dozen at least striking environment showcase images, joined by a selection of in-game images of combat, featuring the protagonist in action!!

    It interests as well as concerns me, to consider that THIS could be the way that future generations learn of present (past) games, through their media and assets – and at the time when a sufficiently plucky, or interest-piqued person or group, set out to follow and tug at a curious thread which they happen upon – because a title’s support was dropped, with an inevitable ceasation of server support.

    It’s already possible to see the whispering onset of the occurrence, today, because ANY game, pre-online-era has availability status set at the presence of a physical copy, and the hardware to run it (in the event one intends not to play it an emulated form.)

    #12 2 years ago
  13. Clupula

    Chakan 2: The Forever Man?!? That’s a completely different franchise! What is that doing here?

    While I would have loved to have seen a Chakan sequel, since I loved the original on Genesis, I am quite puzzled by its inclusion here, unless the point was to tie Chakan into the Legacy of Kain world.

    #13 2 years ago
  14. Clupula

    Nevermind, just read the original article. Didn’t know that Chakan 2 was cannibalized for Blood Omen 2. The way this article makes it seem is that Chakan was somehow part of the franchise.

    #14 2 years ago
  15. YoungZer0

    @13: From the looks of it they seem to transform other videogames into Legacy of Kain games instead of developing a LoK game from the get-go. So I’m not surprised to find Chakan on the list.

    #15 2 years ago
  16. SplatteredHouse

    @13 The thread compares Chakan elements to parts of Blood Omen 2.
    The suggestion being, that Chakan 2 and another cancelled project, Sirens, were bound together and essentially retitled to form Blood Omen 2.
    @15: that strikes me as a strange way to go about things, that somebody reckons (for instance) that the gameplay in Chakan sequel would do better under an LoK guise. Then, they order the game in development ceased, and then reconstitute the existing work once the original developer’s been sent away as akin to their own creation.

    #16 2 years ago
  17. SplatteredHouse

    Going back to my own comment (@12) the hope would be that a digital future would safeguard the purpose of preservation, of sustaining games. But, again publishers such as EA bastardised a perfectly sound concept. With yearly franchises, you might have three years out of that version you enjoy, before the nomads have all moved on to the point the game goes dark, with no recourse to a player – NO option left to them to continue enjoying that game. And they’re still charging the same damn price, with that policy, intent, fully in mind – bah! D:

    #17 2 years ago
  18. grandia01

    dear square enix,
    turning a game into a multi-player one does not GURANTEE increased sales. look at what happened to lord of the rings, the secret world, even biowre’s knights of the old republic (even WOW is starting to lose its glory). believe me, you are making the BIGGEST mistake by giving LOK’s fans a multiplayer game.
    when i play a LOK game, i want to be mesmerized by its voice acting and its storyline, not by fighting with strangers over items and grinding for gear and gold.
    sorry square enix, but you guys are idiots; and I hope you go out of business soon. I am not interested in this game of yours.

    #18 2 years ago

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