Console Wars: you’re going to buy an Xbox One

Friday, 14 June 2013 10:08 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Thanks to some clever showmanship from Sony, E3 2013 was a PR disaster for Microsoft. What effect will this have on the next generation of console wars? Almost nothing, Brenna argues.

Eventually, as Microsoft irons out the wrinkles, the inconveniences of the Xbox One will become less and less apparent, and the benefits of the licensing system will become obvious. It’s entirely possible that Microsoft is actually ahead of the trend on this – as it was when it focused on online multiplayer, coming into this last generation well ahead of Sony. We’re expecting discs to be gone entirely within the next two generations.

As everybody piles on to the Microsoft hate train, there are a few dissenting voices. Microsoft itself, of course. A few rare opinion pieces from industry types brave enough to handle the storm of Twitter abuse that follows from breathing a word of support for the Xbox One. And most interestingly, the analysts whose job it is to know where the money is.

I’m no Xbot, kids; I was a rabid Sony fangirl before I saw the light of platform agnosticism (otherwise known as tax deductible hardware purchases). It took me years to pick up an Xbox 360 and I barely use it, since I don’t like the control pad (small hands, see) or have time for many multiplayer shooters. But I know I’m going to get an Xbox One eventually, and truly I think if you are the kind of person who invests in more than one console, you probably will too.

Sure, the Xbox One online stuff is inconvenient but just look at these games. If Sony had announced it would also implement a used-games blocking licensing system – and if publishers had gotten behind it – that would have been an entirely valid argument. Xbox One checks in online once a day – but it has Halo 5. Xbox One won’t let you rent or borrow games at launch – but it has Titanfall. In a not very alternate world, Sony did the same thing and we ran pretty much the same article twice, once for each conference, CTRL+F-ing in the appropriate first- and third-party exclusives.

Xbox One seems, at this point, to have some quite annoying restrictions – you need a solid Internet connection and you can’t swap and trade your games as you’ve grown accustomed to. This last one is a real hassle for hardcore fans as games aren’t exactly cheap, and if they abide by the system they’ll be stuck playing fewer games – that’s not a good scenario for anybody, as it means less diversity and more of the focus on blockbusters which has made the end of this generation such a grim time to be working in triple-A console games.

But “quite annoying” could also easily be applied to PC gaming. Many of the restrictions Microsoft is introducing have been common in PC gaming for years, where the idea of trading used games is only just cropping up as a possibility again.

Although he had plenty of praise for Sony,
Rob argued in his analysis of its E3
presentation that all Sony had to do to “win”
was capitalise on Microsoft’s PR bungles.

This video is a perfect example of how it did
precisely that.

Over the last two decades PC gaming has, if you look at retail sales charts, dwindled to practical non-existence. And yet you and I both know that’s not the reality. Digital distribution has exploded despite the fact that decent Internet connections aren’t as common as the fortunate tend to believe, and while the triple-A space is still fraught with frustration like late releases and shifting DRM policies, in general you can pick up any major game, often more cheaply than on consoles, and play it with virtually zero hassles. On top of that, the indie, mid-tier and experimental scene on PC (and to a less degrees Linux and Mac) is incredibly robust. It’s fair to say that the vast majority of truly innovative, exciting design, stuff that will inform the industry’s future for generations, is happening on PC first, and nowadays, almost everybody has some kind of PC.

This wasn’t always the case. People forget so quickly that when Steam launched it was considered an anti-consumerist nightmare wrought from the bleak fabric of an Orwellian future. “What if Valve goes broke, what happens to the games!” we bleated. “What if my Internet is down and I can’t authenticate my game!” we bleated. “What if I don’t have a credit card!” we bleated. “What if I break the law and get banned from any actual legitimate purchases on my account!” we bleated. “What if I am on an airplane in Antarctica, right, and also my V key is broken so I can’t copy paste the code, and also I have an allergy the Steam’s colour scheme that causes me to break out in hives – and I want to play a video game!” we bleated.

As Valve got better and better at what it does – expanding to new markets, improving its services – the excuses began to run dry, and eventually Steam became a thing accessible to everyone but a handful of people in extraordinary situations and those in neglected territories, where there are a lot of potentially more serious problems to contend with, too. It still has its vocal opponents – die-hard anti-DRM advocates who will never get on board – but for the most part Steam has become not a hassle but a convenience and a thing we celebrate. Valve is the Good Guy, the white knight of video gaming.

If you were there, if you dipped into the oily vitriol that greeted Steam’s debut, did you ever expect things to turn out like this? Maybe it shouldn’t have. Maybe we should all be die-hard anti-DRM advocates. Maybe DRM really is purely anti-consumer in all its forms. I’m in two minds on that issue, and I’m not interested in debating it here. What I am interested in is whether the same thing is going to happen to the Xbox One. Will this storm blow over, as so many have before it?

Gamers Give In

There’s nobody better at moaning and complaining than People On The Internet, and gamers are among the best at it. Fronting excellent arguments against anti-consumerist behaviour, we fill messages boards with our anger – but come launch day, we promptly forget our intentions and buy right into the hype.

Click to expand.

I think it will. The Xbox One’s daily online authentication is difficult to justify, it’s true. By essentially turning the discs you buy at retail into an easier way to get games onto your console’s hard drive than downloading it every time you decide to reinstall, Microsoft is, potentially, opening the doors for piracy, and of course it’s going to try and lock that down. But that’s not a popular thing to do, and in general is less successful than adopting a friendly stance like CD Projekt’s, and I suspect that if anything changes about Microsoft’s licensing systems, it’ll be that – the anti-piracy daily authentication will be axed in favour of a softer system like Steam’s, with an offline mode.

I expect you’ll eventually be able to rent and trade in games, too. Microsoft has already said it’s exploring it, and probably was before you started howling for blood; it’s a complicated legal issue which Steam is only just starting to pay attention to, and it will take time to sort out. Apart from a few vocal outliers, nobody inside the industry really seems to want used games to go away. EA, the publisher voted most unfriendly to consumers and the most trigger-happy on the online pass and DLC front, has publicly distanced itself from Microsoft’s talk of a fee to trade games. Nintendo has said publishers aren’t really that bothered about blocking used games. Retailers are backing the console strongly, a thing they wouldn’t do if they feared the used-games trade was on the way out (remember that platform holders still really, really need retailers to sell hardware, which always makes almost no money for the shop; it’s a complicated business relationship).

Eventually, as Microsoft irons out the wrinkles, the inconveniences of the Xbox One will become less and less apparent, and the benefits of the licensing system will become obvious – easy access to your entire game collection without having to haul discs around, lots of cloud support features, and one day maybe even cheaper games as a digital focus lowers production and distribution costs. It’s entirely possible that Microsoft is actually ahead of the trend in chasing a digital future – as it was when it focused on online multiplayer, coming into this last generation well ahead of Sony. We’re expecting discs to be gone entirely within the next two generations, really, and online multiplayer really has become a major thing.

We’re not the 35 million who buy Call of Duty and Madden every year; we’re not the people who actually fund the games industry. We’re the grumpy, cynical, noisy minority whose voices echo back and forth in a closed circuit, magnified by the narrative of games media.

I think that the violent anger Microsoft has triggered will be forgotten, just as so many gaming “scandals” are. (Remember Modern Warfare 2′s dedicated servers protest group? And the screenshot – see boxout – showing that the day the game launched, most of the members were playing Modern Warfare 2?) Maybe it shouldn’t be forgotten -I don’t know – but the Xbox consumer base is so much bigger than the core gamers who are educated on the topic of and disgusted by DRM (especially when we narrow that group down further to the ones who will actually stick by their avowed intention not to buy in) and we don’t know what that broader audience thinks and wants. We don’t hear from them. They weren’t watching E3; they’re not arguing on this website.

If Apple produced a living room box with exactly the same parameters as the Xbox One it would sell enormously to non-core gamers, and its a similar consumer base Microsoft will get on board to help the Xbox One gain acceptance – keen on gadgets and services, but not passionately dedicated to the hobby. I’m sorry, my friends, but you and I here in this space are the minority when it comes to spending money on video games. We’re not the 35 million who buy Call of Duty and Madden every year; we’re not the people who actually fund the games industry. We’re the grumpy, cynical, noisy minority whose voices echo back and forth in a closed circuit, magnified by the narrative of games media.

No matter how strongly we rail against the Xbox One, how much we all focus on the negatives instead of embracing the positives, the Xbox One will sell and it will be successful. After all, it’s got Halo. It’s got Titanfall. It’s got all your Xbox Live friends. And it’s got your Gamerscore. Eventually, it will have you.


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  1. mojo


    #1 2 years ago
  2. monkees19

    Sure, Im buying an Xbox One…in 5 years. Just like I waited 5 years to buy a 360.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Joe Anderson

    I agree the Xbox One will be successful as will the PS4. The thing is tho, both consoles are identical. MS may focus on TV but as seen by this gen there is nothing between both consoles. Both 360 and PS3 are focused on TV and Games, in fact I use my PS3 just as much for TV as I do games.

    The same goes for digital features, I can’t see Xbox One being much different from PS4 in this respect, it’s just that Sony has chosen not to focus on this area of the console yet. You can be sure that once again there will be nothing between the two.

    Sales will come down to what exclusive games you prefer, nothing else.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. monkeygourmet

    Well, they have defiantly lost me as a customer.

    PC, Wii U and PS4 for me.

    I simply can’t get behind these levels of DRM and Kinect privacy problems. It’s a terrible console IMO, and MS should be pay the price for trying to introduce this advertisers wet dream into our homes.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Malmer

    Also, Microsoft allows you to share your entire game library with 10 friends via the cloud. You and one more person can play simultaneously. Sharing a physical disc will not let you do that.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. redwood

    there is a thing called word of mouth brenna.. I have already seen hardcore halo-ites give-in to sony.. they are not going to get an xbox. so NO, it’s not as simple as you make it sound in this article. but you ARE right that we are in the minority.
    honestly I can’t care less about microsoft. whoever lets me play with ease gets my money.. and m$ is not letting me do that.

    #6 2 years ago
  7. Ali

    Not really, there is nothing on the X1 that I am interested in. My favorite indies are developing for PS4, Sony’s exclusives shown are more interesting to me than Xbox1′s.

    Oh and if the rumors are to be believed, my the Xbox 1 won’t work in my country.

    Sorry, but I have never wanted all the cloud service thingy, I just want a console that plays vidoe games the old fashion and PS4 is just that.

    Not even Mortal Kombat being XBox1′s exclusive would make me buy the console

    #7 2 years ago
  8. monkees19

    @3 You’re probably right. That’s why I use my Nintendo systems more than anything. The exclusives are better to me.

    However, I don’t use my 360, Wii, Wii U or PS3 for TV at all. They are dedicated gaming devices only. Those are the people pissed off by the announcements MS made.

    #8 2 years ago
  9. monkees19

    Im not interested in using the cloud. I don’t use it at all on my 360. Ill be upgrading my hard drive instead (I have the older model.) I need tangible goods to hold in my hand as a collector. They stop selling discs, I stop buying altogether. I have well over 400 hard copies of games at home to play, I’ll manage.

    #9 2 years ago
  10. TheBlackHole

    Great article Brenna.

    “I just want a console that plays vidoe games the old fashion”

    And that’s exactly the danger of catering to the present and not looking to the future.

    #10 2 years ago
  11. Ali

    Oh and I am not really that gaming addict teenager anymore, I get the idea of quitting the hobby from time and time and MS’ attitude of ” if u don’t have a certain that, stick to your 360″ kinda pushes me there. I mean, I ain’t begging ya and I ain’t asking ya for a free console, this should be more of us telling MS to stick to windows if they ain’t really keeping it simple.

    I am not really a fan of the future designed this way. U see, there are a lot of people living in countries with not so good online connection (Mine is just fine tho). if that’s the future, MS isn’t really making it look/sound great.

    #11 2 years ago
  12. redwood

    yeah.. micosoft needs to clarify if xbox one will function in ME and india.. there are gamers there you know :P

    #12 2 years ago
  13. Joe Musashi

    I’m sure I’ll be buying one, in time. I tend to get all the consoles of a generation once there is sufficient content that I find meaningful. The politics surrounding that machine or its content rarely affect my purchasing decisions. They are fun to talk about though. ;)


    #13 2 years ago
  14. monkeygourmet


    Is this the gaming future you wanted?!

    #14 2 years ago
  15. Sturmhardt

    Since the exclusive titles of the Xbox-Prism don’t turn me on and Kinect is not something for playing but for dancing, I don’t see any reason to buy it. PS4 is cheaper and less invasive of my privacy, those are things I value.

    #15 2 years ago
  16. illuminatusv

    As the dust of the E3 press conferences disappears I for my person notices: More exclusive games shown at the MS conference and not only bad things from the DRM MS is going to do: You can trade yout digital-only copy. Thats something totally new. I don’t know any digital platform that can this. Steam, no!, Playstation, no! Nintendo, no!. Apple, no!

    #16 2 years ago
  17. CyberMarco


    #17 2 years ago
  18. Bomba Luigi

    I really would like to Buy an Xbox One. They showed some Cool Games, and I’m sure there will be more Cool Games in the Future. And of course, since about forever always buyed every Major Console (only crap like Philips CDi was out in the Cold)

    But I’m not swallow everything to play good Games, ask EA: I really would love to play Sim City, It looks good, I love sim City, but I didn’t buy it. Because they crossed a line in how to treat me as a Customer. And this is by far not the only Example I could make.

    I want the new Xbox, but I only buy it when Microsoft is putting away all this Horrible Restrictions. I really hope they are doing this at some Point, and when they are doing this I buy one, you can bet. Until that, good xbox one Games get in the Same Place stuff like Sim City and Diablo3 get. I want it, but I dont buy it.

    #18 2 years ago
  19. Pytox

    mot much that im interested in on xbone, dont want it too.
    they showed way too much cgi instead of gameplay, only gameplay was ryse & titanfall but titanfall comes to pc so dont need a xbone.

    #19 2 years ago
  20. Lengendaryboss

    Great article Brenna, but no not going to buy one, until that 24 check in gets canned, i don’t care how just can it.

    #20 2 years ago
  21. Kaufer

    As long as exclusive console games for Xbone have PC versions I don’t think Im missing much. I can do without Halo, Forza or Fantasia.

    #21 2 years ago
  22. Fin

    I think long term, they’ll probably balance out, but short term, X1′s gonna have a rough time.

    It’s not really comparable to other boycotts either (MW2, SC2, SimCity, D3), as there’s a very obvious alternative.

    #22 2 years ago
  23. Iliad

    In the words of Lana from ‘Archer’: “Noooooope!”

    #23 2 years ago
  24. Samoan Spider

    I know I’ll be buying one, and probably before the PS4 as well, but that’s based on the games I’ve seen so far. The exclusives on the XBO float my boat more than the PS4 options and the multi-plat titles will look great whichever platform they’re on but I won’t be buying it until probably a year from launch. And in that time if the games line up changes dramatically, or hardware flaws/weaknesses come to light, I’ll change my mind, but as it stands with the conferences already a distant memory to me, that’s my personal view. Whichever I buy first, I’ll buy the other later on down the line anyway. But the cost is hugely prohibitive so I won’t be buying both at the same time.

    #24 2 years ago
  25. JPickford

    What a load of tripe.

    #25 2 years ago
  26. zme-ul

    why this article sounds apologetic and looks like written by MS ?!?!
    I had the impression gaming media exists to serve the gamer, not the publishers, console makers

    me buying a XB1 .. you’re wrong!
    back in the day when I wanted a console I made a list of pros and cons X360 vs PS3 – PS3 won, and I never regret buying it
    I have a very good PC to play anything that doesn’t gets released on consoles

    as for “next-gen”, I already made my choice – my next gen will remain my PC and my PS3 as long as there are new games for it
    XB1 – is a no-no
    PS4 – still hasn’t convinced me, and that business with PS+ requirement for MP .. no-no

    #26 2 years ago
  27. Belazur

    So what Brenna wants to tell us:

    Microsoft is going to screw you -> But hey, they have Halo 5
    Microsoft is going to screw you again -> But, hey, they got Titanfall, too.

    I give a damn about two of their games (Titanfall will be on PC, too and likely on PS4 in maybe 1 or 2 years, as it seems)
    There are enough other games and BETTER 1st Party Games on the PS4 (and PC). Just look at the PS3.

    Blocking used games, forcing online, always connected camera/Kinect, 100$ more expensive, much weaker hardware (50% weaker GPU, only 5GB DDR3 for Games / PS4 has 7GB of fast GDDR5 RAM for games).

    Is this even a contest?
    No, thank you! Keep your XBone.
    If you want to get screwed and paying more money, just to play Halo…. well, good luck with that.

    #27 2 years ago
  28. Fethennour

    Don’t think so. I’ll be dead before I buy it.

    #28 2 years ago
  29. Joe Musashi

    Interesting read on Xbone’s positioning – allegedly from an anonymous Microsoft engineer. I can see where they’re coming from and agree that Steam also had a very chilly reception when it was introduced. Obviously, it could all be made up, so take with as large a pinch of salt as you wish.


    #29 2 years ago
  30. zersus

    No Xbox One for me, the PS4 and WiiU it is.

    #30 2 years ago
  31. skonkfonk

    I’m ok with the approach that PC is doing the same thing that xbox one wants to do, BUT, every single new games are more that 10€ less expensive in terms or price when they are launched!

    #31 2 years ago
  32. CyberMarco


    If the goal was to reduce the price of gaming and sell new Xbox One games at 30$ they could easily come out and say so. And apart from that, they could have made that price already available with Games on Demand.

    People believing that when a corporation kills its competition will team up with the consumer… lol!

    And on a side note, people buy consoles games because they don’t want to buy Steam games, simple as that.

    #32 2 years ago
  33. zme-ul

    quote: The thing is, the DRM is really really similar to steam… You can login anywhere and play your games, anyone in your house can play with the family xbox. The only diff is steam you have to sign in before playing, and Xbox does it automatically at night for you (once per 24 hours)

    what a load of bull …
    no you don’t have to sign in to be able to play a game on STEAM
    you can go in STEAM folders and make a shortcut to your desktop, and be able to launch the game without STEAM
    for games that use the STEAM Works, there is the option to switch STEAM to off-line mode indefinitely

    #33 2 years ago
  34. eXite85

    I’m sorry, but i don’t agree! We are a minority, but only at the end of a console cycle. When Xbox One and Playstation 4 launch, we will be the majority. Maybe even the only ones, who will buy these machines in the launch window. What are the effects of this ? We will lay the foundation of their success. We will decide their install base in the beginning! Right now the Playstation 4 will have the bigger one, by far !

    Someone else already mentioned it: word of mouth. We will be the ones , who will show the consoles to others. We will talk about them.

    The only thing Microsoft can do now is to start their multimillion dollar PR campaign to persuade the non-hardcore gamers.Will it work ? Probably no! How many Surface RT or Pro have been sold ? not many i guess. but i see the commercials and ads all the day (in germany). I see ipads or galaxy notes everywhere ,for example. why are these products successful? Because they’ve established a install base really quick and who did that? the hardcore guys!

    it will be the same with Xbox and Playstation!

    #34 2 years ago
  35. Djoenz

    Haha Im afraid Brenna is right. I will highlight one sentence:
    We’re the grumpy, cynical noisy minority!

    Its sad this digital future. Im not ready but eventually if you cant beat them join them.

    I wont support fees for online ontop of my internetprovider. I want to keep discs, TANGIBLE fuck digital!

    I wont buy next gen. I will finally grow up and find a new hobby perhaps fishing. Rely too much on servers and online and it will bite you in the ass. Good luck nerds.

    #35 2 years ago
  36. manamana

    @Brenna No, not this time around. Halo means nothing to me anymore. Titanfall will be available on PC and on 360 and further down the line on PS4.

    And the indie-titles that are on its way to PS4 are far more interesting than that (incredible stupid, imo)’TV-tie ins they are on. No really, from the bottom of my heart, beeing an 360 gamer day1, fourtyone years old of age, I know what I want. And what I dislike.

    That doesn’t have to do with the overall MS-bash-parade but with the way more attractive PS4, imho!

    Overall, Microsoft will do fine. Of course. They will spend billions in marketing, which Sony can’t afford. But I don’t see Microsoft beeing Nr.1 in Europe or Asia. Or South-America.

    #36 2 years ago
  37. KAP

    If you buy an Xbox one your buying into DRM.
    Because that sounds like a great idea right?

    #37 2 years ago
  38. Francis O

    No I’m not going to buy a Xbox One.

    Such a stupid article. Is this article even addressing the Japanese consumer? Are they going to buy a Xbox One? Hell no.

    I got a PC, Wii U, 3DS and will get a PS4. I don’t need a Xbox One that won’t even allow me to borrow a friends game.

    VG247, as bias as ever.

    #38 2 years ago
  39. Samoan Spider

    @33 I was just about to make that same point. I have my PC at home always online, but I also have my laptop for playing indies and lesser titles at work without a net connection. I bring my lappy home and log in maybe once at the weekend to do a cloud save but that’s it.

    Edit: But even if you make a shortcut, it still loads Steam in the background (it has to to boot: see the shortcut link and it’ll be a steam game code link, not an .exe)

    @37 See my post in the Piracy thread in the forum, but even the PS4 has DRM. Otherwise, if it doesn’t I’ll just copy blu-ray discs in my burner, because there’s no DRM right? And the point is, we don’t know what the PUBLISHERS will implement because it’s up to them. The PS4 just doesn’t have MANDATORY online checks like MS.

    #39 2 years ago
  40. absolutezero


    #40 2 years ago
  41. Telepathic.Geometry

    I don’t think that the X1 will be a disaster, and will sell… okay.

    But they’ve lost Japan, they’ve lost all americans with shitty internet, they’ve lost less well-to-do gamers, they’ve lost principled gamers, they’ve lost the kinect haters, and they’ll never convert a PS3 or PC gamer to their side with this new policy. It MUST be incredibly damaging for them…

    #41 2 years ago
  42. Digital Bamboo

    I will concede that Xbox One has some good looking exlusives, but I will not be buying it.

    I’ve managed to live without an Xbox this long, and things just got exponentially worse with the One, so I see no reason to jump in now that the water’s boiling.

    There are more than enough games on other systems to keep me busy without all the BS. It’ll be PS4, U & 3DS for me going forward; perhaps even a gaming PC down the road. The Xbox One is not even a consideration, and never will be for me.

    #42 2 years ago
  43. Lengendaryboss

    You talking about bias, oh the relentless irony :)

    #43 2 years ago
  44. DrDamn

    I’m going PS4 but I’m pretty sure I’ll get an XO at some point. I like gaming and some stuff will only be available there. The game sharing stuff and effectively retail = digital but you can trade it in too is actually a plus for me.

    #44 2 years ago
  45. CyberMarco

    Also, Microsoft should change the console’s name to DorritosBox!–256299.phtml

    #45 2 years ago
  46. mark_t50

    Urgh, I always hate to see people resort to that MW2 screen shot, remember that was a public steam group that anyone could join, and for every one person who joined to ‘fight the power and stick it to the man’ there was another person joining to troll them in the group comments, so of course it was no surprise to see a load of them playing the game on launch day, a load of the group were not in there to boycott it anyway. The article was good enough on it’s own without needing to reference such a pathetic image.

    Anyway, other than that I agree with a lot of the article, for those die hard fans of gaming it might be difficult to resist, I can only say that I know I have my own red lines that MS have crossed, but I’m not saying I’ll never get an Xbone, my attitude is that I’ve already got my pre-order in for a PS4 and it will be my console of choice in this coming gen, I’ll wait on getting an Xbone for MS to walk things back till they no longer cross my own red lines, if that never happens then I never buy one, simples.

    Of course by that point in time I’ll likely be heavily invested in my PS4 and despite usually owning all gaming devices I normally have one of them as a primary platform that most of my games are bought on, I can see this costing MS dear as further down the line people pick it up purely for a small number of exclusives only.

    #46 2 years ago
  47. lubu

    i will buy it day one for forza 5.

    #47 2 years ago
  48. rafterman83

    I’m buying an Xbox One. And not just because I think it’s the best. At the end of the day you go where you friends go. And for me it’ll Xbox all the way.

    Also Sony fans are very quick to forget the numerous missteps with the PS3…….

    The network went down due to it being hacked for several weeks…..

    Everyone seems to forget the years of shitty ports of multi-format games……..

    PSN is along way off Xbox Live in scope, vision and delivery (where’s your cross game chat?)……..

    Quite frankly Sony’s lineup paled in comparison to Microsoft’s……. I want triple-a, living breathing worlds, not tinny indie games. We have iPads for indie don’t we?

    Clearly a lot of the PS4′s functionality, like backwards compatibility is a pipe dream at best.

    Bluetooth chat is the modern equivalent of two cans and piece of string……

    And Sony’s decision to show off a load of crappy indie games was a massive misstep – if I want 2D games I’m certainly not going to buy next-gen console for them.

    And finally Sony’s controller is just plain terrible.

    I will of course probably buy and PS4 at some point, but if none of my close friends have one who am I going to play with? Some 14-year-old swear-y American? I think not.

    Microsoft take my money.

    #48 2 years ago
  49. superjay779

    I 100% agree with this article. I know nobody remembers this but almost every E3 for the last 3 years many people think Microsoft did awful. Around this time I always hear how Microsoft is done. They are going to go Bankrupt. Does anyone remember when they unveiled Kinect. When Christmas comes around people vote with their wallets and all that diehard negativity doesn’t appear till the next E3. I feel Sony will sell more consoles right now but when Microsoft starts going with their Marketing (they are the best at that) I expect them to do really well. I feel people will be very disappointed when the numbers start coming in after Christmas.

    #49 2 years ago
  50. MadFlavour

    Some people will buy it.


    And yes I do feel justified in declaring them morons, since their actions will help shape the industry. Yes there are games and features of the XBone that are appealing to me, but buying one is tantamount to voting in favor of such anti consumerist practices, and as such I will not be buying one.

    But yes, for the average punter, they’re probably too ill-informed to know better, so the Bone will probably be somewhat successful.

    #50 2 years ago
  51. reulini

    erm.. no. X1 offers a entertainment “console” with services that don’t exist in most countries. Who the hell cares about that? consoles mean gaming, not “lebron stats”..

    #51 2 years ago
  52. JB

    @5 Yes and we only loose a little freedom, abolish game ownership in the process and we must call daddy Microsoft every 24 or every 1 hour if it´s not our primary Xbox Done.

    It`s just a virtual witch-hunt from haters, there´s no consequences if we accept Microsoft`s vision.

    No big deal – it`s the future…

    #52 2 years ago
  53. Francis O


    Like I’ve said before, I got all the systems and plenty of games for each (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PC, 3DS.

    There is no irony in my previous statement.

    #53 2 years ago
  54. mkotechno

    No, I don’t, miss Hitler.

    #54 2 years ago
  55. Malmer

    I will buy BOTH day one. I have PS4 preordered since early february and Xbox since november last year.

    I think the criticism leveled against microsoft is exaggerated and many times not even based on facts.

    #55 2 years ago
  56. loveaya

    Blahblahblah, totally crap. If everyone is going to buy an XBOX ONE, why you wrote this article? To prove what?

    #56 2 years ago
  57. NeutralBlade

    As it stands, you can’t own the console or its games. MS wants to distract consumers with their shiny objects, so you can take your focus off the negatives. Once Sony has a firm lead in sales, and the Xbone isn’t getting exclusives outside of first-party content, those who solely invested in the Xbone will regret their investment.

    It just makes a lot more sense to avoid the Xbone, get consoles and games you can actually own, while you wait and see what changes or not, with MS. This DRM issue is similar to smoking. People know it’s bad for them, but they just have to get that supposed need from it; regardless of the consequences. Also like smoking, I hope those that invest in the Xbone, don’t regret it in the future.

    Losing server support for games over the course of next-gen, is going to be a bitch; you can count on that. Consoles aren’t Steam, and we aren’t in an all digital age either; along with the fact that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a platform from the same company, before you can play any of their games. People just keep looking for excuses to accept the restrictions. The acceptance and success of a restricted product, will only lead to more restrictions.

    Well, good luck to you all. I hope it works out.

    #57 2 years ago
  58. viralshag

    I agree with pretty much everything in this article. My opinion is that gamers are often a lot more fickle than they like to make out. It’s proven time and time again, like Brenna said.

    Gamers will war with anything until the inconvenience levels drop and it suddenly all becomes acceptable. Online MP gaming behind a pay wall being a good example. Before it was pointed out as MS being greedy but that stance, now that both companies have adopted that position, seems to have softened and people seem a lot more ok with it.

    There’s quite a stretch between now and the launch of the consoles, things could get better or they could get worse. I’m not going to pre-order but wait until Xmas when the machines are out and the dust has settled.

    #58 2 years ago
  59. Lengendaryboss

    Speaking about you in general :D

    #59 2 years ago
  60. Ireland Michael

    It can be as successful or popular as is wants. My plan isn’t to see it fail. As long as a single one of those DRM restrictions applies of the machine, I won’t be touching it. Not now. not on six months, not in six years.

    Kudos to you for knowing exactly which sensationalist nerdrage buttons to push in most people though. I’m sure it will get plenty of reactions. This piece is about as transparent as they come.

    #60 2 years ago
  61. typeface

    Honestly, a subset of people would buy it but MS doesn’t have the mindshare that will give it the PS3′s legs.
    Simple comparison of facts that people forget. 2005/2006 we had the internet but we didn’t have twitter or an active FB and social media networking was limited to fricking myspace -.-. We didn’t have an arab spring, we didn’t have twitter activists we didn’t have jackshit except for epetitions. People didn’t really spread word of mouth as much as today. So yes word of mouth is a powerful factor. The other factor price – if MS drops from 499 in the first 6 months you can bet Nintendo and Sony would as well from their respective spots. We’ve seen it happen this gen we’ll see it happen again. 499 is pricey in today’s market.
    The other more important thing. At the start of a new console generation, everything is reset. The PS3 came a year late, $100 more than the competition with their previous two consoles dominating their respective generations selling 100M plus and having a global mindshare. Right now as a result despite all those mistakes and misteps and then trying to appeal to the consumer they’re close to 80M and perhaps due to aggressively trying to appeal to the consumer they might hit close to 100M before support wanes off.
    The Wii sold 100M and was a huge hit, the WiiU has it’s share of problems and hey everyone buys nintendo games right? I mean their consoles sell a lot and games do. We see the 3DS succeeding and the WiiU ehhh.
    Let’s move on from there, the Xbox is on target to 3rd place this gen with a respectable 80M. By the end of this generation the PS3 might only be a couple of M best above it, if that. They’ll be on par.
    There is no reason for them to have this much hubris.
    If the PS3 coming from a 150M console can see a loss of 1/3rd of their market with their hubris and arrogance which mind you in terms of ‘practice’ is less than what MS is doing right now. Unless MS changes their tune you can be assured that this console will sell around 20-30M. Is that okay? Sure. Is that a good return of investment? NO.

    What happens when MS can’t find success in a market? there’s a term for it, It gets Zuned. However we will see an iteration to the XBO before that happens.
    MS believes it can sell this because people will buy whatever shit they will sell. Why? Because their research suggests that gamers would buy anything and everything. I think they forgot that there’s one step too far. This is reflected by the change in their structure. Most of the people in charge of the launch of the 360 and original Xbox no longer work for the company. This product is going to do subpar. Not saying it won’t sell. It will sell but not like what MS expects. Not remotely unless they change their strategy. Marketing will not get it to change because you can’t force a change on the market. Using the old analogy, you can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink. MS is basically taking the horse and drowning it in the water with their cloud strategy (Oh and believe me, this is a company-wide strategy).

    #61 2 years ago
  62. Belmont

    One day microsoft reveals the console and the policies for it. The gaming journalists start and navigate the viral hate train (Dave’s article). Every gamer joins them.
    Several days later, a company announces that it imposes no restriction, that supports fresh not-Call of Duty ideas. that they have a good value console Every journalist calls it a fake PR stunt and that the first platform wins. Every gamer joins them ! had an article :
    “Entitled Gamers, Corrupt Press, and Greedy Publishers” It’s worth reading.

    When iO7 was released ever journalist swore to their deity that it was amazing. Now they started the hatred and controversary.
    “Entitled Gamers, Corrupt Press, and Greedy Publishers “

    #62 2 years ago
  63. Docker Al

    This article completely ignores the impact the arrival of the ‘steam box’ will have. TV friendly pc’s are on the way and could change everything. As for the Xbox one the reason I won’t touch it is the surveillance camera; the DRM and online stuff I can live with. I’ve been with Xbox since day one of the first console, I have a surface tablet and a Windows phone. My next phone and tablet will be android. I’ll buy a PS4 day one and in the future a ‘steam box’ or similar. For me it’s goodbye Microsoft for ever.

    #63 2 years ago
  64. M. K.

    Wow Brenna makes me comment her article once again :D

    I couldn’t care less if X1 is going to sell millions or just thousands, but saying that people are going to buy this console is simply wrong. Just look up on facebook, twitter etc. My friend, neighbours, colleagues, their mothers, fathers, cousins everyone is informed very well what Microsoft is doing with its new console.

    Best example:

    A few days ago in the driving school, all of a sudden someone starts to complain about the new xbox and everyone in the room (age between 16 and 50) starts to moan about the new xbox. I was totally surprised :D

    So Microsoft everyone knows! You thought you could sell your stuff to people who don’t know nothing, but they do already! :P

    #64 2 years ago
  65. TrickyAudio

    Well this was bound to get rough.

    #65 2 years ago
  66. monkeygourmet


    Surely your not calling out Brenna on a ‘flame bait’ article?!

    #66 2 years ago
  67. efnaldinho

    Awful article, here’s why:

    1. You don’t have data from Steam/Origin/Digital platforms about the success of PC games -can you demonstrate how sales are non-existant?

    2. Those obsessed with CoD and Madden are also obsessed with price. £80 cheaper and more powerful without draconian DRM and online authentication.

    3. Steam allows people to access their games on any machine. I can also play multiplayer in the games that have it. Can I say the same of Xbox games? Can I access my XBLA on Xbox One? Nope.

    4. Steam regularly offers heavily discounted prices on all games. That elasticity in pricing hasn’t been forthcoming from Microsoft. Seems like they’re not wanting to upset their retail partners.

    5. MW2 boycott is equal/similar to the dismay displayed by consumers? I don’t remember the BBC/Forbes/CNN and other mainstream news media weighing in about the lack of dedicated servers.

    6. Halo 4 sold considerably less than Halo 3. Halo doesn’t dominate Xbox Live like it once did.

    GG no re.

    #67 2 years ago
  68. polygem

    i really don´t like the conculsion here. it stinks: but hey it got halo.

    see, the stuff is actually really simple. make games registration OPTIONAL and give the guy who registers the game benefits from it, like no need to use the disc anymore, share the game with 10 friends etc. but keyword is optional.

    i agree that they will probably iron out some issues but they´ve shown their vision here. no, count on it. i wont support it. they´re done for me.

    i am not going to support ms. i am a huge halo fan. you canot let them get away with it. all the spit and acid right now is well deserved. in fact it´s far too quiet. take a look at prism too. seriously. how can people swallow all this, it´s unbelieveable….oh yeah it has, halo AND titanfall.

    #68 2 years ago
  69. Lengendaryboss

    To add to your point the Xbox One was even on a Radio Show here in the UK where they complained about many of the issues i won’t go over again, so public awareness is increasing and you know what they say no publicity is bad publicity.

    #69 2 years ago
  70. orakaa

    Oh, please, not another flame bait article…
    We’ll see how things work out but I’ll never take an Xbox One, and for $500 with no added value (the PS3 at least had a blu-ray to try to justify its price and even like that it was way too expensive).

    Time have changed. Mainstream have more than they need with tablets and smartphones. And Microsoft exclusivities? Halo 5, ok. TitanFall will probably only be a timed exclusivity and will probably come to PS4 on the first year. Even like that, to me it just appears to be a COD clone with mechs and jumps (wooaaa how original).

    Core gamers, you think so many will buy a $500 device that limits their experience (mandatory games, limited games resell, Kinect, etc.) when they have a $100 cheaper device right next to it on the shelves?
    Look at Wii and WiiU. Wii was bought because it was cheap and accessible. WiiU could have sold if the price wasn’t so high.

    IF Xbox One was priced at $200, yes it would sell like hot dogs, but it’s not the case. And no, I won’t buy an Xbox One. Actually, before E3 I was planning on not buying consoles anymore. Now my interest goes to the PS4 but I’ll be watching what they have to say before release. I’m no fanboy: I’ll go where my interests are best served.

    #70 2 years ago
  71. NeutralBlade

    @63 Azure was built as a profit and control system. The console is currently setup to install games like a pc, not play them from the disk. Removing DRM could cause a lot of headaches, and may not be possible without a complete overhaul.

    MS doesn’t want to create any loopholes for free games, by removing restrictions. Right now, I just don’t see MS eating that loss, after building their entire console around Azure and Kinect’s control schemes. I also hope for a positive outcome, but the Xbone has DRM built-in. Anything that’s disabled, can easily be re-enabled. So when are you ever safe from their control?

    That’s the beauty of ownership. Having that freedom to do what you please, such as choosing not to buy a Xbone; due to their new, abusive policies. You don’t have to just accept it, especially when their competitor has a more attractive product.

    #71 2 years ago
  72. SplatteredHouse

    “There’s nobody better at moaning and complaining than People On The Internet,” etc, etc…

    So! What’s the alternative? Walk away quietly? Say nothing, while something that you enjoy is tainted by undesirable practices you do not? I like a good counter-point. Another perspective. I can see how a group of like-minded people seeking to stave off these changes (KEY changes, mind you, the decision over which history tells is most unlikely to be revisited once they’re in place) may appear as a form of angry mob. The #NODRM thing was smart, because it offered a unifying point to many disparate opinions and messages that the anxious, the “invested” sought to convey.
    As soon as you could see obvious retweets, you’d also be able to see individual (truncated) views, and links to more thorough opinion

    “we don’t know what that broader audience thinks and wants. We don’t hear from them. They weren’t watching E3; they’re not arguing on this website.”

    Interesting point. If they’re the majority, we accept that to be the case, then their vote matters most. #DEALWITHIT, hm? What you used to enjoy is being manipulated into something you’re unlikely to, but hey, it’ll be over soon, just let it happen? Accept that gaming’s a democracy and more often than not, the decisions will form around the words UNspoken, the views NOT heard? Because, money talks. Period. Or, express an opinion. See whether others share it.

    That money, the bulk of buyers don’t usually represent my interest. I agree that gaming should be accessible – that this is a positive outcome in the longer-term – how about that works for BOTH sides, though?

    I applaud the initial momentum of Nintendo, with the Wii. They raised the profile of gaming, through lowering its barriers (what they lacked was strong direction/stewardship, particularly so once the assembled realised, again, that their toughest opposition was the party seemingly holding a door open, while also holding a vested interest in pushing their own product aggressively, to their friendly rival’s detriment.)
    But, if the masses in effect get a voice their way, is it appropriate to decry the vocal their voice, as well?

    I do not believe it likely that I would get an Xbox One. Their software is not appealing, their focus (when it appears), skewed and their hardware seems to behave and act in ways of polar opposites to how I enjoy entertainment. And then, it wants to tell me HOW I’m going to enjoy that entertainment! It’s no longer enough to pay for goods, no. Now, Microsoft almost considers you guilty till proven innocent. In which case, they can go away, themselves.

    #72 2 years ago
  73. M. K.

    Just noticed that there’s absolutely no mention of kinect 2.0 in this post. Very well done :D

    #73 2 years ago
  74. Sadismek

    Heh. I won’t. My PC-PS3 combo worked fine this generation, and I don’t plan to make a console collection either, so I’ll go with PS4 this generation someday. It has the games that look fun and sequels to games I’ve played and enjoyed. The fact that I can play used games on it with no restrictions whatsoever and no required internet connection (which is good, because I have a shitty WiFi one) makes this even better.

    “After all, it’s got Halo. It’s got Titanfall. It’s got all your Xbox Live friends. And it’s got your Gamerscore. Eventually, it will have you.”

    I couldn’t care less about gamescores, Halo doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, Titanfall is coming to PC as well, and on top of all, I haven’t invested a penny in Xbox’s ecosystem.

    #74 2 years ago
  75. Ireland Michael

    @67 Thats exactly what this article is.

    It’s essentially accusing every single gamer of being a spoilt toddler having a temper tantrum and throwing its toys out of the playpen.

    #75 2 years ago
  76. Belmont

    @67 monkeygourmet

    Of Course not. I like VG247 and it is my browser’s homepage.That is the name of an article (chosen by its author) but I do not refer to anyone as “Corrupt”. That article also lowers gamers to ashes !
    What bothers me is that many gaming websites are boarding the train that all the support for Sony is the result of a PR stunt. That is something absolutely weird. The fact that you price your platform 100$ lower is too realistic for an stunt ! The phrase “PR stunt” is my problem. or something like “clever showmanship”.
    And it got Halo. Where is NaughtyDog when you need them ? Damn!

    #76 2 years ago
  77. deadstoned

    I can see the XBone doing well in the long run, but as of now I think Sony has won both 2013 and 2014. The hardcore achievement whores and uninformed consumers who purchase out of brand loyalty are the primary guys buying the Xbone at the start. The majority of opinion makers are all currently behind Sony and that’s a very powerful trend setter.

    If Microsoft can understand what a good deal is on their store and not upset Gamespot and retailers too much. They may do well out of that. But I find it hard to believe that Microsoft will ever offer anything as compelling as Steam sales, without turning back on their word. And even then one day Microsoft will likely not allow digital game libraries to transfer to any future consoles or devices. With Steam your safe in the knowledge of strong backwards compatibly. Essentially I think the Xbone is too closed system to be successful like the Steam model, which thrives off competition and publishers not the platform holder setting the price.

    -From A PC Gamer who only owns a PC, but one day plans to get a PS3 and PS4.

    #77 2 years ago
  78. monkeygourmet


    Of course! We’ve been here before with Brenna’s articles though. Every month or so, she publish’s an article that is pure flame bait deriding a certain group of people to cause maximum website hits.

    We both were there for the DMC thing, this article is just an extension of that attitude IMO.

    #78 2 years ago
  79. Ireland Michael

    @79 Except I completely agree with her regarding DMC.

    #79 2 years ago
  80. M. K.

    Oh I loved that DmC article <3

    #80 2 years ago
  81. monkeygourmet


    Don’t worry! I know only too well.

    It’s just the same article with a different subject.

    Basically, haters gonna hate, deal with it.


    That’s your prerogative, but if you can’t see a similar thread running through these type of articles, then that’s a shame.

    #81 2 years ago
  82. Mike W

    Yea I will, just not on launch.

    #82 2 years ago

    I agree.

    Just like the PC players still bought MW2,

    Just like the anti DRM brigade still bought Diablo 3,

    I’m pretty sure half of the people attacking others for wanting to buy an X1 will probably end up buying one anyway.

    Excellent point about the tiny vocal minority, too.

    #83 2 years ago
  84. monkeygourmet


    Surely PC players would have just pirated MW2? ;)

    #84 2 years ago
  85. NeutralBlade

    @76 I’ve been on several non-gaming websites that also reported on the Xbone One. The comment results? Literally 99% are negative on each of the several places I visited. It certainly isn’t just on gaming websites, as the vast majority dislike the new DRM policies; and that’s putting it lightly.

    In my opinion, come November, people certainly won’t forget what’s occurred this month. MS is going to have to do a lot better than the nonsense they’ve been saying lately, in order to win back the soon-to-be Xbox converts.

    If the Xbone stumbles like the Wii U did due to a big loss of their consumers to the competition, over the course of next-gen, it will only get worse. I doubt MS wants to lose half their base, because as it stands, that’s likely going to happen, if not more.

    #85 2 years ago
  86. Francis O


    I don’t care what you think about me in my comments over the internet, I purposely do to rouse you and the other fanboys up on here.

    You refuse to talk to me in person to find out who I really am so please STFU. You don’t know me, and you’re to scared to talk to me face to face.

    So don’t judge me when you’re to much of a wuss to debate or talk to me face to face on my views in gaming.

    I am not bias, I have all console, and play plenty of games on each.

    #86 2 years ago
  87. TrickyAudio

    I’ve racked my brain why I would want this thing. Fable is the only IP from Microsoft I really enjoy, but I could more than likely pick it up on the PC.

    If in 2/3 years they dump Kinect, drop the price and make a smaller SKU like a slim, I might take a punt but as of now nothing shouts to me this is better than a PS4, or even a combo of PS4 and my 360.

    So no, I might not buy it – at launch or probably ever.

    #87 2 years ago
  88. monkeygourmet


    Woah dude!

    We’re did that come from? :)

    - sorry, just saw the bitchy comment lol

    #88 2 years ago
  89. sgtsalt

    “There’s nobody better at moaning and complaining than People On The Internet,”

    those are consumers!

    If you don’t listen the consumers why are you in the biz ?

    #89 2 years ago
  90. Ireland Michael

    @84 I never bought Diablo 3, despite loving the series, for the very reason you just mentioned.

    #90 2 years ago
  91. CyberMarco

    @ 76

    “It’s essentially accusing every single gamer of being a spoilt toddler of having a temper tantrum and throwing its toys out of its playpen.”

    I can see that there is a huge part of the gaming community that act like that, doesn’t care shit unless they get the next Halo and CoD.

    Personally I could be offended by that. It implies that we are little b*tces of capitalism that will bend like we don’t have free will.

    Anyhow Brenna, you have some valid points but it’s not right to put every gamer in the same bag.

    P.S. I’m still waiting for that answer regarding the email to Kojima/Konami and the release of MGS:Legacy Collection in Europe! :D

    #91 2 years ago
  92. TheBlackHole

    “It’s essentially accusing every single gamer of being a spoilt toddler of having a temper tantrum and throwing its toys out of its playpen.”

    I don’t think it’s saying that about every single gamer at all, just the ones throwing their toys out of the pram. Which they are.

    Also, if everyone is so in love with the PS4 and confident in its ‘victory’, why are so many of its ‘supporters’ spending so much time trashing stories that are about a competitor product?

    Usually in war, when you’re THAT far ahead, you don’t feel the need to berate opponents that aren’t on your level… unless you feel they are some kind of threat.

    #92 2 years ago
  93. TheBlackHole

    @90 but it’s not ALL the consumers. It’s not even a representative sample. It’s a very niche sample.

    Kinect is proof enough of that.

    #93 2 years ago
  94. polygem

    only thing they can get out of this again: hey you will have all those restrictions, the games aren´t really your games sure but they are only 39,99.

    or: with xbl gold+ for 29,99 a month you´ll have unlimited access to all the games on the marketplace as long as your sub runs.

    #94 2 years ago


    Well, that’s you, but over 10 million people did buy it, so we’ve got clear proof that these sort of ‘we have principles!’ based internet campaigns are no indication of how successful a product may or may not be.

    #95 2 years ago
  96. Ireland Michael

    At the end of the day, the sales of the hardware in a few months time will do the talking.

    #96 2 years ago
  97. CyberMarco


    Yeah, but still it doesn’t change the fact that the majority of the consumers doesn’t give a flying f*ck on what restrictions they are going to have, or don’t care of the consequences and so on.

    #97 2 years ago


    I’m sure that taking a cut in profits isn’t something that any dev/pub would go for, so the only real way to drop prices like that would probably be from the direct downloads.

    However, I don’t think that retail would be too happy about that, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope of $40 games except during temporary XBL sales.

    #98 2 years ago
  99. TheBlackHole


    I think your generalisation of ‘consumers’ is underestimating people’s intelligence.

    I wouldn’t assume that just because you hold a particular view, that the rest of the world don’t care what they are buying into.

    I don’t agree with you, and given the general lack of clarity and consideration in your posts, wouldn’t consider you any more aware of what real ‘consequences’ were than the rest of us.

    #99 2 years ago
  100. Belmont

    ” the violent anger”

    I don’t remember stabbing Don Mattrick with a knife or anything.

    “If Apple produced a living room box with exactly the same parameters as the Xbox One….”

    Come on. I just say this: 1.7 million Surface –> 100 million iPads !

    #100 2 years ago
  101. TheBlackHole


    Game prices will be determined by how many are sold.

    If the attach rate for the console suddenly plummets due to high prices, they will be forced to revisit their pricing structure.

    Consumers ALWAYS have the power in these circumstances.

    #101 2 years ago
  102. NeutralBlade

    @97 Initial sales won’t give us a clear answer, especially since we won’t know if either camp will have enough consoles on hand. It won’t be until next year, until we’ll have a more clear difference in sales. Between the uninformed, risk takers, and Xbox fans, MS’ system will sell at launch.

    But one thing I do expect over the course of 6 months, is more market speak to win back customers. By hook or by crook, as they say.

    #102 2 years ago
  103. CyberMarco


    I’ll give an example. If someone said you in the 90s that corporation will know about your likings, hobbies, political views, the way you live your life, when you go on vacation, when you buy a new car etc and use all that data to spy on and exploit to their advantages, you would call he was nuts and a conspiracy crazy one.

    Now just take a look around you…

    #103 2 years ago
  104. Ireland Michael

    @98 Yeah, I think you underestimate the intelligence of the general consumer.

    This is completely anecdotal, and I fully admit that fact so don’t take it as some broad assumption of truth or anything, but every single person I know is coming to me and telling me how disgusted they are with the setup of the Xbox One. Many of these people aren’t even heavy, serious core gamers and they’re pissed off at it.

    #104 2 years ago
  105. zinc

    Well the core WILL buy it. Their heavily invested in gaming.

    The casual guys like me? Nope.

    Its a lot more expensive, I can’t easily trade my old CoD for my new CoD and the PS4 will have all the games I know, without spying on me.

    Its the price-point thats the kicker though.

    #105 2 years ago
  106. Lengendaryboss

    “You refuse to talk to me in person to find out who I really am so please STFU. You don’t know me, and you’re to scared to talk to me face to face.” You have just answered what i was going say i don’t know you so why should i “talk to you in person to find out who you really are” you are a virtual stranger thats all i know, i don’t even talk to strangers in public, because i don’t know them. In person, why should i travel spend lots of money just to debate someone who cannot see things a broad perspective, it doesn’t make sense of any level.

    “So don’t judge me when you’re to much of a wuss to debate or talk to me face to face on my views in gaming.” I don’t take demands from virtual strangers and couldn’t less what you think of me, i judge whatever i want to judge, no one can stop that and you shouldn’t try. you’ve been warned :D YOU DON’T KNOW ME :D : :D

    Love that my comments rile you up :D

    #106 2 years ago
  107. CyberMarco


    You know that everything that is said to Syri on the Iphone is filed and sent back to Apple, right?

    I bet the majority of Iphone users know that and don’t bother having to give in their privacy…

    #107 2 years ago
  108. Ireland Michael

    @106 I am a core gamer. I have been for 25 years. I have never had any platform bias, as I have always believed that all hardware is built equal and its the games that make the machine.

    This will be the first console I *deliberately* choose not to own.

    #108 2 years ago
  109. unixtreme

    So your whole point is that people will get Xbox One because of two exclusives of the same genre and ignore all the flaws thinking “they might get polished”.

    Personally I don’t like shooters, and your article is full of false premises like your hate against the disk, ps4 will have a disk tray, so what? I’m not forced to use it, i can buy all the content on psn. And you can’t say Microsoft is ahead in this war when Sony started selling games online directly to our consoles millenia ago.

    I don’t care if you’re a fan boy, but you look like one, because most of your statements are plain false.

    I’ll buy both systems like I did on the previous gen, but I’ll start with ps4 because Sony is starting to fit my point of view and get the Xbox One when it’s at 200 or second hand, the last gen I started with Xbox and I regretted it.

    #109 2 years ago
  110. Yoshi

    Nope XD I still won’t be buying. My PC has Titanfall.

    Okay you mention X1 is like PC but it’s not. The one true big and only difference is with my PC I can upgrade to keep with current times. That makes the fact of buying on Steam a valid choice as it’ll always be there and I won’t ever be buying a brand new PC that then is unable to play my Steam games. This is the simple fact as to why x1 is nothing like PC in terms of restrictions.

    #110 2 years ago
  111. Logion

    Good article. Sadly I think Microsoft knows this, this is why they are not addressing the complaints so much because they know people will complain a lot in the beginning and eventually ending up buying it.

    #111 2 years ago
  112. zinc

    @109, Yeah i get that, but theirs a few core gamers willing to give the xbone a punt, because its got games they like.

    Where as the casual gamer is not going to see past the price-point frankly.

    I mean $100 is a big chunk. You can talk the power of the cloud & tv control all day long. The PS4 is cheaper, it has CoD, FIFA, Madden & is cheaper.

    #112 2 years ago
  113. TheBlackHole

    I recommend you all read this. It’s very interesting, and highlights a lot of the points (from both sides) as to why Microsoft’s actions are a good/bad, but inevitable thing.

    And make no mistake, Sony WILL follow this path eventually, it’s simply a case of whether they did it now, during this generation, or in the one after.

    #113 2 years ago
  114. Francis O


    LOL, gotta love VG247! Wat a wuss

    #114 2 years ago
  115. Lengendaryboss

    @Francis Still stands:

    #115 2 years ago
  116. CyberMarco


    It was already posted before in the comments section.

    And by assuming Sony will follow suit doesn’t make them look less “evil” and it’s asinine as a statement. Personally I’ll be the first going apeshit regarding Sony’s stance too.

    Also, I answered you question…


    Fixed it!

    #116 2 years ago
  117. NeutralBlade

    @114 People keep making comparisons to Steam and saying what’s going to eventually happen. But as it stands, we don’t have to be concerned about going all digital for at least another 6 – 8 years. The new generation has choice, and people will choose the best price and functionality. And even then, there is no guarantee all digital is going to happen after the PS4/Xbone era.

    When it comes to the Xbone, the negatives outweigh the positives. And no consumer should let themselves be conned out of their rights. It’s a post from a Microsoft employee, which is clearly biased. I could dissect and invalidate his whole argument. It’s like peer pressure to get you to do something you know isn’t right. They’ll just keep on trying to convince you that “hey, it’s not all that bad, just try it.” No, I think I won’t, thanks.

    #117 2 years ago
  118. TheBlackHole

    “And by assuming Sony will follow suit doesn’t make them look less “evil” is asinie”


    #118 2 years ago
  119. typeface

    I’ve to agree with NeutralBlades views here.

    Thing is MS makes its bread and butter from B2B. Their consumer divisions exist, have a market and everything but it’s not what earns their income. That roughly translates to most of the company’s focus being B2B. Thus market research, studies and everything will primarily focus on that business. their entertainment division is going to come from this B2B background and not a B2C background. It’s as simple as that. They’ve been pushing SSAS quite heavily and you know what – it’s actually pretty good for most businesses as it helps them with IT costs and the like. However it’s a different ballgame with consumers.
    The reason why you can expect change with Sony and Nintendo is that they are primarily B2C. Most of their end products (all in case of Nintendo) are aimed at consumers (Sony Insurance and Finance is different but that’s a different story – they were an electronics company at first).
    MS isn’t going to change their minds right now. Initial sales will not reflect a bad market. Guess what? Most consoles sell decently for the first 2 months, provided there exists a market for their ecosystem.
    It’s after the first 6 months to a year that we get a clearer picture.
    The low-yield rumours means they will have limited stock and will sell out. They do have some brand loyalty as well. Following that. Unless they change they won’t sell. The problem is that some people will buy this no matter and that market is usually part of the first adopters. If they don’t have a software drought this trickle down is slower in the first 6 months (WiiU phased the drought and thus their sales went down horribly).

    Here’s an example despite all the BS with the PS3 they sold 5 Million to their existing market of 120M at the time. If MS takes too long to hit their mark whatever it is (should be 2-5 Million) that’s when they’ll realise there’s a problem. Till then they wouldn’t believe they’re on the wrong track. They don’t really believe there’s a problem and are surprised at the reaction.

    They knew the markets were against win8 and had issues with Surface yet they released them. Nothing’s going to really change unless they’ve learnt something from all of their recent actions. Doesn’t sound like it though.

    #119 2 years ago
  120. TheBlackHole


    What rights, exactly?

    #120 2 years ago
  121. CyberMarco

    Also assuming that MS (or Sony) will follow the Steam pricing model anytime soon is total bullsh*t. They could have already done that, creating an incentive to the player to buy digital rather than physical.

    When Remember Me launched it was priced 60$ on PSN and on Steam it was 40$. Also GMG had a coupon taking of 25% off the game’s price bringing it to 30$.

    B*tch please!

    #121 2 years ago
  122. zoopdeloop

    simply no
    just because Microsoft came up with 2-3 new exclusives (something Sony and Nintendo being doing for years) doesn’t justify a purchase for me.
    i’ll go with WiiU and Ps4…for now

    i don’t see XboxOne failing but ps4 has the advantage this time
    lower price,no DRM,same launch period,a bit more powerful plus easier to develop since they pretty much share the same architecture with One and PC.
    No shoddy ports this time…unless Microsoft wants to.As if we don’t know how Microsoft loves to play dirty when they get competitive,hitting below the belt

    #122 2 years ago
  123. NeutralBlade

    @121 Loss of ownership over the console and games, even though you’ll pay full price for everything.

    @122 With the Azure control system, sales competition is greatly reduced, renting is eliminated, along with trading and selling under the complete control of Microsoft. What we often see in situations like this, is higher prices, less sales, and of course the possibility of price fixing. The only thing that might ward off price fixing to an extent is the same product being sold on another console; though such a thing would have little effect within the Xbone’s market unless the consumer owns the other product.

    I agree that people should stop dreaming. There will be no Steam-like discounting on the Xbone. Doing that would actually mean they care, when we know they don’t. The new DRM policies are certainly proof of that.

    #123 2 years ago
  124. silkvg247

    Sorry Brenna but the network infrastructure in most countries is not going to be good enough to eliminate the need for disc content in the near or even distant future. And digital laws are probably going to come in place to protect the consumers more than they do today anyway.

    I feel I need to point out that Steam did NOT bring DRM to the PC, DRM / online activation was already prevalent from most major publishers, steam just made it easier to manage, introduced masses of competition and pushed prices down and that’s why most people “love” steam.

    I don’t see microsoft mentioning that their DRM will increase competition or drop prices. I see this as microsoft trying to make a monopoly like they have with windows, I see this as microsoft trying to control everything and asking that people pay top dollar for the “privilege”.

    I will not buy an xbox one. And if my steam games ever go up to £40 a hit, untradable, I won’t be much of a PC gamer either.

    The simple truth is this: The second you add restrictions or DRM to your game you lower it’s perceived value to your target audience. That is what “killed” the disc based PC market, not piracy. DRM. Why would anyone pay £30 or more for a single licence to a game?

    Thankfully steam found a way to let the publishers keep their precious DRM whilst making it cheap and friendly enough to be popular. You can’t have it both ways and expect to win, you cannot charge full price for an non-tradable and therefore blatantly inferior product. Not in my world, and not in the world of anyone with common sense.

    Long story short – it isn’t necessarily the DRM, rather the pricing structure being completely out of line with any other DRM product (e.g. PC games, which can usually be preordered for £22).

    #124 2 years ago
  125. CyberMarco


    “I see this as microsoft trying to make a monopoly like they have with windows, I see this as microsoft trying to control everything and asking that people pay top dollar for the “privilege”.”

    OVER 9000!

    #125 2 years ago
  126. Beta

    I’m sorry to rebel against the resistance is futile message here, but no. No I am not.

    #126 2 years ago
  127. redwood

    hey brenna.. maybe the article should have been named “Console wars: *they* are going to buy an xbox” :)

    #127 2 years ago
  128. Blue Oni

    Brenna is my favourite journalist troll.I love this girl. :)

    #128 2 years ago
  129. ps3fanboy

    @all pc beggars and xbots doing mickey$ofts draconian drm wishing on sony yet again. at this stage its pathetic.. take your loss like a fucking man.

    @Brenna Hillier, you know what…. i left pc gaming in the ditch when steam,origin,uplay,gfwl etc crap become standard. pc gaming rip 2007. so i am not one of them whiners that take it up the arse and forgive.

    #129 2 years ago
  130. falconofstorms

    No, I will NOT buy an Xbox One, click-baiting troll girl. I already gave Microsoft enough money from RRoDs that weren’t covered under warranty. Titanfall and Halo are just shooters. I will NOT support Microsoft’s heavy-handed anti-consumer policies, even if they announce that the new Fable fulfills every promise that the original made and more.

    #130 2 years ago
  131. Rockin a Jack D

    Buying neither a PS4/X1. Happy with my PC/3DS/Wii U combo. Plus the only exclusives i care for are Nintendo’s. Everything else is on PC.

    #131 2 years ago
  132. Ge0force

    It won’t have me. I don’t care about Halo, Titanfall is also on pc and the gameplay of Ryse looks awfull. But most of all, I will not support a company that wants to monetize every single part of my favourite hobby. I won’t ever buy an Xbox One.

    #132 2 years ago
  133. Rockin a Jack D

    @ Brenna Hillier

    You can’t compare Steam or the PC market for that matter with the X1. It’s silly. They aren’t the samething.

    The PC is an open market, you aren’t limited to one store, hence why Steam games are so cheap. There is competition on the PC platform. If you don’t want to use Steam, there are always other outlets i.e. GOG, GreenManGaming, Amazon, Gamefly, Origin, UPlay, Gamersgate, GetGames, Humble Bundles, or buy direct from the developers.

    Contrast all the above with X1. The X1 is a closed market, run by one firm in MS, they dictate everything. There is no competition, therefore games will never be as cheap as they are on PC, plus there is no such thing as a ten year life cycle on the PC. The DRM imposed on the X1 just make it worse due to it being a closed market.

    People need to stop comparing the PC market with X1 as they couldn’t be more different.

    #133 2 years ago
  134. deathm00n

    Yesterday at my bus coming back from college I was talking about games and then someone, who isn’t even a gamer, he just bought a PS3 as his first console in years, the last one was ps1, just said: “Have you seen the new xbox? What the fuck are they thinking?”. The word of mouth is already spreading, people who don’t read about games are already laughing at microsoft. They don’t even fully understand what is the downside of it, but there is so much joking about it. Half of the bus were laughing with jokes about Xbox One.

    #134 2 years ago
  135. GrimRita

    Nope. Wont be getting one. Or a PS4

    #135 2 years ago
  136. stretch215

    Lol. Look at all the protesters! Do you guys EVER get tired of repeating the same tired shit over and over…and over. Some of you regulars need a break from the internet, surely. It’s been a long week. How can you guys just sit on here ALL day? Don’t you people have jobs?

    #136 2 years ago
  137. tmac2011

    no xbox for me, i dont want to watch tv or get spied on by the goverment with that manditory camera and prolly microphone inside. no used games is the stupidest thing since justin beiber. microsoft go home your drunk…….

    #137 2 years ago
  138. stretch215

    I guess you have to buy used games when you sit on vg247 24/7, instead of working :)

    #138 2 years ago
  139. hitnrun

    “But I know I’m going to get an Xbox One eventually, and truly I think if you are the kind of person who invests in more than one console, you probably will too.”

    Well, I can stop you right there. When I was younger, I didn’t have the money for more than one console (or, late in the life cycle, two). I would have spent it if I did. Now, I don’t have the time. It’s laugh-out-loud funny to me to read about why I should buy a PS3 (I’m a 360 owner now), a system that plays basically all the same games, for this or that exclusive. Even if you pare down my Pile of Shame to just the critically acclaimed titles on 360 and Steam/PC, it’s still at least 25 deep.

    I could be persuaded to buy a new console for an upgrade, but not just access to some exclusive, and especially not if that exclusive is Halo. I liked Halo once I gave it a chance – I even read a few of the novels – but it has clearly run its course. If Titanfall is an exclusive, I’ll eat my shoe.

    But again, even if it was, you’re talking about a $500 – realistically, $600 short term investment – for Titanfall? Just for Titanfall? Because again, these consoles will play 95% of the same games. Pass.

    As for Steam: c’mon, Brenna. Steam sucks, sure. In theory.

    In reality, Steam is a 1) free program that sells itself by 2) coming with games you buy, like a cereal box toy, and by 3) hosting incredible, inhumane discounts.

    Microsoft has never discounted anything. Ever. The extra characters for the 2007 title Marvel Ultimate Alliance are still $10. They were $10 when they were released, they were $10 when I bought my Xbox, they’re $10 now. They have – occasionally – a Gold-Members-only sale where 1 random game is sold for roughly what its normal cost on Steam is for 1 week. I’m no fan of Steam – in theory – but I’ve spent maybe $60 on the service and have more good games on there than I could play in an entire console generation.

    #139 2 years ago
  140. monkeygourmet

    All these new accounts! Brenna is on fire! :)

    #140 2 years ago
  141. harr0w

    I agree with brenna I’ve been I steam user since its beginnings. Valve got some stick when they began steam but over time as it grew it became an unbelievably good service, one I could certainly not do with out.
    Microsoft are sly operators and mimicking steam for a digital service is good move its just goung to take time for people who are unaware of what can be achieved with it come round.

    But until then you could buy a 360 hahahaha

    #141 2 years ago
  142. Samoan Spider

    @141 Should’ve clocked Cybers comment earlier but yeah, I noticed that too :)

    #142 2 years ago
  143. OwnedWhenStoned

    I’ll get whichever one makes the least noise, and has Netflix and plays Blu Rays.

    The vast majority of my gaming is done on PC anyway.

    #143 2 years ago
  144. monkeygourmet


    Doin’ it right! it’s probably paying for Pat’s E3 trip! ;)

    #144 2 years ago
  145. silkvg247

    @144 Cheaper and quieter to build a media PC with a bluray drive.

    #145 2 years ago
  146. silkvg247

    @142 the day MS mimick steam with their ludicrous sales is the day I get an xbox one. Needless to say I won’t be getting an xbox one.

    #146 2 years ago
  147. lexph3re

    Yeah… I’m not going to buy it. I will just build my PC and play titan fall on there or on the 360. Other then that just about everything else on xbone that is interesting won’t justify an initial $500 drop.

    When it’s 250 maybe, but 500? Nooooppppeeeee

    #147 2 years ago
  148. OlderGamer

    Say what you want, I switched from XB to PS for next gen. Still have WiiU. And PC. But unless MS changes some of its stances, I am not going to touch a X1.

    It really is THAT simple.

    I am not a fanboy, never have been. I do however, buy the best systems according to me. Last gen the PS3 turned me off. This gen the X1 does. I think ALOT of folks will feel the same way.

    #148 2 years ago
  149. MCTJim

    All I can say about the whole show is I liked what I saw game wise on both sides..but….it also pays to go last :)

    #149 2 years ago
  150. mistermogul

    My man, your words resonate 100% with me. In fact while reading your comment I thought it was mine!


    “Say what you want, I switched from XB to PS for next gen. Still have WiiU. And PC. But unless MS changes some of its stances, I am not going to touch a X1.

    It really is THAT simple.

    I am not a fanboy, never have been. I do however, buy the best systems according to me. Last gen the PS3 turned me off. This gen the X1 does. I think ALOT of folks will feel the same way.”

    #150 2 years ago
  151. NiceFellow

    I’m not. Honestly. I’m really, really not.

    Also sorry but that article is really rather full of woolly market assumptions.

    #151 2 years ago
  152. Clupula

    I’m going to buy a system to play fucking Halo and Titanfall? I’m not sitting in the back of the room with the safety scissors and glitter, okay? Spunkgargleweewee games are NOT going to entice me to buy a system. Dead Rising 3 looked nice, but I have no doubt they’ll put the Frank West version on PS4. It’s Capcom, for fuck’s sake. And Crimson Dragon looked nice, but not nice enough to buy a system for.

    Put Infamous: Second Son in front of me? That’s a system seller. And then the future franchises that I know will come. The God of Wars, the Uncharteds, whatever Quantic Dream will be cooking up. All the various Japanese JRPG companies that will wait a couple years to do PS4 titles, because they’re doing quite well with PS3 titles.

    There’s nothing on the Xbone that would entice me to buy it. Not that awful controller for mutants. Not the abundance of first person shooters. Not having the NSA have free access to my home. And definitely not fucking Halo. Christ.

    #152 2 years ago
  153. WENDiGO

    It’s amazing how gaming as a whole has become a civil war known as the console wars where core gamers are split between two sides (with neutrals on the side lines) battling it out to see who has the better games and policies. This is like the U.S. during the civil war with North (playstation) v.s South (Xbox) where both sides believe they’re doing the right thing. This war ends when the other one gives up. I say that because nobody wins officially until one of these companies say they’re not making another console (or they both quit). As long as consoles are being made, the fans will never give up on either one no matter how bad. There are still xbox fans with hope that believes xbox rules and playstation fans that think playstation deserves to be the king and that it should be acknowledged by ALL. These two factors will wage this war for years to come.

    #153 2 years ago
  154. CyberMarco

    #154 2 years ago
  155. MCTJim

    I am buying the X1 based on the games that I saw and that I want. I’ve read all the facts in reference to “the restrictions.” Its not as draconian as people think, but to each his own.

    But I would want MS to change their stance on the 24 hr check in..really 24hrs..come on, you can just edit that to say once a month or not at all. But the coming months will explain things better than you did at the show…well at least I hope they explain it better.

    #155 2 years ago
  156. DSB

    I agree with most of the predictions in the article, but you’re kinda treating consumers as these “idiots” who simply forget about wrongdoing after two weeks. That’s really not the case.

    People do remember, it will affect sales, and if Microsoft have even half a brain left, then there’s no doubt that they must be planning a full retreat at this point. Because (hopefully) they know that.

    Neither Steam nor Modern Warfare 2 had this much to lose, and they never faced anything approaching the same level of criticism. The Xbox One isn’t just a gamer issue, it’s a consumer issue, and it’s being picked up by a great number of mainstream news services, as well as major papers. It’s a disaster the likes of which I can’t remember seeing.

    #156 2 years ago
  157. gomersoul

    so not only do microsoft treat me like an idiot but vg247 do now aswell. go fuck yourselves, i won’t buy one. assuming because microsoft got the 360 right they’ll get this right. bull. shit. steambox is the only threat to ps4 this gen

    #157 2 years ago
  158. Clupula

    But you see, articles like this one are not entirely false. There are enough morons out there who will drag their knuckles to their local Wal-Mart to pick up an Xbone just because Halo is on it. They don’t care that they’re being screwed.

    I am greatly offended by the implication that I would be one of those people. But I will not deny that they will certainly exist.

    #158 2 years ago
  159. CyberMarco


    My words exactly, but then I’m considered an hypocrite or a conspiracy theorist.

    #159 2 years ago
  160. zinc

    The big difference between the xbone & Diabalo/Sim City is about $480.

    Putting up with DRM & a $500 price tag is quite the double whammy.

    #160 2 years ago
  161. shaolinsword

    I have no problem with the online requirement at the moment, it’s how they’ve handled themselves since the reveal that has put me off. It seems like every official comment has contradicted the one before it

    I admit I’m more of a Sony fan than Microsoft but I enjoyed my 360s and its a big kick in the nuts that this has happened

    #161 2 years ago
  162. DarkElfa

    Is this article Flame Bait? Yes, yes it is.

    But, it’s a journalism tactic that existed long before the internet. If you want readership, you need to get people passionate and involved. You have to spawn debate and keep that debate alive, even if it requires pushing people’s buttons.

    It’s age old and valid. Brenna always knows right where to kick you to get a reaction and I love her pieces exactly for that, great article.

    #162 2 years ago
  163. monkeygourmet


    Really? Really?!

    I just call it lazy and contraversial for the sake of it.

    Maximum clicks for minimum work.

    #163 2 years ago
  164. Mr Sparkle

    Like many others have probably said, I will get one, but not at 499$ and not at launch. Maybe in a few years, if they pull their heads out of their asses.

    #164 2 years ago
  165. Eregol

    @5 Where have we heard how this is going to work. From the sound of what we’ve been told so far, if someone else is playing then no-one else can play.
    With up to 10 people having the possibility of playing it then your chances will be pretty low.

    #165 2 years ago
  166. Cobra951

    Please don’t speak for me, Brenna. No, I will never buy an Xbox One as long as the restrictions remain. “Some of you”, “most of you”, OK. “You” implies all of us, and that is flatly false.

    #166 2 years ago
  167. ianbenoir

    I hate shooters and i think its a shame to have to count on them to sell a console, besides, only fun i have in multiplayer are in cooperative/story modes… after that, is game over for me, i’m not trowing my time away to play something that will add nothing to my life, and you all should do the same.

    #167 2 years ago
  168. Suikoden Fan

    “you’re going to buy an Xbox One” No, I’m fucking not.

    #168 2 years ago
  169. UuBuU

    While I agree with the argument that the Xbox One isn’t SO bad that avid gamers won’t eventually end up buying it for some exciting exclusives, thus far the games they’ve shown range from average to shit.

    Titanfall looks average and should be played on a PC anyway.
    Ryse looks like shit.
    Halo will be shit as always.
    [insert interactive movie game full of cinematics and fancy graphics] looks shit.

    #169 2 years ago
  170. benerio

    No. I won’t.

    Sorry, I already bid farewell to Master Chief at Halo 3, a good ending for him. I don’t really care with what I see on Titanfall, if it’s about massive MMO world, I like what Bungie presents with Destiny. If you’re talking about exclusives, many Sony’s top party studios haven’t announce their product which certainly they’ll do in near future.

    #170 2 years ago
  171. NeutralBlade

    I know people want to keep playing their games, but do you all really trust MS to do the “right” thing? The self-proclaimed “leaders of privacy”, strikes again:

    No, I think I’ll pass on the Xbone, and it’s watchdog Kinect.

    #171 2 years ago
  172. JonFE

    My first home console (after an aging Atari VCS) was the original Xbox, followed by a GameCube that a friend gifted to me. I purchased an x360 at launch (same for a Wii) and my first ever Sony consoled came much later, mostly for exclusives.

    As you can imagine, I’m pretty much part of Xbox “ecosystem”, however MicroSoft is pushing all the wrong buttons at the moment. I don’t really care about used games and I’m mostly online – unless I’m playing Dark Souls that is ;). But I really don’t like the constant validation of purchased disk-based software (which should at least optionally ask for the disk in the drive when not online). I, also, fear the possibility to be refused permission to play a disk-based game a few years down the line when the authentication servers are off. Finally I’m not sure I want a Kinect alive and kicking in my living room.

    At least, by the time they launch it in my country (I’m Greek) the dust will be settled :)

    #172 2 years ago
  173. Chris Evans

    I might not be entirely convinced that the Xbone is the way forward, but I do think Sony have some challenges ahead to overcome (as I’ve written here). Without some long-term planning from Sony, I can see the new Xbox staking a strong claim further down the line to being the “winner” of the next-gen.

    #173 2 years ago
  174. CyberMarco


    And still people believe that all this PRISM bullsh*t is conspiracy theories, right…

    #174 2 years ago
  175. TheBlackHole


    GMG sell steam codes and are not making money at that price.

    The digital prices are there to appease retailers who feel like digital day&date will lower their market share (which is true) and they still have a big influence over consumer purchases.

    Once enough people start using digital (ala Steam and iTunes) to the extent that it’s more digital than boxed, prices will be driven lower, because retail will not matter as much and digital copies have far fewer production overheads.

    #175 2 years ago
  176. Samoan Spider

    @176 I think PRISM is really a thing, but thinking MS are freely giving the NSA access to your Kinect is just immensely funny to me :D and I love that people keep using it as a reason to reject the XBO. And whats funnier, is this is written by people who own and use Android, iOS and Wp8 phones as well as typing into Chrome , IE or Safari. They seem unaware that they’re all using software from companies involved in PRISM.

    #176 2 years ago
  177. fearmonkey

    The article is partly right, I will one day probably get an Xbone, maybe sooner than later, but it will never be a primary console. It will be for MS first party titles only, and the PS4 will be my main gaming box.

    I am no Sony fanboy, I have been pro-Xbox Anti-Sony since they helped kill the Dreamcast with their lies about “Toy Story graphics”, and their statements about the Xbox and Xbox 360. I never planned on buying a PS4, but MS’s anti consumer pro-corporate baloney cannot be tolerated and the only stance I can make is to vote with my wallet, and help spread the word which I have done. I have probably talked with at least 20 people about it so far here at work, and a small minority are PS3 owners, most are Xbox owners, and none of them are buying a Xbone.

    I never bought a PS3, so their is no guarantee I will buy an Xbone. I love MS’s franchises, so I might buy it for a few games, thats it. The simple fact is that most games are multiplatform, and I will bet Titanfall and Dead Rising will come to PS4 later, and Ryse might come to PC eventually. Since the system architecture is a PC, the chance of Quantum break, Fable 4, and Halo 5 eventually coming to PC is greater than it was last generation as well.

    Gamers should buy what they want, and if the Xbone is what they want, fine……. However, they should look at the longer term consequences of supporting a company that doesnt listen to it’s fans, doesn’t care about their concerns, does what they want and expects the world to follow. Some people are strong and make a stance, others are followers who don’t care as they don’t think it affects them. By not buying an Xbone this launch, you would place MS in a position to do more consumer friendly actions. If your an Xbone fan, buying a PS4, or waiting it out will actually be beneficial to you in the long run, at least thats what I hope.

    I am so very tired of hearing Xbox One is like Steam yadda yadda yadda. No it isn’t. First off, I don’t have to use Steam, I have no choices on an Xbox One. Second, Steam’s offline mode is much greater than 24 hours, though I am unsure of the actual time limit. Third, Steam’s sales will always be so much greater than MS. During the entire 360 lifespan, I never saw one really amazing sale that was comparable to Steam, not one! Fourth, Console games have more a collectable aspect to them than PC games. PC games were never as much about that, and it’s one of the reasons I have always owned a console and a PC. If this was a game I wanted to keep forever, I bought it on Console, if it was a game that I didn’t care as much about, I got it on PC. IF I bought a game on PC and loved it, I likely would buy the console version as well, just as a collectable. Xbox One games lose that, you have the nice installation disk and box, but 20 years from now, is it going to work? Fifth, Most PC gamers I know don’t take Steam as seriously as consoles. They get a game for $5 or $10 and think its great, but don’t expect to necessarily have those games 20 years down the road.

    #177 2 years ago
  178. CyberMarco


    Yeah, I know that. I already talked about this argument in a post in the forums.

    Even though I’m not from the US, I know we can’t do much about it.

    I’m not saying that PRISM should be the reason not to buy an Xbone, but personally it’s an ethical matter too.

    #178 2 years ago
  179. CyberMarco


    Yeah, but to go the digital-only route MS and Sony should give incentives to do that, not force their will upon us…

    #179 2 years ago
  180. CyberMarco

    @fearmonkey #179

    My thoughts exactly, especially on the PC-Steam and game collection argument.

    #180 2 years ago
  181. Kuwabara

    man does that ps4 look sexy!!

    #181 2 years ago
  182. Khan979

    Preorder on Amazon in the US for both PS4 and xbox one…..PS4 was sold out day one after E3…xbox 1 still available. It’s like this everywhere.

    #182 2 years ago
  183. Xbox Shun

    I disagree with most of the guesswork and assumptions made in this article.

    And @178 “I think PRISM is really a thing, but thinking MS are freely giving the NSA access to your Kinect is just immensely funny to me”

    So I guess you missed the news that Microsoft gave the NSA access to snoop on Skype calls and video chats then? And you think the NSA couldn’t – and wouldn’t – want to get a court order to force MS to let them snoop on Kinect too? What’s to stop them?

    Shun this console. It may mean resisting wonderful temptations, but what’s more important? People need to not sell out so easily. Bend over now and the fucking MS gives you will only get harder.

    #183 2 years ago
  184. Demigod

    Im not. In fact after seeing all the contradictions and plain arrogance from MS Im going buy a PS3. Yes 3 Im still on the ps2 console wise so its about time i caught up at least for a few months :)

    #184 2 years ago
  185. Mike

    Great article. I’ve pteordered mine. £390

    #185 2 years ago
  186. corwashere

    So basically what you are saying, Brenna, is that the privacy issues, the “checking in”, the inconvenience of having to have a constant internet connection, the attempt to control the users, and the stifling of gamers’ freedoms are all worth it because you get to play Halo and Titanfall. Well now that I think about it that way, it’s a perfectly reasonable tradeoff.

    #186 2 years ago
  187. Froseidon

    @187 – That’s a much more reasonable price, where is that from?

    #187 2 years ago
  188. Wolrosh

    How can people allow themselves to comment shit about 24-hour check-ins when they are here every they to say it again?

    #188 2 years ago
  189. Mike

    It’s from a a Danish retailer. However, other Danish stores are doing it for 430 so I’m lucky, I guess.

    Can’t wait for November.

    Getting GTX770 in August so will have my gaming needs more than taken care of! :)

    #189 2 years ago
  190. Froseidon

    @191 – Dang that’s lucky.

    #190 2 years ago
  191. deathm00n

    @190 You know that you don’t exactly need to be in the affected group to defend it right?

    #191 2 years ago
  192. evilfuguru

    Great article! Having already preordered two Xbox Ones(one from Amazon, one from M$ store) I can say I know myself, several friends and my family are all extremely excited for the One. Do I like all the policies? No, of course not, but I think this is the start of the digital age for consoles and that actually excites me rather than pissing me off or scaring me.
    I love the Xbox eco-system and UI. I bought the PS3 this gen and although it does have a ton of exclusives that I bought for it, the only one I played thru was Metal Gear Solid 4(Kojima’s love letter to fans of MGS 1). There are simply too many great games in my backlog for 360 to even bother with my PS3 backlog. Im not an acheivement whore by any means at all but I do enjoy unlocking some during a playthru of a game and I find it harder to enjoy games that dont have them. I realize Sony eventually added trophies but I was alreay to invested in my 360 by then.
    I hate all the perceived power people on the internet think they have due to the anonymity of the net. I look forward to seeing Xbox One fly off shelves so that these fanboys/girls can finally realize just how little power and influence they have. I remember a few months ago hardcore fans were predicting the Wii U would be a huge success, now some of these same people are saying that the One wont sell and that Sony has won the next gen! Its hilarious, one company is netting billions a year, the other is borderline bankrupt, who do you think will be able to advertise more heavily to the mass market?
    Do I want Sony or Nintendo to fail? Absolutely not, competition benefits the consumer more than anything else.I love games, my preferred system and UI is Xbox, but if I had more time to dedicate to games, Id rock a PS4 as well.

    #192 2 years ago
  193. Wolrosh

    @193 I know that, but what I mean is that 80% of these commenters are not affected themselves, and are constantly defending a group that might never even see them.
    Can`t they do it themselves so we can really see how many of them are out there?

    #193 2 years ago
  194. monkeygourmet


    MS damage control detected…

    #194 2 years ago
  195. NiceFellow

    @194 what about your dog? Doesn’t he have a view on it? Perhaps he’s a little excited about XBone too?

    @196 – agreed. I hear there’s been a purge on Neogaf and it looks like some other sites could do with one too.

    #195 2 years ago
  196. laughing-gravy

    Nah, I’m not.

    #196 2 years ago
  197. ianbenoir

    If you think, xbox only exists and there’s lots of fanboys out there because of sony’s previous failures with the ps3 price point and development issues.
    Now it seems microsoft is doing the same with its third console. They learned from the best. lol.

    #197 2 years ago
  198. arleo_09

    Ok. Let’s put it clear and simple.

    Ms conference : interested in Ryse, Titanfall. The other games are way too generic. Forza just better graphics, I guess. DeadRising3, another game where the only purpose is to kill zombies, same with SunsetOverdrive. And I don’t remember the other tbh. CGI and trailers… And that junk come with too many restrictions. I’ve a permanent fiber optic connection and I usually buy new games. But I like to have the choice, which Ms doesn’t give me. So, two games got my attention and Titanfall comes to PC –> I surely on’t buy a console for ONE game. I never understood why some people do that. Ms announced 15 exclusives with 8 new IPs. We saw 12 or 13 exclusives. We’re not knowing if they come at launch. It remains 3 or 2 exclusives for 2014.

    Sony conference : Killzone SF and Infamous AT LAUNCH (plus Knack and Driveclub for those who are interested, I’m interested in Knack bt not that much). PS4 is WAY more consumer and gamer friendly. Plus, 20 games coming 2014 within 12 new IPs. Don’t know if Driveclub, Knack and TheOrder1886 are included but if so, it remains 9 exclusives coming. And knowing Sony, most of those exclusives will be GREAT. Yeah, GREAT.

    So, I’m gonna trust Sony AGAIN and buy a PS4 for $400. And I won’t spend uselessly $500 more for ONE game. If you want to buy and support such outrageous garbage, feel free to do it. But, don’t drown people with you.

    #198 2 years ago
  199. Cort

    I’m sure plenty will. But not me. Not even at half the price. Not with those policies.

    #199 2 years ago
  200. fuchikoma

    That’s insulting, shortsighted and condescending. I’d even say that it throws video gaming under the bus. Take all the music, books, and movies you bought more than 10 years ago and burn them all. Doesn’t sound like a good idea? Then why is it for video games? I will not pay full price for something that I can only use while the platform holder permits it. If they remove the Kinect requirement, I’d take the console for free and games for less than $20 each, but unless they can swing that, it’s not happening. At this point, even if they removed the online requirement, I’m not about to support a company that genuinely tried to inflict that on my favorite hobby. If it had actually caught on, I’d be looking at a future of only phone games and PC indies.

    FWIW, Steam wasn’t even functional when it launched, but even now, every time I’ve given them a chance, I’ve been burned. It’s some of the most restrictive, bloated DRM – their saving grace is just that they’re upfront about it and don’t install hidden drivers or rootkits to enforce their rules. Even now, Steam users still put all their eggs in one basket, and accounts do get hijacked and banned, costing people thousands. Now I won’t even buy games like Skyrim if they require Steam. Crap like that is one reason why despite using PCs since I could read, I game mostly on consoles now.

    The bottom line is that if you want me to rent games, charge rental prices. If you want to sell me games, make the system they run on self-sufficient to run them, period. I don’t call my car company to let me into my car. I don’t buy ebooks that are tied to one user account. Circuit City/Paramount’s “Divx” player crashed and burned because it was anti-consumer like the XBone. If you want to take it from callous corporations that want to sell you less and less and treat you like a criminal, then enjoy, and see what you’re left with when the system is out of support. But don’t tell me I’m going to support something that’s directly opposed to my core values. It’s insulting, clueless, and reeks of shilling. It’s like if I told you you were going to send money to the Golden Dawn party no matter what you think of them now.

    #200 2 years ago
  201. Lengendaryboss

    Infamous Second Son is coming in Q1 of 2014.

    #201 2 years ago
  202. NinjaHart

    Here is the way I see it.

    Comparing PC and consol gaming is not the wast way to defend Microsoft.
    PC to me has always been more of a “One person gaming device”.

    Sharing and borrowing games with your friends, have always been a big part of consol gaming. Games are also cheaper on PC, so if MS is going to restrict how we use our games on the new Xbox, to somewhat how it is on PC. They should also offer us PC priced games on Xbox One.

    They can’t give us less for the same price, that’s just bad bussines.

    But I’m a game collector, I am going to have the Xbox One anyway, I just don’t think I will bother to buy too many games on it.

    #202 2 years ago
  203. absolutezero

    I never bought Mass Effect 3 for similar reasons. I still have’nt. Alongside Sim City and Diablo 3.

    I can quite easily completely avoid playing the next greatest game ever, because there are other things to play. There will always be other things to play no matter what.

    I never NEED to play anything so you can take Halo 25 and car game and F2P fighting game and QTE Rome and fuck off.

    Steam works because it rewards being part of it, it took something nasty and it made it pleasurable to use. Theres nothing NOTHING rewarding the end user of the XB ONE. Its exclusive and depressing. What MS has made is a CoD box. Less than half of the sold 360 are connected to the internet, Gold a small percentage within that. Its excluded all of those people ALL of them.

    How about that Quantum game though, its like TV!

    #203 2 years ago
  204. monkeygourmet


    Why not just get PS4 and Wii U?

    #204 2 years ago
  205. Rafa_L

    I never bought an Xbox because I already had the PS3, and no exclusive was worth paying for live and a new system.

    This time it will be the same, I’ll chose only one console and won’t buy the other.

    It’s PS4 for me,because of exclusives and policies, what I stand for as a consumer. If Microsoft can’t justify their policies I won’t buy from them, no matter what I’m missing out. And it isn’t much from what I’ve seen so far, owning a PS4 and gaming PC.

    #205 2 years ago
  206. tatsujin

    This article is beyond stupid.

    #206 2 years ago
  207. absolutezero

    You know what?

    I think what we have here is we have been blessed by our very own Evan Lahti, the guy from PC Gamer whose always the corporate apologist in the head to head arguments.

    I don’t think for a second that any of the writers posting this stuff believe it for a second, nor do I think any less of them for writing it. Its there to poke the hornets nest and get people gibbering. It works.

    Devil’s advocate, all you need to do is post an opposite horrible opinion on anything and suddenly every irrational knee jerk reaction is bursting at the seems.

    #207 2 years ago
  208. insolentdentist


    #208 2 years ago
  209. Ireland Michael

    This article was obviously posted as flame bait.

    Congrats commenters, you’ve succeeded in being the fish. =P

    #209 2 years ago
  210. harr0w

    @147 when i say mimicking i ment only in digital distribution certainly not in sales and pricing this is MS were talking about.

    #210 2 years ago
  211. twisted spence

    has everyone missed the fact that both companys are pushing digital downloads ? and that sony are going to use drm in the same way with their digital downloads ?

    i have both ps3 and xbox and ill be getting both next gen consoles , its all about the games for me .. im a fanboy of neither , but if you all think this console flame war is won already because sony have been selective about whats been said .. and that 70 odd million xbox live subscribers are just gonna give up gamer tags and friends list game score and move over to another £39.99 service which is just introducing things that have been on xbl for over 3 years is laughable ..

    trading games is getting fazed out .. no matter what sony say , they are pushing for digital downloads .. this will kill stores .. how big is the pc section in your local game store ?? and the fact some of you sad muppets are moaning about always on line when most of you sad cunts are always on line is actually ironic ..

    #211 2 years ago
  212. jmg24bad

    IM going to get an xbox one? Sheeeeeit I didnt know that one. Thanks for letting me know :/

    #212 2 years ago
  213. Kuwabara

    There’s going to be alot of angry parents after xboxone launches. Of the 78 millions xbox 360 users only 31 million are on xbox live. So how many of those millions not online without internet access.. Alot of people will be pissed. The box cover better say ALWAYS ONLINE INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED

    #213 2 years ago
  214. salarta

    The only problem I find with the assertion of Steam as a model for what to expect with the future response to XBox One is that using it as an example presumes that just because we’re willing to buy games digitally with those restrictions, that means we’ll accept the exact same restrictions on physical objects, and under the same conditions no less.

    Steam as a format for games works for a few reasons that it doesn’t work for XBox One. With Steam games, you can play the single player offline after it’s downloaded. That’s one. If you get a new computer, you can re-download the game onto your new computer just fine, essentially meaning that there will NEVER be a “backwards compatibility” problem short of PCs no longer existing at all. This means that for all we know, we could die of old age and still have perfect access to all our Steam games. That’s two. And perhaps most important of all, even though a lot of games (especially big blockbuster games) come out full price on Steam, the real sales for them on Steam come during SALES and DISCOUNTS or if the price is significantly lower than the price of the physical item.

    All three of these are things the XBox One does not have going for it in the realm of physical copies of video games.

    As the transition from XBox 360 to XBox One demonstrates, the games you download are NOT going to carry over to subsequent consoles, indeed if Microsoft even keeps making consoles. That’s the thing. If Microsoft decides to stop making consoles, they’re bound to stop supporting the networks tied to those consoles at some point. Steam, on the other hand, doesn’t have its library restricted to one specialty device. PCs are ubiquitous in the countries where Steam thrives.

    At present, the difference between XBox One and Steam for backwards compatibility of devices comes because of Blu-Rays as the medium. Will Blu-Rays be used in future consoles? My guess is not. In fact, I’m betting that Microsoft is pushing this always-online, download to the hard drive approach so hard because they want to move the market in a way where Microsoft doesn’t have to pay Sony to include Blu-Ray capability. But that’s still a problem present for the current iteration of XBox One.

    And lastly, the pricing matter is damning. You’re expected to pay full price AND you can’t even play it at all without any kind of internet connection? Even Steam will let you play the offline components of your game offline if they’re downloaded to your computer. Microsoft is essentially saying “We have all the risks of Steam, only more risks stacked on top, and almost none of the benefits!”

    All in all, I think this is a good opinion piece for trying to argue a point for the villain of the story, a devil’s advocate sort of thing. But I don’t think the points argued reflect the reality and gravity of the situation. What Steam does is license a game to you entirely digitally, often for cheaper, that you will be able to access with all future PCs given you know how to make the programs run via compatibility, all without needing any kind of internet connection for the offline elements once it’s downloaded. What XBox One does, unless downloaded from the online store, is have you take this physical object you bought and make having the physical object into a worthless waste of space and resources, all while demanding the same high price you expect from buying a physical object. It robs the physical object of having any business existing.

    Which, as I’ve said, is exactly what Microsoft wants. They can’t hack it at media formats, so they try to kill media formats entirely, only they’re far more greedy and/or ignorant than Valve.

    #214 2 years ago
  215. NocturnalB

    Ms. Brenna, you are always very honest about your opinions in the gaming industry, and I will continue to respect you not only as a games journalist but as a fellow gamer. :) But I respectfully disagree. You write a mean article though! Not sure if it translates as I’m just a slobbering American idot, but I mean it in a positive way. You’re also way more beautiful than Dave (sorry Dave, but it’s a truth we both knew.).

    #215 2 years ago
  216. viralshag

    So what you’re all saying is Brenna has lied about the early days of Steam and that it was actually welcomed with open arms? Because obviously, back then, everyone had the foresight of how great a service it would become… Yeah, right.

    Jeez, she is comparing the reactions to Steam and the X1, not the actual services as they stand.

    #216 2 years ago
  217. Samoan Spider

    @218 I figured a fair few people seemed to be missing the point. With all this fuss lately it brought back memories of what Valve were asking of me and plenty of others when I pre-ordered HL2!

    #217 2 years ago
  218. zinc

    The big difference between Steam & the xbone, is that if you didn’t like Steam you’d just uninstall off your pc & use a competitor.

    And I’m pretty sure the asking price to jump in with Steam wasn’t $500.

    #218 2 years ago
  219. monkeygourmet


    It’s more the fact she’s creating a ‘black and white’ argument regarding the Xbone and not really focusing on any of the ‘real’ worries people have about the console.

    Just whittling it down to: “You like halo, so you’ll put up with DRM to play it” (paraphrase), is a bit shortsighted and many would see it as a contraversial view to start arguements.

    Quite ironic considering she took people to task over arguing then creates flame bait articles like this.

    Also, using things like the COD2 graphic of boycotting fans playing the game on launch is fine, but again, it presents quite a one sided view. There are plenty of examples of companies engaging with fans and working with them to create a better product.

    I think Left 4 Dead 2 is a good example;

    #219 2 years ago
  220. Samoan Spider

    @220 But the problem was at the time to play games I really wanted to, Steam was part of it with no option other than DON’T PLAY. Which tbh as a gamer, isn’t an option at all :).
    And the cost of my PC at the time was substantially more than £425 so you could quite easily say that I was paying the price and having to make the jump. The only difference between XBO and Steam is choice as has been said (by me too plenty of times) and it remains to be seen if there will be a competitive digital marketplace with XBO. Lest we not forget, we don’t know all the facts yet.

    #220 2 years ago
  221. zinc

    @221 Its not “flame-bait” its an opinion piece. Brenna got the same kind of flack over the PS3 hacking article, where she said it was a lot of fuss over nothing (huge paraphrase!)

    It seems though that people read these opinion pieces & assume its telling them what to do…

    #221 2 years ago
  222. zinc

    @222, Are you telling me that back in the day Steam was the only way to play games on your pc?

    #222 2 years ago
  223. Samoan Spider

    @224 Absolutely not, but much the same as today, it’s the only way to play a Steamworks title of which when HL2 launched, there were very few, but it grew quickly. Yet you couldn’t install and play the games without the activation check. Especially with HL2 I remember having to wait about 4 hours for the preloaded files to ‘unlock’ via the online activation so you were over a barrel with a product you’d purchased and couldn’t play until someone told you that it was ok. I could play anything else that didn’t use Steam without trouble and I know that’s what you’re getting at, but that ‘isnt’ what is being compared here. And now I find Steam indispensable to the point I add in Non-Steam games as shortcuts. But as I’ve said before, what if you could buy XBO game codes on GreenManGaming with 75% off?

    @223 I agree here though. People assume they’re being told they have to buy it. They’re not. But what she’s pointing out (rightly) is that plenty will despite criticism from all sides. Also, just as a footnote, the PS3 hacking *was* a load of fuss about nothing :)

    #223 2 years ago
  224. CyberMarco


    “But as I’ve said before, what if you could buy XBO game codes on GreenManGaming with 75% off?”

    I’m dreaming of that day, but I can’t trust MS or Sony because they had so many chances to do something like that. Give an incentive for us gamers to lean towards digital rather than physical.

    Until I see a glimpse of such thing, I can’t help but call bullsh*t!

    #224 2 years ago
  225. viralshag

    @219, Yeah, people are just reading something which isn’t “burn the X1 at the stake!” and are missing the point of what’s being said. It’s been happening all the time recently.

    @220, That applies to all consoles though, DRM or not. If you had a problem with buying games locked to one system or platform, you simply wouldn’t buy a console.

    Ninty, MS or Sony all give you two options, buy games from retail or buy games from their online stores. That said though, I’m hoping that the same stores we can buy Steam codes from might start selling codes for Live or PSN… doubtful though.

    #225 2 years ago
  226. garimuta

    stupid……enough said. Sony wins its crown back! because they listened to gamers gave them relevant tech and policies.

    #226 2 years ago
  227. Samoan Spider

    @226/7 It’d be fantastic if it started to happen. I think they both tested the water with XBLA/PSN game codes being sold through retail channels this generation but that needs to be hugely expanded for it to be accepted as the norm by gamers. (Also consider that Steam is learning from PSN and XBL by selling Steam Wallet codes via retail as well so it’s a 2-way street)

    #227 2 years ago
  228. monkeygourmet


    Fair enough although,

    I would argue calling your opinion piece:

    Console wars: you’re going to buy an Xbox ONE, gives a bit of a bad first impression.

    #228 2 years ago
  229. Mike

    The vocal minority at its absolute worst.

    Well done everyone.

    #229 2 years ago
  230. viralshag

    @231, I think at this point even I, a fan of MS and the X1, would struggle to say the problems with the X1 is limited to a “vocal minority”. While I don’t agree with a lot of the concerns, it’s hard to deny people have them at this stage. Six months until launch though, things can go up or down from here.

    I decided to pre-order my X1 yesterday but I plan on leaving it unopened while I see what the worlds true reaction to it is like. By Christmas we should have a good idea at which point I will decide to keep it, sell it or return it for a PS4.

    #230 2 years ago
  231. monkeygourmet


    Best and most reasonable attitude.

    People are really trying to polarise this:

    “If you aren’t for this, your against it…”, such a lazy view on a topic that can shape the media landscape for the next 10 years plus.

    #231 2 years ago
  232. NeutralBlade

    @232 You should hold off on buying one, until MS officially states whether if the Xbone can be resold or not. When asked, they declined to comment; meaning the resale of the console is still TBD.

    Hopefully they will allow the console to be resold at their participating partners, otherwise those dissatisfied with it, will be stuck with it. Still, it’s your risk to take.

    #232 2 years ago
  233. monkeygourmet


    I thought that’s illegal?

    Not that it would bother Ms that much it seems! :)

    #233 2 years ago
  234. NeutralBlade

    @235 Well, I’m referring to your rights to sell the console, to either another person, or a place like Gamestop. At the moment, MS declined to comment on whether if consumers are allowed to do it or not.

    #234 2 years ago
  235. monkeygourmet


    Yuck. MS are really becoming hard to defend at the moment…

    I can see trade in is possible, but only at a select outlet.

    My local gamestore (which ill always support over Game etc…), are genuinely worried about Xbone, at least they can still trade PS4 stuff in.

    #235 2 years ago
  236. viralshag

    @234/237, Considering you can log onto any X1 using your profile, what’s stopping someone from buying a pre-owned X1 and signing into it with their own profile?

    Besides, how would MS NOT allow me to return or sell an unopened X1?

    #236 2 years ago
  237. NeutralBlade

    @238 Well, just be mindful of the return policy of the place you’ll purchase it from.

    The fact that MS hasn’t detailed transferring console ownership, likely means their policies on it are not decided upon, or they’re just not commenting on it right now. With the power of Azure, MS can take command of any activated console, at any given time.

    Microsoft can deny access to a console, as well as restrict rights to an unofficial owner. They wouldn’t go through all that trouble for games, and not have restrictions on the console itself. The console’s license also has to be transferred, depending on the situation.

    Hopefully user rights/restrictions regarding the console, will be released before launch day.

    #237 2 years ago
  238. monkeygourmet


    Also, because of:

    - Some games not transferable and have no resale value; restrictions on games usage apply.

    Statement, I now have a feeling certain games like Kinect Sports Rivals will NOT be able to be sold afterwards. I’m assuming after MS’s bean counting, they have realised people tend to pick up these party type games on the cheap sometimes.

    I think it would be fair to assume its these type of games they would like to lock out of second hand sales…

    #238 2 years ago
  239. viralshag

    @240, I have no doubt any digitally purchased games would not be transferable but then why would they be? While the whole used game thing is still up in the air on both consoles I’m not going to guess what the situation would be.

    It just doesn’t make any sense that you wouldn’t be able to return a console if it’s unopened. At that stage all I have done is purchase something from a retailer. Unless said retailer has somehow provided MS with all of my details – name, address, Live profile, payment details etc. I just don’t see how you couldn’t simply say “I changed my mind” and they put it back on the shelf.

    Either way, I have asked the question so hopefully there will be some sort of an answer.

    #239 2 years ago
  240. laughing-gravy

    Is anyone aware that Msoft’s demos at e3 were faked? They were running on high end PC’s not dev hardware. Check the link below:

    #240 2 years ago
  241. NeutralBlade

    Something else that I’ve been thinking about, but didn’t discuss, was the policy tools. Similar to how parental controls work, publishers will be able to make changes to their usage policies for games, with a click of a button.

    While I expect system “updates” to later occur more than once per day, once policy changes are made for games, when your console checks in with Azure, it will scan the system, and apply any changes to the usage policies your games have. That can be good and bad.

    Good in a sense that a block on used games can be removed. Bad because a game that starts off with blocking disabled, can have it turned on. I’m sure the policy tools will have many other features, such as sharing limitations, pay walls, online passes, publisher subs, etc.

    The whole structure of Azure, is similar to how PCs communicate with Windows Update, but in a more focused, restrictive manner. While I have no interest in the Xbone, I am interested in knowing more about Azure. I really want to know how the system works, and unfortunately, MS will keep most details secret, leaving consumers to find out firsthand.

    But yeah, Azure is going to put a lot of control over content in MS’ and publishers’ hands. People like comparing Azure to Steam, but Azure is a control system that goes much further than Steam does. People should be concerned, because Azure is far more powerful than consumers are being told.

    Still, some want their games no matter what, so I’ll sit back and see how their experiences go; I just won’t be joining them.

    @241 I figure you can return an unopened console, as long as it’s done within that store’s return policy. My point was more on the lines of returning it, after it’s been licensed to you. MS certainly have more details, but they’re not willing to share them with us yet.

    #241 2 years ago
  242. monkeygourmet


    I wonder if MS would have the balls to use Kinect and Azure to help with parental logging of underage players. It could easily log kids trying to play games like COD and stop them from signing in.

    It’s funny how they don’t approach things like this as it would hurt their reputation with Acti and stop kids buying their console..

    #242 2 years ago
  243. viralshag

    @243, Yeah in that case there would need to be some clarity. I still think you would be able to do it to be honest. In my situation it’s either getting returned/sold unopened and unused or it’s staying with me.

    I’m really just waiting to see if it bombs, has major technical issues, the games are nowhere near what has been shown or simply isn’t worth it. I will get money back on a switch to PS4 or if there is low stocks and some mug is willing to pay over the odds for one. :D

    #243 2 years ago
  244. laughing-gravy

    More evidence of Msoft lying at E3.

    #244 2 years ago
  245. laughing-gravy

    Oh dear

    #245 2 years ago
  246. zinc

    I like this unbiased opinion by a retailer…,

    #246 2 years ago
  247. laughing-gravy

    #247 2 years ago
  248. monkeygourmet


    Already done that one!

    #248 2 years ago
  249. monkeygourmet


    It better have ‘quality online’, considering its ‘always on’ architecture, that’s the least they could offer.

    Game choice is obviously subjective. Its not really a system I can get behind, and I’m a huge 360 gamer (main console last gen). If you really hate Sony stuff, I would go PC over this anyway or Wii U for that matter.

    Choosing this console and supporting these shitty business practices will only end in tears IMO.

    #249 2 years ago
  250. CyberMarco

    Even if all this speculation is total bullsh*t, the fact that Microsoft doesn’t come out to shed some light on the matter is enough to be skeptical regarding its tactics…

    Personally no exclusive game from MS impressed me, it’s always the same Halo, CoD and Forza. Same thing with Sony, Killzone and the likes. Maybe only Infamous. The only reason I’ll be buying a next-gen console is KH3, FF XV and MGS 5. As it seems the best way to enjoy those games is with the PS4 and 100€ more left in my pockets.

    #250 2 years ago
  251. G1GAHURTZ

    I wonder how things would be if this time next year we’re looking at 10 X1 exclusives all averaging over 90 on Metacritic.

    How many people would put up with everything to play those games…?

    #251 2 years ago
  252. absolutezero

    Less than half of the sold 360′s are online.

    The Witcher 3 developers can not play their own game once its released on the Xbox One.

    #252 2 years ago
  253. Ireland Michael

    @257 Personally speaking, it wouldn’t make a difference.

    I’ve heard some worrying things regarding supported countries, GIGA. Apparently it *will* be IP locked, and they’re going to be monitoring exports heavily.

    I’m not saying this to bash the console, just that you should probably check your options before trying to procure one, or you might end up with an expensive paperweight.

    #253 2 years ago
  254. monkeygourmet


    I said the same thing about Wii U. It has some great games on it now, and will have more very soon. And it’s cheap.

    People just said: ‘Yeah, but I don’t like those type of games’.

    MS has a double hurdle in this respect, not only do people have to get over the other ‘issues’, but also have to bring out some amazing and groundbreaking games.

    Unfortunately, that’s not really been MS’s forte in recent times. They seem to be focused on rehashing IP’s or securing exclusive or timed DLC.


    I think he means the Xbone won’t work in Poland on launch.

    #254 2 years ago
  255. DSB

    @258 It’s gonna be a pain for all the Americans who don’t live in a broadband sweet spot either way.

    #255 2 years ago
  256. G1GAHURTZ


    That’s cool, I like to consider myself as a pragmatic person, so I’m prepared for that scenario.

    If it simply doesn’t work over here, I’ll have to get a PS4, play Titanfall on PC, and wait patiently.

    It should be like the old days, when we had to wait months for Nintendo to get around to finally releasing games in Europe…

    #256 2 years ago
  257. Ireland Michael

    @263 Or waiting a year for the console, and still only having three or four games to choose from at launch.

    Man, we’re spoilt for choice in comparison nowadays,

    #257 2 years ago
  258. monkeygourmet

    @263, 264

    And pricing!!!

    Street Fighter 2 on the SNES launched for £64.99 (uk)!!!?!

    #258 2 years ago
  259. Ireland Michael

    @265 Hahaha. Yeah, games are actually *cheaper* now than they used to be.

    #259 2 years ago
  260. G1GAHURTZ

    Turok was £70 on N64…

    #260 2 years ago
  261. Ireland Michael

    @267 Apparently the X1 may be running off IP checks, not just account location. Microsoft are being very vague on the issue, beyond saying that you should “wait to return home” to play your games.

    I travel for about two to three months out of every year. That’s just another nail in the coffin if its true, that I wouldn’t be able to play it even if I did have online access.

    #261 2 years ago
  262. maxamillion

    To the AVERAGE xbox user the announcement that 360 peripherals will not be compatible with the One meant that the 360 controllers, 360 headset, etc were only affected. It would now seem that any and all 360 peripherals will not work with the One. All those who have already pr-ordered will need to replace their expensive headsets as they WILL NOT work with the One. Bringing their new purchase price to almost $1,000.00.
    PS: This includes the Tritton Warhead 7.1 which was supposed to be an exclusive pack with Microsoft.

    #262 2 years ago
  263. monkeygourmet


    Why are you spamming this? Didn’t you just post this in 250?

    You should post some more of your PC graphics power graphs from YouTube…

    You know the ones I mean…

    You know…

    the ones you like to masturbate too.

    #263 2 years ago
  264. Ireland Michael

    @272 You could just ignore him / report him to Pat?

    #264 2 years ago
  265. absolutezero

    What do you mean good old days? Its still fucking happening. I Goddamn hate NoE.

    Horrible, terrible arm of the company.

    #265 2 years ago
  266. Stephany Nunneley

    @273 Calm down, go outside for a bit. You are honestly relatively harmless and always have been, but your constant back-to-back posts in here are annoying the VG247 hive. Might be best if you stopped for a bit and did something else for a while.

    #266 2 years ago
  267. Stephany Nunneley

    @278 Guess what? I don’t care. I said it was enough therefore, it is enough, BDH. Go play elsewhere for a bit.

    #267 2 years ago
  268. Ireland Michael

    @279 His words is solid.

    #268 2 years ago
  269. Lengendaryboss

    Care enough to comment, thats all.

    #269 2 years ago
  270. monkeygourmet


    There’s a forum topic if you actually want to discuss it:

    Or did you have an agenda? :)

    #270 2 years ago
  271. Stephany Nunneley

    @281 Don’t. Push me. I mean it.

    I am tolerant to a fault, but when I say enough is enough that’s it.

    Like @283 said – take it to the forum, or leave it. Otherwise you will force my hand on the matter. I may not be able to ban your IP – but I CAN delete your account and every single post you ever typed.

    #271 2 years ago
  272. Lengendaryboss

    Thats right come to the ban side, by pushing Steph further :) something, something something ban-side :D

    #272 2 years ago
  273. Stephany Nunneley

    @285 AHAHAHA! You are adorable.

    “It’s called freedom of speech it does not work one way!” Not on here. Pat owns this site, therefore his rules apply. Just as laws do in society. Consider me Darth Vader to his Emperor Palpatine if you must in this situation.

    #273 2 years ago
  274. monkeygourmet


    Don’t be stupid. It’s hardly like you’re the ‘shining light’ bringing us this amazing information and changing our lives. Like I said, it’s already being discussed in the forums. You just sound like a spoilt brat now.

    I assume the only reason you don’t actually want to expand on it and talk about it in the forum as all you were using this ‘eye opening’ info or was to troll?

    Am I in the right ballpark?

    #274 2 years ago
  275. monkeygourmet


    Oh dear…

    #275 2 years ago
  276. Lengendaryboss

    Referring to his grammar or brave, blunt honesty?

    @Steph :D +100

    #276 2 years ago
  277. viralshag

    I reckon Steph has a special BAN-dana she wears when she’s about to go loco on some poor fool and ban them.

    You go girl.

    #277 2 years ago
  278. Lengendaryboss

    Girl power For The Win :)

    #278 2 years ago
  279. monkeygourmet


    I thought he was going to start doing some ‘slam poetry’ for a minute…



    I am actively against all those things you mention, and am not purchasing an Xbone because of these things and MS currant business attitude. You can see that if you scroll up through my comments.

    I have been discussing this in the forum I pasted you earlier.

    Also, it’s hard to follow your passionate and rousing speech when 5 minutes ago you posted a Killzone vs. Crysis graphics comparison…

    I suppose, even rebel leaders need time off eh? ;)

    #279 2 years ago
  280. Ireland Michael

    @294 This is a gaming website, not . All you do is spam threads with links, claim they’re facts, and never discuss anything. It’s the definition of trolling.

    Steph, please do. The site would be better off for it.

    Don’t forget Da Man and ps3fanboy while you’re there.

    #280 2 years ago
  281. Lengendaryboss

    Yeah, we all know where this is heading :)
    Mainly get rid of Da Man, PS3fanboy does at times comment without speaking like a Sony Loyalist, a warning at best.

    #281 2 years ago
  282. Stephany Nunneley

    Right. From hell’s heart I stab at thee…

    @all – BDH’s (aka blackdreamhunk) account has been deleted. Therefore the numbering on this post will be rather off as far as replies etc are concerned. He can, and probably and will, come back as I cannot block IP, but at least his incoherent conspiracist ramblings on the Illuminati-little green men-big foot-Elvis are no longer tainting the site.

    #282 2 years ago
  283. Ireland Michael


    Two down, two to go.

    #283 2 years ago
  284. DSB

    Guys. Hey guys.

    Cleopatra was african-american.


    #284 2 years ago
  285. G1GAHURTZ

    Guess he just wasn’t dreamy enough as far as Steph was concerned…

    #285 2 years ago
  286. CyberMarco


    But… but, she is Greek, must be Greek, everything comes from Greece! :P

    #286 2 years ago
  287. Djoenz

    Aw shit what did I miss :P
    BDH as in BlackDreamHunk?? :D

    #287 2 years ago
  288. Lengendaryboss

    Oh you just missed Steph and BDH having an argument, Steph warns him then bans him after he disobeys, now if only she would ban the one person no one wants on this site :)

    #288 2 years ago
  289. Ireland Michael

    Steph has either been reading Moby Dick a lot lately, or has been watching way too much Wrath of Khan.

    People getting banned in Brenna’s thread seems to be turning into something of a “thing” lately.

    #289 2 years ago
  290. Djoenz

    Spicey Stephany gotta love her :D finally some actioné!

    I hear ya LB hehe.

    #290 2 years ago
  291. Eddie Rodrigues

    I read this article on the Appy Gamer app, just came here to say: Nope.

    I mean, god dammit, the PC requires you to add the game to your account but I don’t have to enter online every single day. I just need to check my Steam once a month, if I have no internet for the day I can play Skyrim normally. Not to mention, I can connect my cellphone Steam app and validate the account if I am required to, but I would hardly spend a week without entering Steam.

    The Xbone DRM is useless. If it was a PC platform like GoG, Origin and the previously stated Steam it would be forgivable. But consoles work differently, they are meant for people that want a game experience by lesser prices and lesser efforts, such as having a fast internet connection. Its counterpart, PSN, is excluding the need for periodical check ins and has a way lower price, whereas it gives way better benefits (free games? Good one, Sony).

    Oh, and “It’s got Halo”? You just confirmed the target audience of the console: ‘Muricans.

    #291 2 years ago
  292. Wolrosh

    Look at all these people, hating microsoft over online checks and DRM stuff that won`t actually have to deal with them in a life-time…

    #292 2 years ago
  293. Bomba Luigi

    @297: DRM on GoG would be in no way forgivable. Would be like the End of the World (over-dramatizing)

    @298: Because I’m having Internet, I can have Problems with Internet. Sounds strange, but its true. And it happens.

    #293 2 years ago
  294. harpwn

    Looks like ive found a new source of intelligent gaming news.

    #294 2 years ago
  295. budgiemyster

    As an interested gamer, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about “the console war” after E3 to try to gain an informed opinion. Wow! all I’ve really found is alot of angst, huffing and puffing, and burst blood vessels. Out of all the articules I’ve read, this article resonated the most with me personally. I’m an older gamer (+50), and dont know a lot about specs, hardware etc. I’ve been an xboxer pretty much from the beginning, and been on xbox live for the last 7 years. I do have a PS3 but only use it as a blueray player.

    With all the initial shock and horror I was reading about the xbone, I was seriously considering jumping ship; but when I sat down and thought about it, I thought nah – why would I change. My reasons are (in no particular order):

    I love my xbox
    I love xbox live
    I dont want to be identified by any other gamertag (it’s who I am in gaming)
    I’ve worked pretty bloody hard for my gamer score (small as it is) – its taken me ten long years, and I ain’t starting all over again
    I don’t want to lose my xbox friends, and all our shared experiences
    I love my xbox games (yes that does include Halo and I’m not ashamed to admit that)
    All the huffing and puffing reasons don’t really affect me (all my other lounge room appliance are connected to the internet)

    All in all I’ve been pretty happy with my xbox experience, and I dont expect that will change with the nex gen offering. Sure MS are dicks and I’ve had a few run ins with them myself, tell me which company isn’t.

    All the TV stuff on xbone doesn’t really interest me, and besides I’m pretty sure it won’t work for me because I dont live in America. All the other wiz-bang stuff like flicking between programs etc looks like fun.

    Good luck to the PS4, it looks and sounds like it will be great. It’s just not me.

    #295 2 years ago
  296. absolutezero

    Good God that makes for some depressing reading.

    Gamerscore? Really? Gamertag?

    I can see how losing your friends would be sad but everything else? Jesus.

    #296 2 years ago
  297. noamlol2

    well on PC you got no choice but steam

    but on console you got sony (and nintentrash if you like the inferior hardware) which gives you complete control over what you got

    also @301 i’m a long time xbox live user too
    but fuck the DRM and the spying kinect, that shit reads info on you and sends it to the goverment fuck that.

    plus M$ has taken ZERO chances and the dashboard is filled with adds

    so you’re paying for basic access which you got for free on steam

    so really don’t give in

    #297 2 years ago
  298. Joe_Gamer

    No…No I will not be buying an Xbone…I understand faking a controversial stand on an issue in order to drum some extra views but come one, you want to be better than that don’t you?

    Once consoles give up the “drop a disc in and play philosophy” there’s no longer any reason to own a console. A PC can do EVERYTHING a console can do except better and if I have to put up with all the nit-picky details of PC gaming in my console, then why the fuck would I own a console? Not many people are going to buy a $700+ halo box, 500 for the console, 60 for the live sub, 60 for the game, another 50 if you want a second controller, another 60 in sales tax, on and on…

    These guys get it XD

    #298 2 years ago
  299. livewired500

    As long as you are in one of the 21 countries that will be supporting Xbone, you should be fine. If not, guess you will have to wait till who-the-hell-knows when.

    #299 2 years ago
  300. laughing-gravy

    @301 Never seen you on here before, hmmm. Reputation management?

    #300 2 years ago
  301. OwningXylophone


    Really getting old now. You are aware it is possible for people to have an opposing view from your own without being paid off? Right?

    I hadn’t seen you around here before this E3 (even thought your profile says you’ve been a member for a year), so does that make you a Sony shill? Seems the only logical reason why you would keep accusing anyone who posts anything vaguely in support of MS of being shills.

    #301 2 years ago
  302. MangoMantang

    How about no?
    I am not going to buy a console that is all about something my SMART-TV already lets me do.

    The Xbone doesn’t have a future, where I live SMART-TV’s are nearly the only TV’s for sale.
    People will begin questioning “what does this thing do that my SMART-TV doesn’t let me do?” Answer is: Nothing but play restricted games.

    Then they will compare it with the PS4.
    What does this product do that my SMART-TV and the cheaper PS4 doesn’t? Answer: Nothing.

    #302 2 years ago
  303. laughing-gravy

    @307 I regularly post on this site. The fact that you haven’t seen me means that you don’t post on here that much. Funny how you feel the need to defend every post about shills. I have never, ever seen you on here at all in all the time I’ve been posting, strange.

    #303 2 years ago
  304. laughing-gravy

    Team tea bag hmm. Full of Xbox 360 games.

    #304 2 years ago
  305. OwningXylophone

    Well please explain why post 301 is “Reputation management?” and not just someone posting their opinion on the XB1? I feel the need to attack your “shill” and “astroturfing” comments because frankly they are BS. People can have a different opinion to you on things and don’t really deserve to be called corporate shills because of it, not unless you have proof to back it up. My comment of not seeing you around here was just turning your own logic onto you.

    As for not posting here regularly, your correct, I don’t weigh in on every post every day (why bother when almost every comment thread ends up with TEA/BDH/PS3F/BU and others derailing it), however I check the site and read the comments every day and have done for 4 years, and have commented when I felt the need to. But you haven’t seen me before, so of course I’m a shill, sorry I forgot.

    #305 2 years ago
  306. G1GAHURTZ

    ^ You’re either suffering from extreme paranoia, or just trying to cover up the fact that you actually work for Sony by accusing everyone else of doing what you’re being paid to do.

    Which one?

    #306 2 years ago
  307. OwningXylophone


    On the frontpage, yeah, not that any of those posts are mine. I stopped writing for the site 2 years ago.

    #307 2 years ago
  308. laughing-gravy

    @311 Possibly because I’ve never ever seen that person and their post resembles the stock answers that have been handed out by Msoft. I’ve never ever accused you of anything but you still defend yourself, why? Team tea bag. Btw I work in a car plant not for Sony. Nissan as it happens.

    #308 2 years ago
  309. OwningXylophone


    Really? So back to my previous point, just because you haven’t seen them here before and they are posting something that vaguely sounds pro-MS they are automatically a shill? Grow up!

    And yeah I wrote for a site called TeamTeabag a few years back, big whoop? What is that supposed to prove exactly? MS actually hated us as one of our writers broke the embargo on the news that Sky was coming to the Xbox360 back in 2009 and posted the entire press release 12 hours early. I had to deal with a very angry phone call from MS’s PR department, they were not very forthcoming with much after that!

    #309 2 years ago
  310. laughing-gravy

    It’s not because they sound pro MS, it’s because their answers are almost word for word the stock answers that Msoft handed out. They post once then vanish. That’s what is suspicious.

    #310 2 years ago
  311. reask

    I.m still up and down on this at the moment.
    Some of it sounds bad and some of it sounds very forward thinking on there behalf.

    I suppose one way of looking at it is this.
    They have a very strong competitor on there hands so will have to be competitive in the long and short run.

    #311 2 years ago
  312. G1GAHURTZ


    Can you prove that?

    Do you have an exact quote from MS that we can compare with any of their posts?

    If you can provide something along those lines, I might start agreeing with you.

    #312 2 years ago
  313. laughing-gravy

    Check out the list in the other articles. Cut and paste answers from someone who has completely vanished and will probably never appear again.

    #313 2 years ago
  314. Clupula

    You people can’t be so mentally deficient that you can’t tell the difference between what #301 is doing and any of you who just happen to be fans of Microsoft.

    Every one of the things he says sound like they’re straight out of a press release. People don’t talk like that.

    Of course, G1GA would defend the promobot, because it’s pro-Microsoft and it’s pretty obvious that’s the team you hit for. But at least, you sound like a person.

    “As an interested gamer…” Jesus Christ, that’s the type of shit they start copy with.

    #314 2 years ago
  315. laughing-gravy

    @320 Yep that about sums it up.

    #315 2 years ago
  316. Clupula

    There’s also this:

    Certainly fits in with what we’re seeing here. I used to do survey research. I know buzzwords when I see them.

    #316 2 years ago
  317. G1GAHURTZ

    I’m not saying you guys are wrong.

    You could be totally right. I’m not defending anyone. I’m just not big on conspiracies…

    Please, take a few minutes to show me the proof that’s made you so convinced.

    If you can do that, I’ll have no choice but to admit that you were right.

    ‘Oooooh you must be stoopid if you don’t agree with me!’ Isn’t enough.

    #317 2 years ago
  318. laughing-gravy

    @322 Yeah I’ve seen those, even Johnathan Blow called them out the other night on Twitter. Reputation management they call it. It’s done by people known as SMM’s (social media managers).

    #318 2 years ago
  319. laughing-gravy

    @323 Look at the leaked copy that was released by MSoft. It’s classic PR material. It’s big business, THEY ALL DO IT.

    #319 2 years ago
  320. Clupula

    @323 – Without proper software, it is impossible to prove it, and you know that.

    Here’s my question to you, though…why aren’t we accusing you of being a promobot? Why aren’t we accusing Mr. Teabag up there?

    Because even if we disagree with you, you respond. You talk like actual people. You say things people would say. You make mistakes. You show emotion.

    You don’t give a brief buzzword filled, bulletpoint-addled statement and then disappear.

    It is entirely possible that 301 is a real person who just happens to be such a tool that he actually speaks like that, but it isn’t probable. As I said, in my early 20′s, I spent 11 months doing survey research. Asking questions purposely sculpted to promote an agenda the person being questioned wouldn’t know about, to try to steer their opinion on certain things. And then when we were actually trying to do an unbiased study, it’d be filled with statements like that. “As an interested gamer,” could be the beginning of fifty videogame related questions or statements in one of those. It’s blatant, but only if you know to look for it.

    #320 2 years ago
  321. G1GAHURTZ


    What leaked copy?

    Leaked copy of what?

    Look, this is the third time I’m asking for proof, now. Why is it so difficult?

    I almost want you to be right now, but you’re seemingly refusing to complete a simple request.

    So… For the third, and final time, please provide a link, or a quote or something other than ‘go look at what MS said somewhere’ that I can make a direct comparison to the comments here with.

    If you can’t, I’ll probably just leave you to what I will have no choice but to consider a paranoid conspiracy theory…

    #321 2 years ago
  322. OwningXylophone


    Firstly, thanks for the acknowledgement that I’m a real person! Now if only I could change my handle to Mr Teabag, that’s a much better name!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent time within the industry, I’m aware that kind of shit actually goes on (and it is despicable, but I bet both sides do it). I just think there is a bit of a witch hunt going on here too. I know plenty of real-life people who share the opinion of post 301 and they are definitely not being paid off to think that way, and personally, I think that one is just someone writing in a sadly PR like manner.

    #322 2 years ago
  323. laughing-gravy
    PR bull shit.

    #323 2 years ago
  324. G1GAHURTZ


    I could be wrong, but I’m not convinced that someone who was trying to promote MS would write:

    Sure MS are dicks and I’ve had a few run ins with them myself

    #324 2 years ago
  325. MasterMiller

    Only thing that can make me buy this piece of sh*t is if MGS V becomes exclusive and that’s not going to happen so F. You Microsoft.

    #325 2 years ago
  326. rushson

    I agree. Got mine pre-ordered. Can’t wait.

    #326 2 years ago
  327. raoulle

    I’m sorry, this won’t be the case for long. As soon as the console comparisons of games come out, and they will – just like this generation – people are going to pick the one that looks best, in this case, it will be the PS4. And this is coming from someone who has an xbox360 as their current main console, the PS3 is an occasional gaming station/bluray player at my house. Sony got it right this time around. Hardware outperforms xbox, price outperforms xbox – the DRM restrictions that seem to be the focus of your article are just an added bonus.

    #327 2 years ago
  328. John117

    Bloody hell, reading comments on this site can make a man turn his brains inside out. Either you have all the people who hate on MS from before and will critize all the good news bout X1 anyways, then the haters who are joining the hate trend and lastly the minority of people who dont care about the DRM and are less vocal or overly defensive…
    I dont give two rats asses about the PS4, it was okey ish last gen and people give it far too much praise for the mediocre machine it seems to be. My current PC has more power than it, but still when the time comes I will get me a X1 during release and pick up BF4 and later a ton of games that will come out for it.
    Yeah, Halo is one reason. Majority of friends owning a Xbox 360 is another.
    I’m not paranoid regarding Kinect, I dont care about DRM (Steam is great imo and havin it on consoles would be pretty sweet as well) and the price is only 70£ different from te PS4. I might be an Xbot, but atleast I dont jump sides at the smallest hint of “bad PR”…

    #328 2 years ago
  329. zinc

    ^ Their is no *good* news about the xbone…

    Thats the point.

    #329 2 years ago
  330. Terios13

    I admit it’s quite refreshing to see a text as neutral as this about the xbox one. In my opinion comparing the xbox to steam is the right thing to do, but herein lies the Problem: What could the xbox one do, that steam can’t do better now? TV, is that it? Or am I missing something? Of course steam by itself is all fine and dandy, but why would I need another service just like it? Or, (we’ve been through this a million times) you know, more expensive, no real offline mode, a mandatory camera(you can turn it off, but you have to buy it nonetheless), paying for multiplayer, and no older games. I don’t know, to me, the service of steam seems better in comparison, and is available to everyone today.

    #330 2 years ago
  331. budgiemyster

    Thought I’d check in again. Please let me clarify a few things. Firstly my previous post #301 was indeed my first. As I was trying to allude to in my post, I read the acticle and wanted to respond, so I registered and did that. Mind you its the first time I have every registered on a site like this and posted something. If you dont believe me, sorry but thats just the way it is. Secondly, and this might disappoint some, I am a living, breathing (and normal) person (not a Tool), and not a “shill” (never really heared that term before). Again if you dont believe me then maybe you need to drag yourself away from this site (and gaming) for a while, and go and experience a bit of life, I can highly recommend it.

    Believe it or not – my post was indeed the way I talk and write (dont know how to change that – sorry if it sounds weird or offends anybody). When I was writing that stuff, I didn’t realize I was reeling off “MS propaganda” – it all came from my brain as I was writing it. That’s how I felt then (and still do now), and I refuse to apologize for it just because someone else doesn’t like it.

    The reason I haven’t checked back in are twofold, you’re right – I did want to see the response to my post (even I can see there aren’t many vocal xboxers on this site), and secondly I work 7 days a week (and no thats not for MS).

    I’m happy for people to have different opinions, I’m glad PS4 people are so passionate. That difference and passion though shouldn’t stop the actual conversation from moving forward.

    All that I origianlly wanted to say was I like the new xbox and why I liked it (its a bit sad that in the process I seemed to have offend one or two people). If you think I am not who I am, or am a bit stupid because of the way I express myself – then maybe that’s your problem not mine – I doubt I will not be able to do anything to change that.

    Happy gaming.

    #331 2 years ago
  332. G1GAHURTZ

    So yet another “promobot” turns out to actually be nothing of the sort.

    Why am I not surprised?

    #332 2 years ago
  333. gargus

    I refuse to buy an xbox one not because I am a fanboy or jumping on a bandwagon. I am a gamer and I love games.

    But what I wont do as a gamer is support a company that generally does not seem to care about its customers.

    Whether they pull stuff like this “Hey don’t have internet? Buy a 360″, they force users to authenticate games and systems daily that they bought with their money and belongs to them, whether it be putting restrictions and unfriendly measures on used games or even lending games to where you can only trade in games at participating retailers, them saying it will always require an internet connection and to “deal with it”, saying killer instinct is free to play but only giving you one fighter and making you buy the others, touting world of tanks as free to play but you cant play it without buying XBL gold because it is an online game, making people buy XBL even if all they want to do is use Netflix, the way they make it hard to cancel XBL memberships, charging a very unfriendly price for the system, or any other number of things they are doing that make me so I don’t want to support them. But the worst thing I don’t like is despite all of our dislike about these things, no matter how much their core customers complain, despite the fact their competition is doing the exact opposite, no matter how much bad press they get, they simply do not care. They didn’t try to apologize, they didn’t try to reverse these negative actions, they didn’t do a thing to try to make it up to use except make more excuses or just completely ignore the problem and to me, that’s worse than actually doing all these negative things. I don’t want to encourage companies that build everything around themselves and expect the consumer to be the one to deal with their problems. And I certainly do not want to support a company who signs up with the NSA’s PRISM program, even if it doesn’t involve xbox one I still don’t want to support them for willingly supplying information on its users to the NSA.

    Maybe I am older and just remember the days when companies used to treat customers like they were important and tried to earn our business. Now companies like Microsoft simply expect our business and their entire business model for the xbox one is built around supporting the publishers and supporting themselves and not supporting the paying customer which is us. They forget we are the reason they are even in business, or they simply don’t care. I like companies that treat me like a real person, and act like my money and business is valuable to them.

    So my plan is to order a PS4 and enjoy it. It a long with my wiiu, 3ds, vita, ps3 and PC I will be able to play 98% of the games to come out in the next couple of years. Because Nintendo doesn’t have a great library but they never made me feel like I was unimportant or putting themselves before me. Sony has made mistakes in the past but they genuinely seem to have learned from them and doing what they can to tell me that they want me to be their customer by not doing everything Microsoft did wrong and even though I need to buy PS+ now for gaming online they still are giving the users a metric fuck ton of content and features for doing so, all for less than Microsoft is offering. So Nintendo and sony and my pc are my gaming pals now and Microsoft no matter what they say or do have lost my business for years to come because their complete disregard for customers has turned me into a scorned lover.

    I am not a hypocrite and I will not go back on my word despite what they say or dangle in front of me. Im going to miss out on some games that I would like to play, but considering the overwhelming amount of games to come out every year on other systems I wont care for long because there will always be cross platform games and there will always be exclusives elsewhere to keep me very well entertained from companies that will treat me better.

    #333 2 years ago
  334. Clupula

    @338 – Because you sometimes remind me of the fish that stick to the side of the fishtank? Only, instead of algae, you’re eating MS PR. :p

    #334 2 years ago
  335. G1GAHURTZ

    ^ Is that just your way of deflecting attention away from the fact that your dead cert “promobot” is in fact a real person with a genuine opinion?

    #335 2 years ago
  336. Vice

    The only way I’ll buy xbox one is if they release a LOT of new Halos and they will all have awesome, at least 10 hr long purely single player campaigns. Which is probably not going to happen, they’d rather waste money on multiplayer maps and.. what was it… Fireworks over London or something, instead of adding few extra levels. In the end, even though I value Halo and Gears of War much higher than ANY and ALL sony exclusives together, online checks are such a huge minus for me that I’m thinking more and more about buying a ps4.
    Also, chick wrote this article. Didn’t read. Doesn’t counts. Doesn’t matters.

    #336 2 years ago
  337. TraceRTaco

    I choose Xbox over PC just because of the simplicity. I don’t have to worry about buying a good enough PC to run my favourite games, when my Xbox does it for me, and its cheaper than buying an expensive PC ( especially here in Australia ). I think I’ll stick with Microsoft on this one and get the Xbox One. Anybody who thinks the Kinect is spying on you really needs to see a Doctor an get themselves checked out, and as for the online checks, so what? If you cant keep up with them then obviously don’t get an Xbox One. Stop using its features as an argument just because they don’t suit you. As for reasons against getting the PS4, my friend lost a lot of money when PSN got hacked, and the online service really isn’t that great. The ability to change your PSN name for free gets abused and after playing CoD at his house, the amount of 8 year olds over whelmed me, no thanks. Don’t get me wrong, PlayStation is pretty cool, but I’m really looking forward to Skype, direct streaming to and recording my games all on my Xbox One. Say whatever you want back, I won’t reply. I don’t want to start an argument. Have fun with whatever you choose. ( And what Sony said about the Xbox One at E3 was pretty awesome, but a little childish at the same time. Also one last thing, why do people care if the Xbox has ads? They don’t throw it in your face and force you to watch/read them. In fact a lot of the time they advertise new games which gives the publishers a bigger audience and can help them out a lot).

    #337 2 years ago
  338. Mrnobodylikesus

    Fuck off the lot of you backward muppets !!!! I spose you all still have nokia 3210s?? or play cassettes on your walkmans ?? no you fucking dont !!! we live in a digital age and MS want to try and improve that in the same way apple did with the istore .. you think in 20 yrs time anyone is going to give a shit about the xbox one or ps4 ?? imagine if we hadnt moved on in the last 20 yrs ?? so instead of moving forward we should just keep you bunch of muppets happy .. keep playing ure megadrives and leave ppl that want to advance the world alone .. in fact I think there are armish communities you could move too .. as if having an internet connection is an issue ive had one for years .. not really a massive fortune in cost either .. £15 a month .. OUCH !!! WALLET DENTED !! Oh wait we are connected to the internet now .. coz we are reading a blog on the internet … Backward Fucks !!!!

    #338 2 years ago
  339. zinc

    ^ HaHaHa…

    Please tell me more about these *advancements*?

    The issue isn’t the tech, it’s ownership.



    #339 2 years ago
  340. hallenbeck3

    All I got from this article is “here are the reasons this shitty product isn’t as shitty as you thought”. If Xbox One is just like a PC, then I will stick to my PC. PS4 all the way and I own 18 consoles, so you are wrong in your argument that if you I am a multi-console person I will eventually buy an Xbox One. Never will I own a console that doesn’t allow me to trade my used games.

    #340 2 years ago
  341. QuiteHammer91

    First Time user Not some retarded bullshit bot FYI, To start off i won’t be buying the xbox because three to five exclusive ok-ish titles are not enough to satisfy my cravings for a good experience and i’ll be answering to every comment (on this page) that was retarded bullshit or remotely idiotic in nature by saying that most of the information thus-far is redundant anyway because as many probably already know microshit has announced that the daily sign-in and DRM features will be revoked after the first update and will be the obvious choice for many microtards but more and more have recently seen the light and are being persuaded towards the “better half” of console gaming not to discredit nintendo of course with the n64 being probably the best console experience of that age but considering they have half a leg to stand on they cannot contend in this brutal next-gen war, All in all there are two things that you should be worrying about overall and thats capability and price, ps4 is cheaper than the xbox one by £50 or around $80-$100 and both consoles have thier exclusives but by no means are they equal with the XB1′s titles consisting of (tired titles) like Forza and Halo, with the exception of another platforms game and perhaps the only new addition Titanfall The Ps4 brings DriveClub, Infamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Order: 1866 and even more New Original franchises, And Yes to play online multiplayer you have to have PS+ but with that mandatory subscription i don’t see microshit giving you a £40 Game (driveclub) basically just for having the subcription on launch month, And even if they gave every one on xbl a free game it wouldn’t be a good one because they’re too tight and greedy to actually take the consumer into consideration without restriction, The problem with microsoft is that they are in it to make money and nothing more, like with the red ring of death after you knocked the xbox 360 mid game read for examble microsoft dealt with it by telling people they would have to pay £50 for a replacement within warranty of the console, ive dropped my ps3 its been knocked onto the floor it may have corrupted the data or the hard drive (which it didn’t btw) but i could still restart an use it afterwards and out of warranty you would have to pay £120 for repair or reconditioning, And another thing the reason PC gaming is the way it is, Is solely to do with piracy and people that want content for nothing though it doesn’t stop torrenters and Many Many other people from cracking pirated pc games so its neither here nor there for a console BUT IT HAS NO PLACE, You want a console (PS4) Because Unlike the xbox it has better games, better More reliable hardware, And Unlike the not so User-friendly PC the ps4 will manage all updates and patches automatically and all While Turned Off the xbox may move towards or may already have those features but i’ll guarantee that the experince and your money will go further with the ps4. i’ll check to this post and see what microfantard has to say about that FUCKING BITCH SLAP of a comment.

    #341 2 years ago
  342. QuiteHammer91

    #343 yes it is the tech. Nothing to do with ownership you could own both doesn’t mean that using the XB1 will make a difference they are the ATARI We are the PLAYSTATION.

    #342 2 years ago
  343. QuiteHammer91

    #341 and to say that Your friend lost “alot of money” when sony “got hacked” is bullshit because sony even stated that who ever had done it wasn’t doing it to steal they was doing it to say i can, And that none of the sort codes from the details had been compromised because it was behind a “last resort” security wall that they didn’t have time to go through or just didnt bother and towards the bit about kinect spying it is common knowledge and proven that the US government has hacked home computers and universities, Most recently a university in china and was caught and are now being accused of espionage by the chinese government so to be honest if they were spying on anyone i wouldn’t be surprised.

    #343 2 years ago
  344. Evancarr

    All I have to say to you is this..

    Xbox is leading with exclusives. And if the gamecube was any example to us, the console with better specs doesn’t always win. it’s the console with publishers. And Microsoft has proven that it has publishers behind it.

    #344 2 years ago
  345. QuiteHammer91

    #348 And how many of those exclusives on XB1 looked any good because i watched the conference and followed the whole of E3 and if you didn’t there were only 3 – 5 good looking titles worth buying and all the rest of the games are coming to the playstation aswell so all i have to say to you is how far historically has microsoft gone to bring the best content to the consumer compared to sony and which has brought the best content.. factually microsoft hasn’t and sony has for the past 19 years and from the experience the company have in the entertainment business compared to the 12 years microsoft have been in the gaming industry i would trust sony with my money 110%, And who are publishers that back a console and a company that initially wanted DRM the only reason the were forced out of it was fear of boycott which if i’m not wrong would have been around 23% of their net business for this coming year a blow they could not obviouly take knowing that XBL made upwards of 1.2b for the past two years for the comany they wouldn’t be able to handle the 200m lost on sales let alone sales lost on online subscritions, dlc, Ms points and all the other downloadable content available. Long story short i refer to my erlier statement that they are just in it for the money and they always will be.

    #345 2 years ago

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    It’s been five years since the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2. What did the much-loved entry in the franchise do for the Battlefield series? Westie’s played Battlefield Bad Company 2 for over 1,260 hours on PS3 and PC. That’s dedication. In his latest video he discusses the stand out moments from a FPS classic, […]

  • War is hell in this Zombie Army Trilogy gameplay trailer

    Here’s five minutes of headshots, shambling zombies and an undead Hitler from Rebellion’s upcoming Zombie Army Trilogy. The Sniper Elite spin-off arrives on PS4, PC and Xbox One March 6 and includes three games (obviously) and a new Horde mode.

  • Titan Souls releases on PS4, Vita, PC on April 14

    Ace indie giant-slayer Titan Souls will be released on PS4, Vita and PC on April 14. Publisher Devolver confirmed the date to Eurogamer. Those of us in Europe will have to wait until a day later for release. Titan Souls is a tough-as-nails indie game where you have one life to slay a giant enemy. […]

  • Destiny weekly update: lowdown on Inferno Crucible, Vault Transfer improvements

    Destiny’s weekly update has made some pretty significant changes – let Arekkz Gaming take you through them. Bungie has revealed the first release date for the new Inferno Crucible mode, and made it a lot easier to access your vault. You should subscribe to Arekkz Gaming. It will improve your life.

  • Destiny: Xur location and inventory Feb 27, 28

    It’s Xursday again – what treats does he have for you this week? He’s in the North Tower, to the right of the Stranger’s room. Let’s take a look at the latest weapons and gear from your favourite Destiny trader. No Backup Plans [Titan Gauntlets] – 13SC ATS/8 Arachnid [Hunter Helmet] – 13SC Heart of […]

  • Battlefield Hardline will be stable on PC at launch, Visceral assures

    PC format is “by far the best gaming platform around,” says Hardline producer. “We’re doing what we can to take advantage of people’s different system with the graphics, framerate, controls, etc. We’re not just porting it over.” Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral is reassuring players that there will not be a repeat of the disastrous Battlefield […]

  • Win Pneuma: Breath of Life for Xbox One

    We have 10 download codes for new indie puzzler Pneuma: Breath of Life for Xbox One to give away. The be in with a chance of winning a code, just enter your details below and we’ll pull the winners from the hat on Monday March 2nd, after 2pm GMT. Pneuma: Breath of Life is a […]

  • Life is Strange Episode 2 delayed

    Life is Strange Episode 2 won’t make its expected release date. The first Life is Strange episode released on January 30, and we had expected the second to follow on March 13. Square Enix has since confirmed to Destructoid that the next chapter won’t make its release date. There’s been no word of the new […]

  • Mortal Kombat X: which character will be revealed tomorrow?

    Mortal Kombat X director Ed Boon is teasing a new character reveal. During today’s Mortal Kombat X livestream, NetherRealm said that a new character would be revealed “very soon”. Boon followed up with this teasing tweet suggesting the reveal will occur tomorrow: Very soon? As in tomorrow? :/ — Ed Boon (@noobde) February 26, 2015 […]

  • Halo played by Twitch is an exercise in great patience

    TwitchPlaysHalo is ridiculous. Halo: Combat Evolved is the latest game to be sucked into the “TwitchPlays” phenomenon, and the results are somewhat painful to spectate. If you’re not familiar with the setup, which debuted with TwitchPlaysPokemon, the game accepts commands from the channels’ chat stream. Although it doesn’t have the strategic RPG elements of Pokemon, […]

  • Gold Amiibo sold out, selling at five times RRP on auction sites

    Gold Mario Amiibo are expected to sell for pretty astounding profits on eBay and other auction sites. The Walmart-exclusive Gold Mario Amiibo is already completely sold out. Plenty of people managed to snaffle them to resell, though. There are now dozens of listings on eBay and other auction sites. One of the average asking prices […]

  • Canadian new game prices jump to $75

    Canadian gamers are in for an unpleasant price hike. As spotted by HardcoreGamer, the local Canadian branches of Amazon and EB Games have raised the prices of upcoming games to CAD$75. The CAD$5 increasing comes within a year of prices hitting the CAD$70 point. CAD$75 (£38/€53) currently exchanges for $60, the standard US pricing. The […]

  • New Xenoblade Chronicles X footage shows weather, day-night cycle

    The latest Xenoblade Chronicles X footage shows off a gloriously beautiful world. Xenoblade Chronicles X is Monolith Soft’s first solo Wii U game, and the developer is clearly enjoying being able to build a big open world with all the features we’ve come to expect. Missed the whole Xenoblade thing? Chronicles X is a sort […]

  • Dead Rising: Watchtower teaser talks up the benefits of Zombrex

    Live-action Dead Rising movie Watchtower is almost upon us. Dead Rising: Watchtower will release on Crackle on March 27, and via other digital distributors thereafter. Enjoy the short teaser below, courtesy of IGN.

  • We Happy Few debut hits you upside the face with a frying pan

    Contrast developer Compulsion Games has revealed its next project – the delightfully creepy-looking We Happy Few. We Happy Few is set in “a drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city in an alternative 1960s England” where “a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial”. Players are tasked with blending in with […]

  • Slender: The Arrival creeping onto PS4, Xbox One in March

    Slender: The Arrival sold like hotcakes on PC and last-gen consoles, so why not terrify yourself on PS4 and Xbox One, too? Slender: The Arrival will release on PS4 on March 24 and on Xbox One on March 25, developer Blue Isle Studios has announced, for $10. No word on that Wii U version, though. […]

  • GOG weekend sale celebrates German debut

    DRM-free games vendor GOG is celebrating its German-language launch with a tasty sale. The sale offers discounts over 25 “German favourites”. Highlights inclue 97% off Deponia, and less steep but still tasty savings on Memoria and Blackguards 1 and 2. The sale will run through March 3, and you do not have to be, speak, […]

  • Humble Weekly Bundle goes back to Japan

    The latest Humble Weekly Bundle is called Made in Japan, and I’m sure you can guess the theme. Pay what you want for Cherry Tree High Complete Pack (PC; Steam or DRM free), Fairy Bloom Freesia (PC; Steam or DRM free) and Influent + Language Pack (Linux, Mac, PC; Steam or DRM free). Pay more […]

  • Capcom “looking into” solutions to Resident Evil: Revelations PC co-op issue

    Resident Evil: Revelations 2 fans should sit tight for a bit, as Capcom is working on some sort of solution to the co-op issue. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 doesn’t have local co-op on PC and fans are pretty mad about that, as it was advertised ahead of release as a key feature. Although Capcom has […]

  • The games industry is disruption, says Assassin’s Creed producer

    Former Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond has characterised the games industry as one long series of upsets. The games industry changes all the time, and that’s one of its best qualities, Raymond said. The ex-Ubisoft leader told Polygon that the reason seh got into games in the first place was because it “is this undefined […]

  • GTA 5 made $31 million in digital revenue in January

    GTA 5 is the highest-grossing title at the moment in terms of digital revenue, and the PSN is absolutely minting it. Digital games industry analyst Superdata has extended its scope to include console games, which means we suddenly have access to a whole bunch of data we’ve only been able to guess at, or extrapolate […]

  • Destiny: Inferno playlists debut next week

    Destiny PvP will shake things up next week with a new way to slaughter your mates in the Crucible. Destiny is already a skilled PvP game, but the new Inferno playlists will turn things up a notch with a focus on “basic gunplay”. The first of these, Inferno Control, kicks off on March 3 and […]

  • First-person camera coming to Guild Wars 2 next month

    ArenNet has announced its adding nonrestrictive first-person view to Guild Wars 2. Here’s what top expect come March 10: First-person Camera: Zooming in all the way will allow players to experience a first-person view. First-person mode is available while standing in place, walking, running, jumping, playing PvP and just about anything else. There aren’t any […]

  • Shadowrun Online signs on with Nordic

    Shadowrun Online has been given a nice little boost thanks to a distribution deal with Nordic Games. Shadowrun Online is a new team tactical RPG from Cliffhanger Productions. Although it’s already available through Steam Early Access, Nordic has agreed to distribute the finished version, which is due on Linux, Mac and PC in the second […]

  • Final Fantasy 15 is 60% finished, game world ten times the size of demo

    Final Fantasy 15 is 60% finished, according to director Hajime Tabata. Speaking with IGN, Tabata said development will kick into high gear once the Episode Duscae demo is released. “It’s about 60% now. People may look at that and say ‘well, you’ve only done five more percent!’ [since 55% in September] but it’s actually a […]

  • Destiny: you don’t need to visit the tower to access your vault

    Destiny players, you asked for it and Bungie has delivered it: you can now swap items in and out of the vault using the companion app. “Destiny needs more vault space” you cry – and yes, this is true. But while we all struggle with the limitations imposed on us by Bungie, we face all […]

  • Mortal Kombat X will contain over 100 Brutalities

    During the Mortal Kombat X stream today, NetherRealm Studios revealed Brutalities are back for the game, and stated there will be over 100 to pull off. You won’t gain any extra experience for being overly cruel with your painful moves, but you will at least get to laugh at some and “cringe” at others, according […]

  • Numenera: Strand is a film based on the game up on Kickstarter

    Numenera, the 2012 Kickstarter success and foundation for Torment: Tides of Numenera, could become a film if the Kickstarter for the movie is successful. With five days left, Monte Cook Games and Swedish film company Valdes/Eriksdotter needs £22,542 to reach its goal. Titled Numenera: Strand, it tells the tale of a drifter who “roams a […]

  • Gran Turismo 6 update adds MINI Clubman Vision, more

    A Mini Cooper has invaded Gran Turismo 6 via a new update. The Mid-Field Raceway track has also been added, and its a new and improved version of the original track from previous Gran Turismos. The new B-Spec Mode feature has also been added which allows the AI driver to race on your behalf. Additional […]

  • Nintendo is bringing New 3DS Xl and some playable titles to PAX East

    Nintendo is bringing New 3DS Xl and Splatoon with it to PAX East next month. The E3 2014 build of the game lets eight players transform into squids in a race for “splattered-paint dominance.” Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. will also be playable and featured in stage presentations at the Nintendo booth. Upcoming or newly released Nintendo […]

  • Battlefield Hardline Premium information seems to have slipped out early

    Battlefield Hardline Premium perks have apparently leaked a bit early, according to a post on Reddit. Over on the Hardline subreddit is an image which was take at a GameStop location, noting two week early access to content additional Battlepacks and more. Here’s the rundown: Four expansions Two weeks early access 12 additional Battlepacks Exclusive […]

  • Final Fantasy: Record Keeper arrives in the US this spring

    Final Fantasy: Record Keeper will be released in the US on iOS and Android this spring, DeNA and Square Enix today. The mobile titles allows players to “relive favorite moments” across all Final Fantasy installments and build a team of classic characters from across the entire franchise. If you sign up for email updates, you […]

  • Battlefield Hardline now available for pre-order, pre-download on Xbox One

    Battlefield Hardline is now available for pre-order and pre-download on Xbox One. You can pre-order it now from the Xbox Store and once you have paid for it, you can start your pre-download. Battlefield Hardline releases on March 17, and will be made available to pre-downloaders come 12.01am EDT. Check pricing and availability for your […]

  • Dying Light interactive video allows you switch between day and night

    A new video for Dying Light has been released, which allows you to hit the Z key to change between day and night. Titles Life and Death in the Quarantine Zone, the interactive story video showcases how the game changes between day and night. Daytime and nighttime are shown side-by-side but the z key allows […]

  • Havoc DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare out on PS3, PS4; PC delayed

    The Havoc DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now available for PlayStation 3 and PS4. Havoc contains the four multiplayer maps Core, Drift, Sideshow, and Urban along with the AE4 directed energy assault rifle, its custom variant, and the Exo Zombies cooperative mode. You can purchase the DLC separately or pick up the […]

  • Here’s a teaser for Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2

    A teaser video for the second episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is available, so if you’ve yet to play the first episode, you may want to skip this. Resident Evil Revelations 2′s first episode is out now. Thanks, GamesHQMedia.

  • North American eShop update is full of Donkey Kong games

    Nintendo has updated the North American end of the eShop with Titan Attacks, Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong Country and more. eShop on 3DS Ironfall Invasion Titan Attacks! Donkey Kong Land – Virtual Console Donkey Kong Land 2 – Virtual Console Donkey Kong Land 3 – Virtual Console Luv Me Buddies Wonderland Around the World […]

  • Venture into the Valley of the Yetis next week in Far Cry 4

    The next batch of Far Cry 4 DLC, Valley of the Yetis, releases in March and Ajay Ghale will be tasked with surviving violent cultists and the mythical Yeti. Apparently the cult is looking for a secret hidden in the valley, and Ajay has discovered their motives. The DLC features co-op with a friend taking […]

  • The Butcher’s AK/CAR Mod Pack out for Payday 2, has dino masks

    The 19th DLC pack for Payday 2 title The Butcher’s AK/CAR Mod Pack is available on Steam from today. The pack will run you $4.99/€4.99 and features: 11 new weapon modifications for the AK rifles in the game 11 new weapon modifications for the CAR rifles in the game Four new masks together with their […]

  • Battle Chasers slated for PC, consoles; comic picks up where 2001 storyline left off

    Darksiders creator Joe Madureira and Vigil co-founder Ryan Stefanelli have confirmed a Battle Chasers game and a new comic are in the works at their new studio Airship Syndicate. Speaking to Polygon, Madureira and Stefanelli wouldn’t provide details on the the game, but did divulge it will be an adventure RPG with player-controlled Battle Chasers […]

  • Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami 2 discounted for Sony’s annual Spring Fever Sale

    Sony is hosting its annual Spring Fever Sale which runs for eight weeks and features a new title each week. The sale starts next week on March 3 with the launch of Helldivers. Here’s just a few items included in the sale: HELLDIVERS (PS4/PS3/PS Vita) March 3 Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (PS4/PS3/PS Vita) March […]